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>post 90s problems

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no fun allowed here in ITT thread


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I'm starving to death in a stash with my bff because the guy who kidnapped us got caught by the police and his wife is afraid of feeding us.

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>want to use Internet for porn at 2am but the dial up tone will wake my whole family up

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>Don't have enough change to call 411 and pay bus fare...

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>no fun allowed here in in this thread thread

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>have to pay for internet and extra phone bill

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>call friend's house on landline
>parents answer, he's not home
>jump on bicycle, ride around town checking all the usual hangout spots
>give up, ride home
>"oh your friend just called"

Pre cellphone world was so different

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Based VCRs.

>be me, about 12 or 13
>Titanic just released to VHS
>Knew there was a nude scene because I saw it in theatres somehow
>Wait for the right moment alone to do my deed
>Forget to rewind it so the next person to put it in gets a sight of Kate Winslett's PHAT titties and probably knows what I was doing

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>At school to have LAN party

>Have to make 5 copies of 7 diskettes of install media so installing 5 stations won't take over an hour.

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Never got to play this properly because mom though it will damage the tv screen because of the lasers coming out from the gun.

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Never got to play this properly because mom though it will damage the tv screen because of the lasers coming out from the gun

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>want to order pizza online
>order website does not exist
>tfw the internet wants me to starve

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>Mom won't let me get a Virtual Boy because she's concerned about "virtual reality" taking me over
>Virtual Boy turns out to be shit anyway

G-good looking out, mom.

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Haha same situation but I was probably 5 when Titanic was on VHS. It was 2 tapes IIRC.

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>be 8
>Dad teach me how to record shit from the TV to VHS
>End up recording LITERALLY everything on the family VHS collection

You have created a monster Father.

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holyshit ha ha ha

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>electronic device not functioning properly for unknown reason
>most common problem in 90s
>bash on it a bit
>it works

if only it were so simple now, it either works or its dead and needs new parts.

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>be 8
>go to dad's office
>he lets you draw on mspaint on his win 95
>achievement of the year

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>The lasers coming out from the gun

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hmm the 80's and 90's were awesome. Today things just kinda suck. The only thing that has really changed for me is the power & storage of my pc. I still play the same games (UT and Quake 3 + Resident Evil 2/Tomb raider 2/SF Academy) and do the same things that I did back in the late 90s

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It was an exciting time to being growing up with video games, that's for sure.

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>tfw that asshole who rented the tape from Blockbuster before you forgot to rewind.

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>tfw dual channel ISDN

Actually used that for playing online on ps3 until I found out dad's work didn't cover the phone bill any more

Also, here's a late 90s digital photo

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think every boy jerked off to freeze-frame kate in titanic.

kate used to be so fucking hot. the open matte version is the best because you can see her hot little ass.

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>mfw stealing the balls from the school's mouse

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>Nice Razer Boomslang, faggot!

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>born in '96
>feel like I missed the greatest time of computing

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>he fall for the bait

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>download age of empires 2 demo overnight
>someone calls disrupting the line
>have to restart it next night
>only have the age of empires 2 demo
>can only do shitty scenarios or nerfed matches against computer
>no store around has an sage of empires 2 CD

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>everything on eMule is mislabeled
>takes 20 minutes to download one song
>have to print out porn because no laptop and then what do I do with it after?

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>scratching CDs over the carpet to make your drive read them

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That was the early 2000s for me.
I miss how disconnected we were in the 90's, the biggest change for me happened when cell phones became mainstream.
Same with the Internet after 2005.
Smartphones merged those things, now you are 24/7 connected with the whole world and you have the world's collective knowledge at your fingertips.

I miss the simpler times, local culture :(

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>have to print out porn

We've really come a long way, haven't we?

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>That one ginger cunt who would tattle on you for taking the balls

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You did. But by longer than you think

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>his parents didn't have a second phone line just for the internet

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My first cell phone was a nokia candy bar phone with a pull out antenna 252c I think it was. Cell phones were just starting to come into being the new hip thing then. Now it's everywhere you go it's nothing but a smart phone sea

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Grandma bought me Quake 2, my parent's told her to take it back to the store because of the screenshots on the back of the box.

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Nah he wasn't off by much. The era before winblows 3.1 was a dark void of nothingness.

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>On the Quake CD
>“Checked for all known viruses”

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It feels like it was yesterday when I first saw this qt and was jealous of the kid that could afford it.

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> knock on the door
> is anon home??

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>yell outside for 5 minutes

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This actually made me laugh out loud. Just goes to show you how much times have changed.

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>tell parents I'm going to be downstairs downloading some huge 200MB computer updates for a few hours
>they go to bed
>fap like crazy to Jenna Jameson @ 56kbps

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>not downloading porn two days in advance

Nothing more agonizing than knowing it's downloaded and waiting for the opportunity.

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My Amiga 2000 can't boot from the PC hard drive controlled by the BridgeBoard.

(This was an actual problem. You could run AmigaOS off the hard drive, but you still had to boot from a floppy!)

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Has anyone embedded a harmonica or panflute inside an old game cartridge?

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Some loser brought a cellphone to school. They were teased for being a spoiled manbitch after that.

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people used to be outside doing stuff more, now it's like, go outside and you see maybe some dude walking his dog or something and that's it.
Kinda ok I guess. Means I can relax outside without some strange kid coming up to me wanting shit. The whole tattoo/ piercring thing wasn't the rage back then either. Times were simpler. Man on the weekends anymore I turn off the phone and just chill.

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I still do this.

Though I'm the asshole friend that shows up without telling you first.

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Underrated post.

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>Macking on bitches on ICQ
>Cyber sex in random chatrooms
>Downloading songs on Napster
>Downloading porn on LimeWire

The world is mine nigga get back

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>can fit an entire picture on a floppy disk
aww yeah


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No problems here ! i'm settling down to have a happy family life, wish me luck!

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>can't download Pam and Tommy sex tape because it would take a week to download

>> No.48946152

>napster, wrapster, gnutella, bearshare, soulseek
>128 kbps mp3s ripped straight 2 da minidisc player


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>he doesnt have acpi shutdown

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Ah, I chuckled.

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sys admin plz come back

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Do you not know what a fucking joke is?

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>have to print out porn
I actually did this once. Thank you based canon bubble jet (color).

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i always loved seeing this

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But dial-ups weren't a problem post 90s

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> being born

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>1 hour and 47 minutes remaining

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>turn on internet
>starts making noise
>cover it with my hands
>get electrocuted

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> born '96 in Iran.
> Dad gave me his Windows 3.1 computer.
> tfw grew up playing with Windows 3.1.
> dialup up until like 2009 - 2010

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>implying it was genocide

It it were, there would be no kebab in Europe

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> piracy was calling a guy who charged 3$ for a cd with crack on it

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He posts regularly, just don't use the trip

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I've beaten all of the fighting games I own over 9000 times and parents won't rent me a game this weekend. Wat do?

Reading the game genie booklet while the tv is on the Prevue Channel (waiting for good shows to come on) made for some interesting code discoveries.

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>no, sorry, anon is grounded
>oh okay
>repeat at neighbors

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>Someone's on the phone
>Can't use the internet

>Live in Australia
>pic related
>Internet at all

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Fuck. You.

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>watching cinemax with mute at 2 am.

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Fuck you bitch

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That's fucking fantastic. The quicker you aussie shitposters lose Internet, the better.

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why whats going on? Is australia going down?

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>scrambled porn channels

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Australia never came up mate. They have been fucking us around with this NBN shit for years. We have the worst internet for a first world country in the world. I had a friend who went over the south africa and apparently they have better coverage, price and speed than we do.

I pay $50 for 5GB/month wireless. Largest thing I've ever downloaded is a ~700mb ableton live update. Fuck this place. Never ever ever come to this shithole.

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>irc bots flooding channels with ascii dicks

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>tfw shitposting on IRC

Now i shitpost on 4chan

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>that maze game in Encarta 95 with the jester

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that's the same face for
>tfw discovering you can get porn from others on irc

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Yeap. No 4G here yet. Speed's fine, sometimes get 6 mbps, but its the DL limit thats bullshit.

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>> No.48948636

there are still a lot of great games to play, like bioshock and deus ex: human revolution. gaming as a whole is far from stale. you just need to find good games.

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About that...

>> No.48948707


Still there apparently

>> No.48948721

what do you complain then faggot. you get 1 GB/month here in germany for the same price

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>> No.48948796


Only poor people who couldn't afford an acpi complaint motherboard had to put up with this.

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>people giving aid to Africans
>not letting the die of poverty and HIV

>> No.48948893

Or when you called a girl you liked and her father/brother answered the phone.

>> No.48949271

Fucking hell that's why I didn't call my crushes ever in middle school

>> No.48949336

This weeb again. At least you're posting in a thread and not making you're own.

>> No.48949339

>mowing lawn
>cd player in my cargos
>it skips every other step
>keep mowing lawn

It worked yo

>> No.48949373


I remember printing out pictures of Jenny McCarthy for my older neighbors. They appreciated it much

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>MFW on phone today and couldn't use the internet at the same time.

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>Apple ][
>Vic20 and C64
>Atari XL
>Coleco Adam
>Big floppy disks
>Datasette drives
>8-bits and a TV
>First IBM PCs & DOS
>Green and amber screens
>First Macintosh
>That glorious 72ppi screen and mouse
>"a dark void of nothingness"

You've got to be shitting me.

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Depends on where you lived. I was in a rural area that was nice but remote and didn't see DSL until >2000.

>> No.48951521

paying some guy $100 bucks to climb a pole and steal a filter tube

going to bars for stolen electronics

the internet is a lot like a bar circa 90s

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No Facebook
No Taylor Swift

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>be 7
>play shitty mario and prince of persia on next door friend's win 95
>our computer was a shitty piece of shit that couldn't run anything beyond dos for some reason that i cant remember
>almost new year
>practically everyone freaking out because of the y2k thing
>everyone thinking computers will blast like bombs
>father is computer engineer
>tells me nothing will happen
>friend's father sells us their pc for like 30$
>happy new year
>nothing happened
>we got a sweet new pc for cheap

Them memories

>> No.48953067

>muh fucking CRT televisions.

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Sad times tbh

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>> No.48953919

>that captains wheel icon
>that soft wheel turning creak and seagull sounds over waves

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> multiplayer over printer cable
> waiting for something new to happen to Johnny Outcast
> actually being stuck at point & click adventures for weeks
> physical copy protection (pic related)
> rewinding tapes (and guessing the song/scene while doing it)

>> No.48954530

>Put in sixth sense tape
>starts at the ending
>ruins the entire film
Now shit gets spoiled when I'm just browsing random crap
>there are films I will never enjoy because I left it too long and they were spoiled for me

>> No.48954560

>Pick up phone

>> No.48954595

>Not using GetRight over 14.4K modem

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>Turn on computer
>It doesn't turn on

>> No.48954654

jokes on you! I just bought $50,000 worth of Beanie Babies and they'll quadruple in worth over the next 10 years!

>> No.48954705

double aspergers

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>Print out porn
>Not drawing it yourself
I used to trace babes from anime magazines and then proceed to draw titties on them.

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>> No.48954758

those are ice lollies anon

>> No.48954786

Man, I'm from a rural zone from Mexico and I can laugh at you.

>> No.48954798

How many of you still use it?. I still do.
Thanks based /lit/

>> No.48955046

>using netscape
>dial up charges per hour
>trying to log in
>notice us robotics modem light is 'connected'
>still not logged on
>bring up another instance of netscape
>surfing for free for hours while the other instance of netscape keeps trying to connect.

>> No.48955063

>mfw an american called cold on the cob 'ice lollies'

>> No.48955071

>downloading 1 minute porn clips from pandamovies and sunporno.
>fap on 7 seconds porn you managed to download before disconect.

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>> No.48955120

>place in closet
>let it heal itself

>> No.48955124


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>It worked

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What is your speed? I spend $60 a month on 1.3Mbit DSL in a very rural part of the US. I hate it but it's all I got and basically unlimited.

>> No.48955393


I know the feel.

>> No.48955439


it sucks man, all panes of fucking glass, tap an pray bullshit. Cell phones used to be diverse and interesting, you could really define yourself with them.

now they're all these shitty soap bars. They just sent me a message basically saying "your flip phone will no longer be supported, get with the time grandpa" so i will now Have to buy a shitty smart phone.

well...i always like how you could pick the ring tones and a picture.

>> No.48955571


This. I also used to go to badmojo and some other thumbnail gallery sites, endlessly clicking links, just going down the rabbit hole.

>> No.48955584

>that feel
got so many viruses that way, but I just could not help it

>> No.48955643

I dont know how i knew, but in 1996 i knew we needed to get the internet because it was easy access to porn. I just kept trying to convince my family to get it with all the usual things, books, helps with home work, talk to buddies, ect.

We finally get the internet in 97. I dont think anything will ever exceed my expectations like that again.

I would go to bed early, like at 8pm, parents were all "good boy!" but it was so i could get up at 1 am to look at porn. i discovered it on websites first, those 1 min clips. I would collect them on a cd. then I discovered P2P, and direct connect, and downloaded la blue girl over the week. It got disrupted a few times because they would shut off the computer so i would have to start again.

Getting my own computer in High School was one of the happiest days of my life.

>> No.48955897

I can remember the first time I looked for porn on the internet ~97. Typed in sex(d0T)com and just kept typing in dirty words with a dot com.

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I'm seeing a disturbing lack of SimAnt in this thread.

I never did manage to fully overrun the house.

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Remember having the sickest game consoles (N64, PS1, Dreamcast) but the most deprecated TV set (no RCA, only coax)? These things were a Godsend when I found out about them.

>> No.48956347

I have a krk monitor that smack to get going. I love it

>> No.48956380

My VCR had rca inputs so I just used that.

>> No.48956731

Born in 91 but my family was so poor, we couldn't even afford a computer, let alone Internet.
Feel kind of sad man.

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File: 1.10 MB, 2500x1301, dialup-final.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48956885

This is fucking awesome, thanks for posting it.

>> No.48956946

No problem. I like that you can hear the sound in your head as you scan across it.

>> No.48957010

I'm not the guy who posted the modem handshake but here is another one from the same guy

>> No.48957023
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forgot pic

>> No.48957046

Games just kinda suck now to. I was hooked on my NES/Gameboy, PS1/PS2 plus a few windows games. But after the ps2 era things kinda when downhill or maybe I'm just getting old (32 yrs).

>> No.48957158

>maybe I'm just getting old (32 yrs)
This is probably it. I had a huge backlog of games starting somewhere in high school, that I wanted to play but never got around to. And then one day I realized I don't really care about games any more. It was kind of relieving actually.

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Europoor here, I remember having an old as shit TV too, with no RCA, it did have SCART and thankfully euro PS1's came with an adapter.

That TV tho. It was handmade in a town about 10 miles from me, made almost entirely from wood, and it's remote control had a fucking million buttons that didn't seem to do anything. pic related is the only pic I could even find of one.

It lasted over 25 years before the CRT just didn't warm up anymore, I'll give it that.

>> No.48957344

>downloading porn via dial-up

Dude my porn downloaded in only 6 hours man! And its 480p!

How cool is that?

>> No.48957389

you can still buy flip phones from tracfone and shit

though everyone will call you poor

>> No.48957549

>have ps1
>try putting CD in
>holy shit it works!
>figure out you can save songs to memory card
>delete game saves to store music
>wait.. Why do i have to restart crash bandicoot?

>> No.48957656

>try playing earthbound on my SNES
>just want to ride around on the bicycle
>always die in fights
>never have money for food
>never play again

>> No.48957756

frequent mutations


>> No.48957816


>mfw downloading the Perfect Dark rom took 10 days and about 50 resumes

>> No.48957865

>Gets Aids in the 90's


>> No.48957906


I don't think I'll ever give them up entirely, but I definitely don't play even 10% as much as I did when I was younger, and I have a lot less patience for time wasting bullshit in video games.

>> No.48958054
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>reading books in the library
>thinking of going home to play DOOM
>two kids with guns come in
>start shooting kids
>tell me to run
>hear two last gun shots and bodies dropping on the floor as i run out of the school.

>> No.48958113

If only we banned children from schools this wouldn't happen.

>> No.48960088

yeah, internet search it

>> No.48960109

>day later there is still autist brains all over my favourite book

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