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Really, why can't Linux just work? I use Windows but decided to have Linux as a main OS.
I installed Linux Mint, installed my browser, tried some desktop enviroments. Everything from official ppa's and official sites. It looked nice and smooth. And guess what. I turn on my PC today and Linux doesn't start. It simply doesn't. For no obvious reasons.
Tried Elementary, Ubuntu, Mint. And as much as I wanted them to become my main OS, they failed completely. Why can't they just work?

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Maybe because you are a noob? I've tried several distros, gnome and kde flavours and i've only bronken them like 2 or 3 times but due to installing too much crap. Linux just works if you know what you are doing

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the concept of a 'distro' is what prevents Linux from ever succeeding

distro is autistic pride

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It does just work.
You're the problem.

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this tbh
Distros are probably the reason that I love linux, but they're also one of the biggest things holding it back.

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Dunno what you're doing but I'm using LinuxMint (I'm a complete Linux noob) but everything works perfectly fine.
The only reason I sometimes still use Windows is because of MUH GAYMES (and I guess most/all of them would work in Linux too)

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That's the regular answer I get. But it is not the case. I didn't do anything that could have done it. I used it only for one day and isntalled my browser, steam and one desktop enviroment I didn't liked and removed it. That's it.

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Are you sure you've connected to power cable? Do you have electricity?

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>I turn on my PC today and Linux doesn't start. It simply doesn't.
Could you be any less specific?

Do you get to the boot screen? GRUB? The DM? Are there any error messages? This is why we don't like people like you using Linux, you are literally not intelligent enough to use it.

You mean personalisation?

Okay, you can go back to your locked down OSX, but it looks so nice, right?

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That's the most retarded thing one could say in this situation.

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How else do you suggest people get a working Linux system then? Are you suggesting everybody build linux from scratch?

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You should try a good Distro like Debian.
- newer kernel (Ubuntu etc. are still using 3.xx)
- solid as a rock (stable) or rolling release (testing)
- minimal install (if you want)
- more vanilla packages
- if you are a freetard, you can use only free software (it's easy to activate the repositories for non-free software)
- not upstart (systemd > upstart)

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i honestly dont know how people seem to encounter errors so often.
I installed ubuntu on my laptop alongside win7 and never encountered any problems, until something happened with my bootloader due to me messing with partitions. Still, a simple google of an error message showed me how to fix it. And even for a beginner like me it was easy.

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People like you shouldn't be using GNU/Linux anyway.

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I didn't start this thread to solve the problem. I have already asked at one Linux forum.
I am here to ask the unanswrable question why the hell can't a thing which could be much better than Windows, be better and is a laggy shit instead.
Grub is fixed and works fine, I get the boot screen and it stays like it forever. I waited 10-15 minutes.
And stop blaming the user! Ffs.

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Maybe one day I will do install Debian but for now I am tired of this shit. Spend a couple of last days solving problems and reinstalling.

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i would sugest that if we want people to switch it should be easy so normalfags doesn't get confuset before they even downloaded it. one central distro for everybody, everything else for l33t /g/tards

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The boot screen is before GRUB.

Bro... you...

>And stop blaming the user! Ffs.
If I can't even ask simple questions then it's just not possible for me to help you, regardless of if you wanted that help or not. Sometimes asking the right questions is what's actually needed, and if you can't do that you just won't succeed in life, with anything.

>is a laggy shit instead.
Are you using a live disk?

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You were lucky. Like my mom. I installed linux mint on her laptop cause was fed with cleaning her Win from malware.
It absolutely suits her everyday needs..

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Not sure if M$ shill or just too dumb to read log and find answers online. Either way OP is a fag.

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>Sometimes asking the right questions is what's actually needed, and if you can't do that you just won't succeed in life, with anything.
What the hell man. That's kind of random and is not related to the theme of this thread.
I don't have to ask questions. It should work just fine without me asking questions.

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That's like saying we should all speak Spanish so aliens don't get confused when they visit. Which might even work, but the fact is nobody could possibly enforce such a rule.

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I've been using Mint for 3 years now and this literally never happened to me. Either you're lying and that never happened, or you're lying and you messed some shit up and you're not admitting it.

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>can't use brain
The power of linux is being able to have choices. Retards like you who want just one distro are actually the problem. Go back to OS X or Windows you fucking fag.

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At this point I am tired to find answers online. I just want everything to work, open steam and relax. Two fucking days of Linux forums browsing. Nope. No more.
Technically, I can goodle an answer but don't want to. Windows, albeit imperfect, works just fine.

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It's not luck, it's called "not being a massive faggot that messes with what they don't understand and just use the OS regularly".

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Classic Linux fanboy answer. Just adorable.

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If there was only one distro being developed it would defeat the whole freedom concept, fag.

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Its called ubuntu

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Dude but I installed a web-browser, steam(with a lot of googling, and problem solving) and LXQT, which I removed immidiately after trying. Nothing could have caused that.
I don't understand your bitchings and insults.

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>>49753178 here again

And once again, you MUST be hiding something from us. I do the same thing, I don't mess with the OS, I just want it to work. And so it does. If it breaks, there's a reason, and most of the time, the reason is you. Oh, and windows does not work just fine, you're just looking at it through your biased MS-goggles. Windows has lots of problems, massive amounts of trojans, BSODS, disk fragmentation, unused registry entries slowing down the whole computer, etc...

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No it wouldn't.

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i agree but it gets shit on by the community for no reason

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There you go, now you start to lift the veil. If you just want things to work, why would you install a whole desktop environment? Did you ever do that on windows?

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Why even go to Linux then faggot? Did you expect it to work just like Windows? It doesn't, but that doesn't mean it's not retard proof. The Debian installer is probably the most simple thing ever, and you never have to touch a terminal. If you're even MORE of a retard then we thought then just install Ubuntu since that is essentially the most normie friendly distro. It's not the OS's fault that you're an idiot that can't copy and paste a god damn error message.

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I seriously want to help you, but it's hard to help over 4chan ;__;

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>I am a noob but for sure I did everything right!!
You probably fucked up during the installation/removal of the DE.
Instead of being a fag and complaining on /g/, go find out the real problem and google it.
Or go back to windows, we don't need retards like you here.

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Don't bother.
The tard is just trolling or shilling.
Or maybe he is just THAT retarded.

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OK. I am sorry.
Look. I get to the GRUB menu, pick Linux Mint, press Enter. Then I receive Linux Mint loading screen with the sighnt 'Linux Mint 17.2' and blinking dots underneath. It stays like it for very long(I waited for 20 minutes).

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I find it adorable that people bitch about linux after they have done things they would never dream of doing in windows.

What a faggot. Want your linux to work? Don't mess with shit you wouldn't mess in windows.

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Have you tried hitting ESC and see where it is stopped?

Also, CTRL+ALT+F1 -> login and then "sudo more /var/log/Xorg.0.log" and post the lines starting with EE.

You don't deserve this, but I'm helping.

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some people are just "special" like that

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>equating a distro to customisability

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>i removed the DE and now it won't load the DE
>why won't it werk

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>Still, a simple google of an error message showed me how to fix it.
this is what most retards like OP can't do.
then they proceed to blame Linux as a whole.
that's why people like you start loving Linux and people like OP go back to windows

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Fucking great bait man, up to the point where /g/ actually tries to help the baiter and the retard flees.

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>Still, a simple google of an error message showed me how to fix it.
that's what retards like the OP can't do.
then they proceed to blame linux as a whole.
it's why people like you start loving Linux and people like him go back to mac or windows

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>too dumb to figure out the problem even though there are error messages
>why can't Linux just werk
People like him should stay on windows and mac honestly

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>shows he has no clue about anything
>stop blaming the user
just go back to whatever retard proof OS you were using, faggot

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I'd suggest you to git gud and if you deserve a working computer you'll get one, fucking retard.

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>one central distro
Cuz that doesn't defeat the purpose of linux at all.
Also, ubuntu

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>Really, why can't Linux just work?

Because of limited money for development.

Making a just werks generic desktop OS is perhaps the hardest (most expensive) thing there is.

Linux CEO explains it

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He was lucky to not be a complete retard faggot who fucks up the system then blames everything but himself.
Fuck off

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you can't git gud, sorry to bring this to you.

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you are just THIS stupid aren't you?

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learn to RTFM

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someone needs to file a bug, this is a serious defect

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I just installed Xubuntu. The fonts are ugly and the screen tearing is very noticeable and irritating. I tried installing nvidia prop. drivers, tried enabling some compositor tweaks, tried forcing vsync, basically was googling, reading, and trying to fix shit instead of using the OS.
It's very confusing for me why can't the OS just werk on the basic level. I don't wan't gimp and thunderbird preinstalled, i'd rather like not having to read shit like "it's was a know issue for years but the're a fix on gitgud do you mind compiling it yourself?"

Literally, literally a meme OS

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>I could google the answer but I don't want to
>being this much of a retarded faggot

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The problem was with lightdm. I installed mdm through ctrl-alt-f2. Thank you for trying to help.
Anyway, I don't like googling and problem solving.

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>posting on /g/
>classic linux fanboy answer haha
Go suck your bf's cock while browsing tumblr you fag

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>no choices
Pick one you dumbass

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>install whole new DE
>nothing could have caused that
>muh feelings y u insult

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XFCE just sucks, it's developed and maintained by an autistic cunt who doesn't listen to community feedback and dismisses most suggestions because they don't suit his tastes.

MATE and Cinnamon are much better options.

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The reason it doesn't werk is you're using a meme graphics card

try https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NVIDIA#Avoid_tearing_with_GeForce_500.2F600.2F700.2F900_series_cards

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>waah my feature request for deluxe dragon dildo integration into a minimal DE was rejected

>> No.49753575

>fresh install works fine
>messes with it a bit
>it's not me it's the OS
Normies are just amazingly stupid

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Ebin, simply ebin
Oh, it's my computer's fault

>no previews for reaction images in 2016 minus 4 months

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>so minimal it doesn't work

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Guys relax. It is solved. I solved it myself with little googling. Writing it form Mint. Happy now?
It's just when I use Android, I try every launcher there is on Google Play, instal tweaks and shit. And you know, no crashes whatsoever. The same goes with GNU/Linux. But since it doesn't have a support of a big company it is not so stable.
Big thanks to the dude who tried to help and pox to the L33T Linax fans.

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they can't handle the power of root

they're too used to an os that just won't let them break it

>> No.49753598

People suggested a ton of legit features that the guy just refused to even pay attention to, such as having panels stick to the background, rather than taking up screen space, so you could drag windows over them and shit. IIRC guy said it's "not something he wants", at the time the only option if you didn't want the panel to take up screen space was to autohide it.

Eventually he added intelligent panel hiding which I guess is better than nothing.

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Why wouldn't you integrate deluxe dragon dildo into any DE?

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>doesn't like googling and problem solving
>starts messing up with the system
Kill yourself

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>It's just when I use Android, I try every launcher there is on Google Play, instal tweaks and shit. And you know, no crashes whatsoever
that's quite different

what you can do with a package manager on gnu/linux would be closer to flashing shit from recovery on an android device and fucking with programs that require root

in most cases the android system files are completely off-limits, and you have to go out of your way to come close to breaking something

gnu/linux won't stop you from uninstalling linux (the kernel), just don't complain when grub says there's nothing to boot

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Well, I install plenty of launchers and other stuff on android. It doesn't crashes. I would like the same from Gnu/Linux.

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What kind of monster would reject that?

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linux is a piece of shit developed by autistic neckbeards..

case in point:

>huurrr loonix is easier to use than windows
>persons installs loonix
>it breaks
>neckbeards response: you're using the wrong distro, you're too dumb for loonshit

every time

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Rasheed confirmed. Hurry, your curry is getting cold.

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lxqt is still in heavy development, you can't expect it to be perfect

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pic related, the story of my day

took me 1 minute in Microsoft Paint

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omg OP ur SO stupid i use linux and it works flawlessly im so LEET get out of my /g/ and go back to windblows LMAO u fucken normies REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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I understand. Thank you for explaining it more thoroughly.

>> No.49753702

>fix it with a little googling
>make dumb thread
Guess we all know what you picked, fag OP

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What if that response is correct every time?
Also, what you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called “Linux”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project. There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use.
Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine’s resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called “Linux” distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

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Android is not the same as GNU/Linux.
It is tard proof meaning it won't let you completely break the system unless you really try hard to.
Linux expects you to know what you're doing so it just follows orders even if they fuck everything.

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>tfw installed Xubuntu to escape the botnet and it randomly drops Internet connection (other distros don't do this on my machine)
Guess I got what I wanted, can't be part of the botnet if I can't connect to the Internet.

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>But it is not the case.
You're a linux expert now?

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Nice bait

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>breaking mint

>> No.49753768

>Windows works just fine
Okay, then go away. Go back to it. We don't need idiots filling up our forums with dumbass RTFM questions.

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The problem is, things aren't really as "easy" or straightforward as people might say. There are a lot of details left and right with dependencies of software packages, and a single mistake early in the chain can fuck things up. Even a little mistake with an update can cause serious issues. I've stopped using linux as a desktop OS and only use it for servers these days.

>> No.49753783

>who don't more people use Linux
>random person uses Linux and it doesn't work for them
>"fuck off noob"
Year of the Linux desktop?

>> No.49753794

I don't want more people on Linux though.

>> No.49753801

Xubuntu is just shit. Tried sticking to it for a week in my "try-every-distro-phase" but xfce is just too outdated for life. Lxde is just so much better.

>> No.49753806

>and only use it for servers these days
You haven't been within 20 feet of a server in your life.
>lying on the internet

>> No.49753807

Clearly you are retarded

>> No.49753817

>XFCE is what's keeping him from getting to the internet
You might be retarded.

>> No.49753824

>Okay, you can go back to your locked down OSX, but it looks so nice, right?
It's less about the look (although it's definitely pleasant to the eyes), and more about the functionality. It works, works well, and works consistently.

I could list hundreds of tiny little bugs, imperfections, annoyances, limitations, odd design decisions I see in typical Linux desktop software that you just don't get on OSX.

>> No.49753840

Who wants more people using GNU/linux?
We are doing fine having only relatively smart people using it, we don't need normies.

>> No.49753846

This is fucking 4chan, I don't know why people come here for advice when every second fucking sentence contains a "kill yourself". Go somewhere that actually encourages noobshit.

>> No.49753852

That's pretty funny as xfce is actually more recently updated. Lxde is more or less abandedon

>> No.49753866

My point is that xubuntu and xfce are shit overall.
Who gives a shit about his internet it's probably missing drivers anyway.

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>odd design decisions
For me who is used to PCs since the 90s, it's OSX that has more odd design decisions.
Same for modern Windows.

>> No.49753913

Know what else you don't get on OSX? FREEDOM you fucking cock sucking starbucks visiting tumblr browsing piece of macfag shit

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Go back to ricing your CLI archfag.

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I use centos, bb. ;o

>> No.49753977

>xfce recently updated with shit features (4.12)
>lxde is in active development
Kek check yourself

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The problem really is that you suck

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Hi guys Dave here! My thread about how shitty Linux is got deleted because too many Linux users got offended. Feel free to ask me anything ITT!

>> No.49754118

Obvious Microsoft shill.

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>He tried the worst distros
>And they diden't work

My sides

>> No.49754143

stop messing with it stupid.

my 13yo sis had no issues with ubuntu.

>> No.49754252

People hating on >>49753015 need to be reminded that a lot of software on linux is awful and in perpetual beta because all their manpower is spread across 20 "different" alternatives for the same thing. There are too many DEs to count, too many browsers, too many everything that is all too similar to each other. Instead of consolidating their effort and actually finishing something, all the work is being put into little projects that eventually never get anywhere. If they all pooled together into just a few distros with just a few alternatives for everything instead of 9000 alternatives, at least stuff would start working and be easier to get going with.

>> No.49754297

Oh boy RMS was right

>> No.49754325

>And stop blaming the user! Ffs.
You must be GNU here. It is always user error on GNU/Linux.

>> No.49754381

This. I'm 'avin a giggle.

>> No.49754420

You're right.
It is very cool having many different versions,
but concentrating on 4 distros maximally would make the whole thing much easier.

>> No.49754465

You're completely missing the point. The point of installing Linux is to have "quirks" so the user had to "tinker" with the OS (hence the term hobby os). Then they feel accomplished when they fixed their os. Then they will feel superior to the "windows" (or as they call them: windoze cause its cooler that way) users

>> No.49754538

Well what else am I supposed to feel smug about on the Internet?

>> No.49754541

Here you have it. Linux can fulfill the need of a 13yo girl and my mother. But when we mention games or photoshop...
Oh yeah, I should have tried Gentoo.

>> No.49754594

there are literally zero normalfags testing distros

>> No.49754651


>> No.49754799

we should just make arch the official "linux" and only try to develop that into perfection

>> No.49754904

But it's already perfect.

>> No.49754905

Just install manjaro it has proper driver support !

>> No.49754964

linux is not retard friendly. you definitely should use a retard friendly os

>> No.49755046

This sounds like bait, but I'll bite. You mention installing from official sites. Don't do that except in worst-case situations. Clearly you've done something that affects boot process BTW. Are you sure you added good PPAs? Maybe you just don't click with Ubuntu and should try another distro. I recommend OpenSUSE

>> No.49755088

You and >>49753015 need to be reminded that people work for free and for freedom. Freedom includes the option of being able to build your own distro, the more people uses it, more software is written for it, take ubuntu, for example. Which doesn't prevent other distros from being based on it, thus being able to use the same repositories (like Mint).

Saying we should focus on a single distro is completely retarded AND fascist. It's basically saying that things should be done my way or no way.

I'm the one that helped you, and honestly, everytime you write a post you sound even more retarded. You're seriously comparing a proprietary, for profit, system like Android with a free system like Linux? I imagine that you like to play around, but the rule of thumb for life is, if you don't know how to put it back, don't do it. Respect that rule and linux will work fine for you. Don't know if you're going to be able to put it back? Install VirtualBox with a Mint virtual machine and do your psycho experiments there. If it breaks, fuck it, do it again. You don't go about downloading viruses to your windows machines just for the sake of watching what happens, right? So take the same amount of precaution when experimenting with something you don't know well.

And this is what I find most annoying about people coming from windows to linux. Expecting Linux to be exactly the same as Windows, but free. You've had years using windows, you'll have to take some time to learn linux as well, deal with it. Or go back to windows, I don't care.

>> No.49755103

Because its a shitty OS.
only /g/ likes to circlejerk around it.

>> No.49755121

Seriously? The guy knows jack shit about Linux and you recommend one of the most bleeding edge, unstable distros? This is why no one should ever trust /g/ on advice regarding the switch from windows to linux.

>> No.49755122

>But since it doesn't have a support of a big company it is not so stable.

*Insert Master Face laugh* Yeah, this proves you have no clue what you're doing when the most stable OS on earth is too unstable for you. And I guess Red Hat doesn't exist, hrmm. Also, the equivalent to Google Play would be your distro's repo, so just stick to the DEs they have in there if you're that concerned with breakage.

>> No.49755129

Because it's developed by either distracted hipsters or process nazis depending on the distro/program. Incidentally, this is why half the stuff you use at work is broken all the time too.

>> No.49755146

>why can't Linux just work?


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Even I, a complete fucking end-user of Microsoft could start learning Linux.

I know Ubuntu is the most user-friendly of Linux, but still, I am in love with it.
I'm never gonna return to Microsoft.

>I turn on my PC today and Linux doesn't start. It simply doesn't. For no obvious reasons.

I think it's your pc's fault.
I heard Linux can have problems with drivers.

But honestly: Windows can also have.
I've fought countless battles with drivers on various Windows versions...

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>a complete fucking end-user of Microsoft
>I'm never gonna return to Microsoft.

>> No.49755300

After dealing with a parent who just doesnt get technology I understand. She has a notebook with Mint installed, and it serves all her needs. however she regularly asks to use my laptop instead to check emails etc. because hers 'is broken'. when i ask whats wrong she just says that 'technology doesnt work for me' or 'all the technology in this house just doesnt work'.
So i turned it on and literally nothing was wrong with it. she claims that because her external harddrive doesnt show up when she plugs it in, the laptop is broken. despite I repeatedly informing her the HDD is most likely fucked as it doesnt appear on my laptop either when connected.

fucking technophobes, blame the tools and not themselves

>> No.49755481

mah nigga
lil timmeh knows his sheeiitttt

>> No.49755490

>tried some desktop enviroments.
This is the part where you most likely broke something.

>> No.49755505
File: 40 KB, 610x358, manjaro-kde-next-2015.08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I install this Manjaro KDE theme on my Ubuntu?

>> No.49755573

Just like there's an OS to tinker with shit and do things your own way, like loonix

Or an OS to put all the PC gamers and the commercial stuff in a sack, like Windows

Or an OS to make things look really good and expensive, to brag about your life, like OSX

There should be an OS that just works. Something that just plain works. Just put a person there that doesn't know what a computer is for 5 freaking minutes, let that person go crazy and have nothing happening for that person except what she wants to happen. Heck, give it to an awful child, spawn of satan, and ensure that -he- won't be able to break it.

>> No.49755594


>> No.49755607

I honestly don't understand the obsession over ricing Linux. On one hand I get it, you see the beautiful screenshots on desktop threads and you are disappointed when you install linux, you expect it to be something like that, and it's not. And that's when things start to go downhill, as you mess with things you don't know very well. At this point I wonder: do these persons do the same thing on windows? Nope, curiously, the only people I've seen applying custom themes to windows were Iranians and Indians, and they all had their laptops ridden with trojans and malfunctioning as fuck. Go figure.

If you don't tinker with shit Linux just werks.

>> No.49755614

not sure if..... or....

do yourself a favour, replace ubuntu with manjaro, not just the theme

>> No.49755636

>beautiful screenshots on desktop threads
That weeb shit with the leet hacker fonts is fucking horrendous

>> No.49755661

This. Functional, practical, non-meme desktops are very rare. Most people there just browse 4chan, listen to the anime soundtracks and watch spooky skeletons and doges in the terminal emulators.

>> No.49755680

Download the iso, make it bootable via usb, install, install all the stuff I need anew only to have a beautiful looking distro without official Steam support? Hmmm.. let me thinkk... NOPE.

>> No.49755689

I said beautiful, not practical. I'm free to talk, I use Mint MATE with the default theme, I only changed the background image.

>> No.49755747

In my case I have to tinker with Linux if I want it to "just werk". Even on every single nice for beginners distro like Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary or Manjaro.

For instance, at startup, xrandr -r 120 unless I don't want my monitor at its best refresh rate or unless I use XFCE in which case I can just use the GUI.

Or use alsamixer to change the default sound output so I can have sound.

>> No.49755772


>What is past tense?

Now who's the retarded, friend?

I WAS a typical Microsoft end-user, but now I AM an Ubuntu-user.

And I WILL (future tense) never return to Microsoft.

Glad I could help.

>> No.49755790

Have you noticed there's no perfect DE? All of them suck dick in some way or the other. After years of using XFCE, I'm using Cinnamon, and both suck dick in a way.

>> No.49755802
File: 373 KB, 1280x960, linux makes a man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just don't tell them that. Linux fanboys don't admit how glitchy any Linux distro can be. 'Just don't touch anything and it WEERKS!'

>> No.49755833

Absolutely agree. And instead of concentrating their efforts on improving one DE, they will continue creating new ones, even more sucky.

>> No.49755846

This thread was read by plenty of people who look exactly like the guys from this picture.
Infa 100%

>> No.49755862

I'm just going to say it doesn't just work. You -can- make it work with 0 issues, but you have to set it up for that first. You can't just install these systems on every setup and expect them to work just fine. Sure, when you install windows there's a chance you may have to download some drivers, but unless your hardware is over 10 years old there's generally no problem acquiring these.

>> No.49755873

Would like to chat with the gradpa from background

>> No.49755913

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

I'll give you that, grpahical and audio nitpicking can be tough if you have a somewhat complex rig. In laptops (the main target audience, since everyone uses them nowadays) things are running much smoother.

You see, I'm not retarded, unlike yourself. I have a job in which I use linux professionally and get paid for it.

>> No.49755920

>I'm just going to say it doesn't just work. You -can- make it work with 0 issues, but you have to set it up for that first. You can't just install these systems on every setup and expect them to work just fine. Sure, when you install windows there's a chance you may have to download some drivers, but unless your hardware is over 10 years old there's generally no problem acquiring these.


>> No.49755929

Well, not you maybe. But let's face the truth. Many leet linux users look like that. it's just a cold-hearted fact.

>> No.49755959

Put a script called "git-gud" somewhere in your path... Doesn't matter what it does.

That command will work. I use it to run a script that stashes changes and checks out the latest stable version of my codebase.

>> No.49755978

Really, why can't Windows just work? I used Linux but decided to have Windows as a main OS.
I installed Windows 10, installed my browser, tried some rainmeter themes. Everything from microsoft appstore and official sites. It looked nice and smooth. And guess what. I turn on my PC today and Windows doesn't start. It simply doesn't. For no obvious reasons (Something went wrong; Something).
Tried 8, 8.1, 10. And as much as I wanted them to become my main OS, they failed completely. Why can't they just work?

I had a problem with X, why can't it just werk.

>> No.49755982

Not true. I installed Mint on my laptop and it was ready from the get go. Any modification I made was solely because I wanted (and knew how) to do it and was not needed. Installed, put the wifi password, updated while browsing the web.

Why don't you try it before talking shit?

Don't take the voices of /g/ for the majority of Linux users. I came here today, but I barely visit nowadays, this is filled with trolls from all sides, and conversations fall into HURR DURR before you can even snap a finger. Take this thread, for example, it derailed with OP saying linux is shit because he can't be bothered to google how to solve a problem he created and didn't even acknowledge.
I know many other linux users, and all of us are regular people. It's not linux that makes basement dwellers, that's poor parenting, I'm afraid.

>> No.49756003

Did you install GPU drivers? Let me guess, an nvidia card?

>> No.49756006

We can't help but to blame the user when the user just wants to be a cheeky bastard.
It's called a feedback loop. Contribute by giving error information so it can be passed on and handled by the correct developers.

You're just being a shameless cunt when you simply say "why doesn't linux work" rhetorically.
You reap what you sow, I guess.

>> No.49756045

Yeah ok, have everyone in this thread buy your laptop then.

I'm running Mint right now and I've been using it for a while. It's ok for me because I can bother with these fucking things, but stop talking shit yourself because "it works on my machine" isn't a good argument.

>> No.49756066

Next you want books that can be read without having to learn to read first.

>> No.49756093

PEBKAC - wetware error

>> No.49756113

OpenRC isn't default.

>> No.49756151

Well nowadays you have those, pretty much.

Shit, look at iOS. That thing is a fucking toy, yet a lot of people use it and don't have to learn crap. Same with android nowadays. I know of a nice 45 year old cougar that knows how to use her smartphone just fine in a couple of ways, but when I saw her trying to use windows she didn't even know what to do with the mouse.

>> No.49756153

The problem lies between the chair and the keyboard

>> No.49756235

Ubuntu keeps breaking and feels like absolute garbage but Mint is god-tier

>> No.49756284

>Ubuntu keeps breaking
You mean you keep breaking Ubuntu.

>> No.49756302

Read this >>49753513

>> No.49756344
File: 113 KB, 448x545, 1432383284030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Btw because they pushed for looks and shit (KMS, boot splash), it's impossible a modern distro unless you know your way around.

Back then you just looked at the message, googled it, fixed the problem.
Now you have to edit your grub at least, to boot a verbose one.

If, your Grub menu is not entirely hidden.
Not to mention KMS drivers which render the entire boot process invisible, and you can only see gdm/kdm/lightdm popping up.

Not even joking, I thought 5-10 years that Linux will become more easy, more advanced.. Or at least it will stay the same.
And now it's actually more bug ridden, more difficult than ever. (oh lennfart deserves a special hell for his contribution to this as well)

What the actual fuck?

>> No.49756383

Yeah, i'm not saying i'm not at fault, i wasn't ready 4 linux back then, and i had some issue like my internet randomly disconnecting, so i found a bunch of guides on how to fix the problems, literally copy pasted all the commands from same guide, threw the shit in together and just thought it 'd work cuz that's what i normally did on Windows
But the thing is, even though yeah it's my dumbass fault that i didn't take it seriously enough, the fact that there was an error in the first place, on fairly common hardware is frustrating, whereas when i was using Linux Mint on some old-ass Vaio Laptop which had hardware so outdated and just rare that Win8 didn't even support it, but Linux Mint did, and so far, no errors whatsoever. Linux Mint is probably my favourite distro for productivity. I also tried Backtrack (lol) and it worked well, but Mint is more straightforward

>> No.49756388

Linux is a hobby OS and will be cranky until some big company tries to change it.
Gladly, SteamOS is out so we might be able see GNU/Linux drastically improving over the next 5-6 years.

>> No.49756430

Mint is Ubuntu.

You must likely had connection issues because the kernel the current Ubuntu used had a shitty driver.
The easiest way to do when this happens is to use the "mainline kernel ppa" and grab the latest, or an older kernel.


One thing tho, Mint uses Ubuntu LTS, not the latest Ubuntu that you can download.
You also should use the LTS, because there is only a little difference between them. Except LTS is made to be stable, and the versions between are mostly testing grounds.

But yeah, with Linux, you will always have an obsolete userland. While on Windows you can install an application's new version, on Linux this requires a self-compile (including all the libs and shit), and then you have to fiddle with the icons and stuff... don't let me started.
It fucking sucks.
Especially if the wanted application relies on libs heavily.

>> No.49756458

>Gladly, SteamOS is out
- Basically a simple Debian Linux with Gnome on top
- Zero contribution to mainstream
- Rarely any updates or new releases

While the initial hype was great and all, it's now just a hobby project. Even vendors backed out.
It would have made sense if AMD/Nvidia kept contributing.

>> No.49756475

>until some big company tries to change it

Like Canonical?

>> No.49756487

More info on this:

How to check current kernel:
uname -a

How to install a new kernel:
grab the .dpkg files for example:

> linux-headers-3.18.19-031819-generic_3.18.19-031819.201507220230_amd64.deb
> linux-headers-3.18.19-031819_3.18.19-031819.201507220230_all.deb
> linux-image-3.18.19-031819-generic_3.18.19-031819.201507220230_amd64.deb

Open a Terminal:
cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i linux*.deb

Reboot, and you should have the new kernel loaded.

>> No.49756495

Gladly i just use Mint because it's more light-weight than Windows 7 and Win7+Core i3 is a no-no.
I only browse 4chins and YT, listen to music and just use the storage for stuff i no longer need, i really like organising files in linux. I do make occasional attempts at ricing but how those tiling window managers work is just beyond me.

>> No.49756507

Fair enough. FWIW, if you must blindly copy-paste shit from some random forum it's best to follow one guide at a time, then if that doesn't work go back and revert all the changes you made before trying another one.

If you've found a Lunix that works for you that's great. It is incredibly tedious that in 2015 there are still compatibility issues with consumer hardware for the "plug-and-play"-tier distros though.

>> No.49756518

It needs backing from crappy big companies like EA or Ubisoft to even matter. Multiplatform "AAA" titles sell like pancakes and Steam on Linux is not going to bring that to anyone, just indie stuff with some guest stars. To think you can't still play DX10 games on linux...

>> No.49756525

youtube is more lightweight on Windows tho.
both html5 and flash is faster there.

easiest tiling wm is "i3".
yes you still need to look at the documentation from time to time, but it's the easiest.

btw if you want to watch youtube without cpu/gpu load, use mplayer/smplayer, like so:
0) open a terminal
1) install smplayer/mplayer by:
sudo apt-get install smplayer
2) watch your video like this:
smplayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLmD_69pXpk

>> No.49756535
File: 41 KB, 600x600, jew_basic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Canonical is trying to pic related Linux though, which has met with some resistance from the Stallman acolytes for some reason.

>> No.49756546

>I didn't start this thread to solve the problem.
OP has stated that he doesn't want actual help, he's just here to troll.

>> No.49756547

But mate, if the tools and environment is shite ... there is nothing you can do.

Let's say you have Nvidia or AMD driver installed. Ok?
(now ignore the fact that this requires module blacklisting, and shit like that)

1) Launch a game. Full screen, which grabs your input. Like Nexuiz.
(or whatever it's now called)
2) Since xorg is shitty, you will have a freeze up with your game.
3) ...
4) You are fucking stuck.
Unless you have a second laptop, or smartphone, and ssh on your machine, you can't do shit.
Well, yes, you can do a cold reset, good fucking job.

This is the current Linux state.
Wayland - which is supposed to fix things, does not fix any of these issues.
It just reimplements everything, just like any other goddamn open-source project.
(see xkcd comic about standards... it's always the same)

>> No.49756574

I was the one that posted the reply that helped the guy, what are you trying to imply?

As I stated before, I work in IT, and I install Linux on a copious amount of laptops. Some years ago, yeah, there was some work to be done, as many things wouldn't work out of the box, nowadays it pretty much works for every laptop.

>> No.49756606
File: 150 KB, 586x750, fzefze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.49756627


Install Xubuntu Core. There are no additional apps included, just the basic install.

>> No.49756660

I have no problems gaming with Steam on Linux.

Install nvidia drivers
Install 32bit nvidia libs
Install Steam
Install games
Play games

It's literally as easy as that on arch

>ignore the fact that this requires module blacklisting
The proprietary nvidia driver does that for you

>> No.49756688

Ubuntu is "it just werks" linux distro for normies.

>> No.49756819

Stop using ppas and websites, Ubuntu has a software store. Just use it and you'll have no problems.

>> No.49756842

>No one wants to write free drivers
That's hardly any news. Most vendors just don't care and I'm not talking only about small fry hardware such as touchpad and whatnot - just look at ATI and Intel proprietary GPU drivers.

Now, I use Linux and I don't know how to write drivers. So I can't fix these problems. What should I do? Go use poorly designed but popular OS that has all the drivers (except when it doesn't)? I think I'll pass and use the OS I like, while buying hardware from vendors that are nice (for example, nVidia that declared to introduce framebuffer support soon, and contributes to wayland). It's goes the same way for games but the guy in this picture just doesn't realize it.

>> No.49756948

You removed LXQt not knowing that the removal process also removes its dependencies.
Fuck off back to windows, noob.

>> No.49756949

Because Arch uses a script to do that.
The installer itself sucks at blacklisting, and I am not blaming Nvidia, you just cannot cover 500 distros and all their 9000 supported versions.

Back in the days it was all easy tho.
Since there was no KVM:
1) download nvidia driver
2) ctrl+alt+f1
3) login, /etc/init.d/kdm|gdm|xdm stop
4) sh nvidia*sh
5) next, next, next, ok
6) reboot or restart display manger

ATI/AMD was the same. (though their driver sucked, and it sucks now as well.)

>> No.49757103

Which obviously only works with the still very limited library of games for linux on steam.

>> No.49757260

>very limited

>> No.49757364

Why is the kernel so successful?

How successful would it be if there were dozens of kernel forks all working separately, each solving the same problems in their own way?

Linux as a desktop would be successful if Linus extended his rule to the distroland. Unfortunately, he has no plans to do so.

>> No.49757402

1397, and most of them are Indie games.
Granted, some Indie games are good, but that's still far from wide-range support.

>> No.49757420

Are you using Compton?

>> No.49757462

>Why is the kernel so successful?
It just works

>> No.49757520

Are you for real?

You do know that before Microsoft imposed the monopoly, back in the DOS days, there were several other proprietary DOS, right? The kernel is a part of the operating system, it doesn't make the operating system.

Also, Linus doesn't make rules, he made something great and gave it to all of us, to be used with all freedom.

I find it funny that it's mostly muhrricans that have a problem with Linux freedom. Maybe if they had named Gnu/Guns it would be better accepted.

>> No.49757647

really agree, but everyone doesn't need to use linux anyway.

>> No.49757721

>one desktop enviroment I didn't liked and removed it. That's it.

Found your problem

>> No.49757885


It does not just work because it does not have to. It is installed on carefully pre-selected hardware, and in professional settings, managed entirely by experienced systems administrators that just tell regular users what to do.


>> No.49757925

Other people consume food, ever tried that? Probably more healthy than software.

>> No.49757940

I used Ubuntu for a couple weeks via Wubi.

It was even easier to use than Windows 7, it found all the drivers I needed(free as in beer, not freedom) and installed them for me.

The store also installed all the programs I needed just fine.

I was able to do my browsing, anime watching, etc all just fine.

Honestly Ubuntu is just as easy to use as Windows.

>> No.49758024

it works on my machine too, and this anon's too >>>49756383

So yeah, maybe it's just your machine it doesn't work on? I mean Mint is as casual as Linux setups get, it's got pretty much everything for any type of hardware

>> No.49758119

A software consumer is a person that cares very little about software and just passively takes whatever is marketed to them and uses it for things of little importance, while bitching about things that are not perfect for them like a little kid saying they hate bananas.

99% of linux users on /g/ are actually software consumers

>> No.49758911

look up manjaro themes or artwork on google

thats how i got gentoo to look like xubuntu at least

>> No.49759848

>Why can't they just work?
Because for every 10,000 people that complain, only one person contributes back to the project.

>> No.49759873

That's just the yoke of distros holding back your mind from being truly free

>> No.49759960

>without official steam support
You know there is such a thing as steam runtime which uses all dependencies from the UBANTO version right?

>> No.49760025


Every ubuntu flavor I have tried just works.

>> No.49760044


You probably fucked up the install new UEFI Bios can get in the way.

>> No.49760420

Top lel I installed ubuntu netbook remix on one of my machines and the download/cont button just wasn't there
Now what

>> No.49760475

What? I thought Netbook Remix was dead.

>> No.49760568


>> No.49760687

are you for real?

>> No.49760747

linus is built, some weight lifting and he could beat the shit out of steve jobs and bill gates

>> No.49761203
File: 688 KB, 200x150, redshitkid.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using Twitter to give a blog-tier rant

>> No.49761277

how did he manage to install an operating system without using any software?

>> No.49761577
File: 79 KB, 400x300, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just b/c you dont know how to do stuff doesn't mean it doesn't work.

>> No.49761620


>> No.49761801

This could apply to windows easily too. When I installed ms office last time I got the "missing dll" error. I looked on windows forum and it was a common thing.

>> No.49763211

why cant i get comcast videos to stream online on linux mint, but they work fine in windows. occasionally i can get a single video to play after running bleachbit and restarting but it never works after that or when i do anything else. wtf linux

>> No.49763769

Most of all Just Werks OS is proprietary because companies spends millions simplifying the computers, and r&d spent on making sure the computers work on out of the box.

The whole point of Linux is that you do it DIY, because that's the only way to ensure freedom and the power that linux/gnu gives you. You hold the same responsibility when you root your Android, and allow sideloading to your phone.

>> No.49764230

Sounds like OP has a faulty HDD.

>> No.49764444

Windows is fast food, GNU^Linux is a carefully and meticulously planned diet.

People complain that GNU~Linux doesn't work for them when they add piles and piles of junk to it, or it's unhealthy or too drastic a change for people like themselves to be using it. To use distros, to successfully not break anything, and to enjoy using it, you have to be halfway competent, and that rules out most of the pizza eating, breakfast burger swilling population. When you see a fat person announce that they're going on a diet, it can either go well, and they become healthier, OR everyone in the room says "That's the tenth time this year" and the person stays a fatty Windows user and they complain about the bloat but make no attempt to do anything about it.

>> No.49764670

These posts triggered me this is just victim blaming and somebody should call the Internet police

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