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Is it possible for microsoft to do anything other than blindly copy apple these days?

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It's their entire business model. They've been doing it forever.

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No. They don't really have a choice.

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The way I see it, Apple makes aesthetically pleasing crap, I see no reason why Microsoft wouldn't make their shit more pretty and be superior in both practicality and looks.

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to be fair the microsoft keyboard on the bottom has the best layout of all three

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>Apple only capitalizes the letter keys


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Nope, MS has been shamelessly copying Apple since day one. There's a reason why Apple is the best right now.

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They only copied the good parts it seems.
>omitted the disgusting abomination apple calls a mouse

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The irony is that HFS+ doesn't give a fuck either way, yet OSX shows you case sensitive files. Apple just doesn't know what the fuck they're doing.

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“You know, I’m a big believer in touch and digital reading, but I still think that some mixture of voice, the pen and a real keyboard - in other words a netbook - will be the mainstream on that,” he said. “So, it’s not like I sit there and feel the same way I did with iPhone where I say, ‘Oh my God, Microsoft didn’t aim high enough.’ It’s a nice reader, but there’s nothing on the iPad I look at and say, ‘Oh, I wish Microsoft had done it.’”


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what the fuck does any of that have to do with >>49871721

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>do it better than apple


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chiclet keyboards were around before applel

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Please do not disrespect Microsoft's peripherals in my presence.

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People seem to prefer chiclet these days, for whatever reason.

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>dat palmrest

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I don't know if you mean that in a good or bad way, but I assure you that it is extremely ftw. If they had made a wired version I would be typing on one now.

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Is wireless? Do you have a pic of the receiver?

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Moving fingers up and down is about as minimum as it gets without swiping your fingers on a screen

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Looks like this. I demoed one extensively, and it feels really nice for a chiclet keyboard. I think the key mechanism is actually nicer feeling than Apple's implementation. However, wireless was a dealbreaker for me and I will probably end up building an ergodox. Why Microsoft hasn't released a reboot of the ergo 4k with blues and a detached/righthand numpad is beyond me.

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>scissor switches

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oops. Here's the picture.

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I didn't buy one, but it's a really nice feeling keyboard for what it is. The keys, while shallow, feel significantly better than the rubber domes in the ergo 4k. It's also the best ergonomic layout made to date; I'm planning to bootleg it with ergodox PCBs and a single-piece plate.

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I hope they make a wired version.

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The Sculpt keyboard is a joy to behold and great to use. Pity it broke within a few days of heavy usage - the micro chiclet F keys just started to stay pressed and not unpress. If they had this design and real, durable mechanical switches, they'd make bank.

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>Is it possible for microsoft to do anything other than blindly copy apple these days?
That's MS's business model. Samsung stole it from MS too.

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Microsoft's peripherals have always been better quality and have had higher usability than Apple's though. I hate the company personally, but their keyboards and mice are very well made; especially compared to the over-priced, inferior dog shit Apple release.

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Then why didn't microsoft copy a pre-apple chicklet keyboard?

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OSX files aren't case sensitive though? the fuck are you talking about

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Micro$oft shill

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You've obviously never used Apple gear you fucking nigger. Apple stuff is made out of aluminum and not out of cheap toilet-seat grade plastic like MS shit.

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That's not how question marks work and I think they're referring to HFS which has a case sensitive form.

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Yeah but that's not the default, so the point the dude was trying to make was just wrong

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Nice bait. Even my colleagues who are die-hard Apple fanboys use third party peripherals because of how terribly designed and manufacturer Apple's own offerings are. They do look pretty, I guess.

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> microsoft copying a look
> apple stealing the entire BSD codebase

yeah terrible..................

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Please do not troll. Microsoft makes the best non-boutique peripherals; this is known. Apple makes the best mobile devices; this, too, is known. All desktop computers are shit, however, and choosing between the various options is a matter of picking the least subjectively objectionable flavor. This, as well, is Known.

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I don't know how you jumped to that conclusion and I don't care, take it up with them.

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I have been searching for a keyboard like this and there is almost none competition to the MS ones.

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MS is still using portions of BSD IIRC, also how is it stealing? Do you say the same when people fork GNU?

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You seen really angry. I give you that.

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Have a look through this page: http://xahlee.info/kbd/ergonomic_keyboards.html

They're all much more expensive than the Sculpt, though.

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Because Mechanicals are a meme. Long throw Scissor switch is better than all except some Alps type switches.

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They're also cheap, though. Obviously I'd prefer Topre, but that's too expensive for the mass/enterprise market Microsoft aims for.

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Holy shit what is the font on that microsoft keyboard, it's so cool I want it, please tell me.

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Still going strong

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By default HFS is case insensitive. If you buy a brand new Mac right now the filesystem will not have case sensitivity. The original poster seemed to imply that HFS+ was case insensitive (for ask practical purposes correct) but that OSX pretended it wasn't or something, which is wrong. Not trying to take up anything with you, just saying

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i have a comfort keyboard from the wireless 3000 set from circa 2003. shit lasts 9+ months on a pair of AAs. i have no fucking idea what i'm gonna do when this thing finally dies

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I'm pretty sure MS had came out with the tablet before Apple.

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Maybe they were talking technically, IIRC HFS is still case sensitive but it's resolved similar to how NTFS does it.

I could be wrong here but I think OS X would have to conform to this by default to meet their UNIX/POSIX license requirement.

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Well the botton one improved over the white one.
I don't see a problem.

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HFS+ has case sensitive and insensitive options.

>case sensitive
can all coexist
>case insensitive
all point to the same file, but whichever you name it the case is preserved.

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>fucked up home, end, pg up, etc keys
>best layout

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is it possible for a computer accessory to have down syndrome?
because that mouse looks autistic and so does the keyboard

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my nigga, I still have this setup from 2006. But my mouse is the 6000 edition. And the scroll weel broke down.

>dat sensor

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>made out of aluminum
>automatically better than anything else

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damn that looks cool

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Yeah, I also replaced the mouse.

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I use Curve 3000 and some small MS corded mouse at work and a Sidewinder x4 at home and they are pretty good and not all that expensive.

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Just hide the thread if it bothers you that much.

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What model is the bottom one?

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Top one a best

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The last one is the nicest, plus no, it totally reminds me of the MS metro design and no, Apple didn't invent the minimalistic design

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Apple and MIcrosoft both do whatever the homosexual men with stupid hair working in institutes of art and design decide is best this year.

And Microsoft make several different keyboards, just like they make several different versions of everything.

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> Clear key
What does Clear do?

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>The standard OS X behaviour is for it to act similar to a delete key, but only when text is selected. It won't delete forwards or backwards like the standard delete keys. It also acts as a standard clear button in the Calculator app. This can vary by app however - in Excel for example, it functions identically to the backspace key.

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The clear function in calculators.

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So, it is a Delete on regular Windows, however with some functionality trimmed off? Like a subset of Delete...

Why Apple has thought that would be a good change to come up with and why Microsoft thought that it is a good idea to mimic?

Escape key also clears the calculator.

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It acts like numlock on Windows.

>Like a subset of Delete
Backspace and Delete are a subset of rub out.
>move cursor back, rub out character
>move cursor forward, rub out character
They're handy so I can see someone liking clear, at least in the calculator context it makes sense more than numlock does today. An equal sign on a numpad would be nice too.

I think Apple intended it to be a context sensitive key rather than strickly for clearing text, it could clear whatever made sense in the context of the application its in. That's my guess.

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>Escape key also clears the calculator.
Way too far from the numpad.

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>Way too far from the numpad.
Other hand, dude.
Unless the other hand is occupied.

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and better

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Are you fucking kidding me? All they did was minimalise it in aesthetic terms, if you want, they still make the curvy mice and keyboards.

And before you say that everyone copies apple, Sony has been making the minimalist design shit way before applel mind you

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