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Bought a 2015 macbook air 13" for $800 strictly for school, Engineering Specifically

-Fast as fuck for everything except gaymen
-Holds value
-Socially accepted to use in Public
-Have both windows and OSX installed, windows is on a virtual machine and runs perfectly together using both at the same time
-Equivalent PC in price range has same specs

Why not /g/ ?

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>-Fast as fuck for everything except gaymen
Anything with a dual core Pentium and a SSD would be equally fast
>-Holds value
Are you yuropoor?
>-Socially accepted to use in Public fast.
Hidding your insecurities on a laptop wont last forever, remember that.
>-Have both windows and OSX installed, windows is on a virtual machine and runs perfectly together using both at the same time
Why not bootcamp? VM Performance is atrocious.
>-Equivalent PC in price range has same specs
Asus Zenbook cost less and have double ram.

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>Why not /g/ ?
everyone with half a brain has already left for OSX. windows laptops are total shit compared to Mac hardware.

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Becuase this exists.
You wont find it on the Dell website so its goign to be found on ebay like all the other decent computers.

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Yes. Because buying a laptop in 2015 that has a 2yr+ old CPU for double the price of a modern laptop that performs 12x better is a smart decision.

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>Anything with a dual core Pentium and a SSD would be equally fast
apple has the best SSDs in the game

>Asus Zenbook cost less and have double ram.
Zenbook is a shitty chink plastic rip off of the air

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You're embarassing yourself

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>tfw business student

VAIO Pro 13 + Surface Pro 3


Why did you get a Macbook Air.. The screen is stuck in 2010, and you get no processing power..

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>Everyone with half a brain has already lef for OSX
I actually believe that the people with half a brain ruined hOmoSeX, also the autists ruined the iPad.

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"Socially accepted to use in Public"

Who gives a fuck what other people think of your laptop? Most people don't give a fuck what laptop other people use.

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It isn't my fault I don't spend 1,000 dollars on a peice of Alluminarty.

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>Asus Zenbook cost less and have double ram.
Don't forget more than one port.

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youre thinking of the wrong computer wincuck

the air has plenty of ports

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Wrong laptop

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>Zenbook is a shitty chink plastic rip off of the air
Don't forget that whack ass processor

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Does it have a HDMI port?
>tfw need to buy a 50.00 dollared adapter.

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> bought a macbook
hmmm pretty nic..
> air

> Have both windows and OS X installed
> Windows in on a virtual machine

you dun goofed OP, if anyone on this board comes to buy a MacBook, it's a retina one. You just got a disgusting ultrabook with a shitty display.

> 2015
> Using a TN panel
> Not even full HD

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except it HAS a full size hdmi on the left side?

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>apple has the best SSDs in the game
I give you that, they finally surpased my old 2012 Acer V5 SSD speed and performance just now.

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Can you define TN panel for a newba/g/?

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>apple has the best SSDs in the game

Probably made by Samsung like everything else in Apple products.

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You also get a decent keyboard. Something that not a lot of comptuers have now a days.

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shitty view angles, crappy colors etc

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Whoops, forgot image.

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Macbook airs scissor switches are better though

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>Socially accepted to use in Public
kill yourself, weak minded faggot

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I miss being 14 :(

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The Mac keyboard layout is simpler, and does literally everything a full size keyboard does, you just need to learn some handy shortcuts.

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doubt it

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Replace your shit tier Macbook iPad Air for a new updated 12-inch Macbook. It feels like shit on your hands but it look good so goyim shall buy!

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going to college in the fall, my school has a good deal on the xps 13. anyone have experience using that for classes?

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>VM Performance is atrocious

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OP Here
I run Parallels(Name of app) with an ultralight version of windows 7. It works flawlessly, I'm amazed how fast it is. I run solidworks in windows very smoothly while using osx for web and music.

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The text rendering on this TN Panel is better than an IPS monitor, 1440x900 surprisingly doesn't bother me when I have two 1080p ips screens on my PC

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How thick is the keys though? Does it have a clicky feel like a mechanical keyboard or does it have a tablet attachment feels.
>Macbook Air Keyboards
Consider the Thinkpad (in photot)

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Thinkpads are never, ever going to catch on.
The sooner you tards realize that the better.

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Yeah because you need to split the ram between 2 os at the same time.
>Ultralight version of windows 7
It can run faster you moron, you're splitting your ram in 2 and the cpu/IO performance doesn't match the one as if it were running natively.

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-Fask as fuck
Just.. no.

Yup, fair. Like every other ultrabook though.

-Holds value
This one is also legit.

-Socially accepted to use in public
What did your past laptops look like? Any modern ultrabook looks fine in public.

-Have both windows and OS X installed
If you need OS X sure, I guess.

-Equivalent PC in price range has same specs.
You're dreaming. Maybe the same ghz rating on the processor, but you're getting a much more modern architecture, and on to my next critisism..

That macbook air has a shite < 1080p TN panel straight out of 2005. It's a sad excuse for a screen, especially from Apple that toutes nice screens on literally every other device they sell that has a screen.

Dell XPS 13, HP Folio, Asus Zenbook etc. are all a way better buy IMO assuming you don't NEED OS X. If you do.. well tough luck.. but I would have sprung for the Macbook retina. It's barely thicker, a bit more expensive, but is an all-round better laptop.

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it definitely clicks and makes a clicky sound.

not sure about the new 12 inch macbook though.

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>>TFW Running Bootcamp on 4GB Macbook Non-Retina 2011

Not a problem running Win 7 on it. I just partitioned 60/40 for Windows cause OS X looks like shit on non-retina without >1200x800 Resolution

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I saw a 2014 rMBP for 1200€, you chose the wrong laptop.

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Newer comptuers are absolute shit. You're better off buying a computer that is less than 800 USD Used ThinkPad or Latitude.
>tfw this computers quality is worth 1,000 dollars today.

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nevermind. >>48683492

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As a "cool" consumer notebook? Probably.

But tons of businesses use Thinkpads. Every time we have outside businesses come into the place I work, they almost always bring Thinkpads.

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Ill say it as many times as it takes to tell you all, apple only designs their shit.
Absolutely nothing by them is built by them, almost every part inside is samsung, or intel.
All of your phones are even assembled in the same factory, or atleast used to

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rMBP & Elitebooks > your deprecated meme garbage

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Why do appleshills use

>hurrdurr resalevalue

as an argument in favor of macbooks, but then proceeds to call everyone else a poorfag for not owning a macbook?

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I feels bad for those who have never saw the golden age of computers.
Dem keyboards were so comfortable and thick and also it had a good feel to it. Unlike the decent computers costing 9000 USDeez nuts.

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>Just.. no.
just yes

>Yup, fair. Like every other ultrabook though.
Apple puts the best SSDs in their laptops, nothing compares

>Dell XPS 13, HP Folio, Asus Zenbook
shitty chink rip offs

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Apple Computers usually cost around 1,000 dollars. The people over there are too autistic to lower the price to weeb level.
Oh well, you buy pretty decent computers for 420 dollars.

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>Socially accepted to use in Public
Lmao herd mentality much?

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The only reason apple computers are so expensive in the modern day is...
>1. Autism
>2. Jews
3. SSD Drives.
But le goyim buys for le l00ks

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every time i come to /g/ some retard spouts shit about how thinkpads are good

we get it, it translates well your non-conformity, your unpleasant looks and lack of style.

give it a fucking rest. nobody but 50-yo office workers think that shit is attractive, and then again they only do because someone once told them they're good.

grow the fuck up. there are many better notebooks than thinkpads.

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youre embarrassing

I own one because Im a graphic designer, but there are plenty of reasons to own a mac

in all honesty I think the thinkpad carbon x1 looks nicer

tip for next time - if you want to convince people youre not a summerfag, try to keep it to one meme per post maximum

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Theres nothing wrong with having a formal looking computer that has a very thick computer.

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>I own one because Im a graphic designer

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It is all a matter of taste. I personally like the style, and X series is best at covering all my needs with no exception.

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This guy, he get's it


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>Apple user
>Utilizing your computer
Pick One.

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>>This pleb

It's called fucking bootcamp you stupid fucking Linuxloser/Windowanker

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So, break it to me, /g/.

I, essentially, want a macbook pro. But I hate apple, so I don't want a macbook.

What is the best knockoff or a laptop of a similar class?
I need: 16GB RAM, 13-15 screen, latest generation intel i7 CPU, 256-512 GB SSD, aluminum body, long battery life.
Immediately disqualified: discrete GPU, optical drives.

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Razer motherfucker

or go Clunky if you have an Alienware fetish

Hell my fucking opthalmogist uses Alienware, I cringed at the sight of that rainbow Dell 17, but god damn does Dell make GOAT screens and monitors.

Honestly, if your a Graphics designer just get a top-notch monitor instead of trying to buy it cause of the label like this abomination >>48683838

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Gay mink laptops immediately go to trash because discrete GPU.

>> No.48684041

No, no, I'm a c# dev.
I want it to have powerful cpu, plenty of ram, ssd, and be-very-pretty.

>> No.48684047

basically youre a faggot who wont buy a good product because youre too immature to get over the brand

>> No.48684063

get a macbook and tell yourself it's not a macbook.

>> No.48684068

>let me tell you what you should use for your profession and why you bought the computer that you use
shut the fuck up you insufferable cunt

>> No.48684071

Well, yeah, they offended me a lot in the past, buying from them would be stepping on my pride.

>> No.48684085

It's what I don't want to do.

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>bought a macbook pro 2015 today
>install ubuntu
>ubuntu has shit touchpad drivers (no right click or two finger scroll)
>Fn key doesn't even work

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There's always.....


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i love my mac and fags hate on me because they are poor hahahah

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Anything else?

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thinkpads are well-built and nice, there's gotta be a model that will fit your req's
the bodies aren't fully aluminum but they're still built well

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Why does everyone hate the X1 Carbon? I've seen it get good reviews everywhere, and if you get one off ebay, it's a pretty good price. I don't get why /g/ hates it so much, other than it's not "muh traditional thinkpad" and the fact that it doesn't have a perfect keyboard.

>> No.48684624

What Ssd s you got anon? I got a couple of Intel x-25v a couple of years ago on raid 0 and I'm getting around 650mbps. What are yours?

>> No.48684805

>4GB / 8GB DDR3L-12800 1600 MHz
Not a lot of RAM, I see.

>> No.48684905

You had to install windows because you are incompetent. You should have just bought a Android tablet, you're that stupid.

>> No.48685164

good luck running solidworks on a piece of shit iGPU

>> No.48687215

Best buy currently has rMBPs for $1049 with student discount, you fucked up.

>> No.48687296

>Imblying superior software and a walled garden won't force your users to love you.

stfu. Processor speed hasn't mattered to the end consumer (except gaymers) since 2007.

>> No.48687518

planning to buy the 2011-2012 macbook air 13" with i5, 4GB and 128GB SSD

does this thing still fly and keep decent battery life under yosemite/el capitain?

>> No.48687734

Exactly. People judge you based on your appearance and how you act (how nice you are, etc.)

>> No.48687763

As someone who doesn't like MacBooks, the performance of Windows 8 with VMWare Fusion is incredibly impressive.

>> No.48687806

Never going to catch on with the average consumer? Absolutely
Never going to catch on with businesses? Fuck off.

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>nobody but 50-yo office workers think that shit is attractive
When did people who shill ThinkPads mainly talk about how great they look?

>> No.48687873


you fucked up hardcore dumbass.

>> No.48687880

The Macbook air's keyboard is only better than the Macbook's, which is the worst keyboard ever made IMO.
It's not about the layout, that's fine. The switches themselves are horribad.

>> No.48687915


Why didn't they just put two USB ports on it?

>> No.48687931

Motherboard size, thinness, less room for layered battery. I'm not saying these are good excuses.

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>Razer blade isn't available in EU

>> No.48687953

Only kids see "non-conformity" as something bad.

Only kids buy technology based on "style".

Only kids put more value in marketing and peer pressure than actual reasoning why something is good from people who know what they're on about.

So no, *you* grow the fuck up, kid.

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Is the Lenovo T450s a good laptop to buy? I haven't looked for a new laptop in ages.

>> No.48688355

Wtf gtfo of /g/

>> No.48688465

Been thinking about this a while and think I'm siding with the macbook side of things (MacBook Pro of course, I'm not an idiot going for an out of date air or anything).

But having got one for a weeks trial, it is very slick, fully integrated with hardware and software combined. Sure the CPU is a bit older, but that doesn't matter when the best is being extracted from it with the software working in tune with it.

My windows PCs are 5 year old CPUs and I still have no reason to try and overclock it. So CPU speed isn't a thing that being held back.

>> No.48688529

>socially accepted
>a laptop

The fuck. How judgemental are you Burgerclaps?

>> No.48688919

1 Buy MacBook
2 Post thread on /g/ about MacBook
3 GOTO 2

>> No.48688947


they are the most vacuous people on the planet. Go figure.

>> No.48688953

if someone is using a laptop near you and it's not a macbook you can tell that they're poor

>> No.48689070

my main concerns with mac actually are only 3 at the moment:
- apple don't give a fuck about security holes and rarely patch them
- 1 usb port only... seriously?
- mac upgrades are exponentially more hardware demanding,since you can't updade anything, if you buy a machine today you need to pump up every spec just to be sure your mac will be of some use after a couple of os x upgrades

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>saw some old dude the park
>looked pretty smart, rich
>pulls out some disgusting windows laptop
Lmao at him being that old and still being too poor to buy a glorious Apple pc
Pic related, looks just like him

>> No.48689152

>-Socially accepted to use in Public

Christ. I prefer Macs because they're pretty (among many other reasons) but what a fucking dumb, weird thing to say

>> No.48689177

>Dell Latitude e6430s

What's so special about it? Looks barely better than any other shit tier plastic affair to me.

If we're talking eBay he should simply get the latest Macbook he can afford off of eBay.

>> No.48689218


One minute you're talking about getting a laptop off eBay, then suddenly when we're talking about an HDMI adapter, it HAS to be brand new and HAS to come from apple.


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Almost bought the Air a year ago when I stumbled on a superior machine, Vaio Pro 11

Because it has lots of better features, namely
Far better screen, 1080p IPS
NFC port so I can just tap to transfer tabs from Clover and Chrome from phone
15 hours battery life
Made of carbon fiber so it doesn't fucking bend or scratch
And best of all, all models of this has a proper SD card, where it slots in all the way through so I can carry it anywhere inside bags without worry. Meanwhile MBs port still has the card jut out half way through. What the fuck ?

>> No.48689455


>Only kids buy technology based on "style".

Technology purchases should be looked at holistically, and looks are all part of the package. If a laptop looks good, its likely to function well too, and this doesn't just apply to MacBooks.

Good laptops are likely to be well made, so will look quality. They're likely to have a nice looking, big, smooth trackpad, a smaller bezel, a nice keyboard with no pointless extra shit like a numpad etc

>> No.48689463


Just lol

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>saw some old dude the park
>looked pretty dead
>pulls out some disgusting iPhone
Pic related, looks just like him

>> No.48689474

because /g/ is too poor for a mac
fox and the grapes really

>> No.48689478

do it OP. MBA is super comfy

>> No.48690097

I own a Dell, bought it with Ubuntu built in. Changed the OS for debian. Dell drivers are shit or non existent. Technical support gives me .exe files.

Wish I bought a mac...

>> No.48690234

Das Keyboard looks good, and it turned to shit as of the past few years.

Razer keyboards look good with all their fancy lighting, and they are total shit.

The steelseries apex series also looks good.
And I can personally tell you how shit those are.

>> No.48690262

we sell these
they suck ass but we have to maek them sound good

they get damaged fucking fast.

>> No.48690317

why do people think macbooks look good? it's just a generic minimalist aluminum appliance. I bet you also think IKEA furniture looks good.

>> No.48690349

but ikea does look pretty nice tbh

>> No.48690366

>socially accepting macbooks
We go to very different schools then.
A laptop is a tool and if you give extra for it because it looks pretty then you will be laughed at.
It is not as bad as a gamer laptop but still pretty bad.
Most people get the same thing out of linux just because it doesn't have slow animations linux doesn't make the system less user friendly.
If run windows in a VM then get something with a lot of ram and lot of cores.

>> No.48690792
File: 269 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.22.57 AM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2011 MBP running Win10 & Redhat 7 in VM
All very responsive
(As responsive as Win10 can be anyway)
No issues and this thing has been dropped pn pavement at least twice. I have PC laptops but
this my go to, BSD based Unix with a pretty face
on rock solid hw even if it's an i5.

>> No.48690913

Such a consumer

>> No.48690931

So you would buy a laptop that was $100 cheaper if it had a giant MLP logo on the lid and palmrests?

>> No.48691204

No, but MLP has quite a different stigma than regular non-apple laptops.

I don't think that anybody, other than mlp-faggots would buy that. You can make the same analogy for swastikas, the israeli flag, or anything that has some kind of negative stigma to it.

Non-apple computers don't have a politically incorrect set of ideas or something else which will attract scorn from the larger part of the population attached to them. They're just regular computers.

>> No.48691337


>> No.48691339

>le 100x reposted macbook shill post meme
killureself :^)

>> No.48691411

Tempted to buy:
13" rMBP base model (128/8) for £859 + JetDrive Lite 330 (128GB) for £64

JetDrive for music and such, don't really want my music on the fastest drive possible.

Tempted to buy the 1030 model with 256GB of storage, but I'd still buy the JetDrive for my music.

>> No.48691472

>socially accepted to use in public

kill yourself you insecure piece of shit.

>> No.48691492

It's not like you need a shit ton of RAM to do most tasks. I mean, I wouldn't buy it for heavy gaming, but for light games, programming, basic photo editing, and various normie tasks, I think it seems like a great machine.

I'm going to take the distinct lack of other responses as /g/ saying that it hates the X1 Carbon, but doesn't have any legitimate reasons. This is about what I expected.

>> No.48691528

>soldered ram
>muh retina placebo that wastes battery life
>muh thinness
>no vga port
>no ethernet port
>no sd card slot
>no cd drive
Literally a black macbook.

>> No.48691573

>You just have to learn some handy shortcuts

I shouldn't have to relearn shortcuts to simply use a computer.

>> No.48691697

You made the absolutely worst choice you could make. You should drop out now and save the money because you're going to need it when you are working at Starbucks. Maybe you should just switch to women's studies.

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File: 31 KB, 305x362, Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 11.53.37 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Non-soldered RAM, bought w/4gb saw it could support 16gb (unofficially) everymacdotcom so
bought 2 8gb for $100 in 2011 and done.

>> No.48691918

Was gonna say to support that many VMs you're either choking them or have RAM to spare.

What software for VMs?

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File: 14 KB, 599x328, 2257utterlyfagboy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Socially accepted to use in Public
You're embarrassing yourself by giving a shit

>> No.48691938


It's a good laptop

rMBP 13" is still king though

>> No.48691983

I have a bunch of VMs on the system just brought up two to make the point. I think I gave Win10 8gb.
But even so I glanced and had 5gb inactive in ram.
OSX (10.7 anyway) usually runs in under 1gb of ram. I use VMware Fusion & Parallels.

>> No.48692015

do it, i'd be doing the same thing if I didn't already have a non-retina MBP with 1 TB of SSD storage.

>> No.48692024

What's the point lol

>> No.48692088

Ah, I think if I went for the 13" rMBP I'd stream any AutoDesk applications or, hue, games if I actually wanted to play any. Can't think of much Windows-only software I'd need.

>> No.48692103

why 10.7?
10.9 is laggy in some way, but what's wrong with 10.8?

>> No.48692138


>> No.48692152

Saw no compelling reason to change and sometimes it makes things break. Besides I've found it wise to have a wait and see attitude, especially with apple.

>> No.48692162

If a MacBook Air fits your needs, great. It does not fit mine.

>> No.48692165

The change to Metal is going to be fun. Apparently it doesn't handle transparency stacking very well yet.

>> No.48692221

Jobs was a shit, but he had a visionary touch that
has left a gaping hole in Apple. Stock price & media
mania aside. They're coasting on his fumes.

>> No.48692243

But Anon, I refused to own an Apple product while Steve was alive. Now I'm thinking about buying another Apple product.

He was evil.

>> No.48692304

I wouldn't refuse to buy a piece of tech based on
a person. It's what I think is "better" at the time.
I wouldn't buy an apple watch. Bought I bought several iphone 6+(s). All companies operate in their own interest, as do I. Some are just smarter about it.

>> No.48692337

I would've done the same stuff he did, were I in his shoes; I'd exploit the Chinese, bitch out subordinates etc. - I'd be quite awful. But that doesn't mean I'm going to knowingly support him. It's better, for me at least, to show distaste to his action.

>> No.48692348

I thought you mathtards were smarter than this.

>> No.48692368

>there are people with degrees who embrace the life of «socially accepted» things

I have no faith in humanity.

>> No.48692392

>le working on 3d models
>suddenly .5 fps model rotate takes 30 seconds

ayylmao welcome to the Apple thermal theater!

>> No.48692405


-Fast as fuck for everything except gaymen

Everything in this price range is fast when you get it and has an SSD.

-Holds value

Unless you plan on selling it this has no point. If you plan on selling it you know you bought the wrong laptop

-Socially accepted to use in Public

LOL U WOT M8!? Oh my nigga wtf!? Is this something casuals actually consider when buying a laptop!? How can a laptop not be socially acceptable!? Your not even in business? Your appearance doesnt matter to your success? Wtf i honestly dont understand...

-Have both windows and OSX installed, windows is on a virtual machine and runs perfectly together using both at the same time

Another thing that is basic in this price range

-Equivalent PC in price range has same specs

Not it doesnt, idk where your looking for your pcs but an equivalent pc in this prince range has double its specs. anyone will tell you that its obvious

Why not /g/ ?

LOL It must be your first time here

>> No.48692432

>implying that people in advanced degree fields aren't swayed by popular opinion

I've known more blond sluts in STEM fields that were dumb as bricks, followed social trends, and still managed to get 4.0 averages after slogging through Mech/EE.

Shit's never as simple as "geeks" and "normies".

>> No.48692437

Did an Apple employee touch you as a child or something?

>> No.48692459

But then you wouldn't buy anything. Do you think the others don't do the same? They just decided to bloody the nose of the most convenient big target.

Who is the pristine example? Gates, Ellison, Dell?
Business is by it's nature opportunistic, or you fail.

>> No.48692513

It's just about playing a social desirability game. As the obvious target by media etc., I can say I avoided their products on that ground. It's an illusion of morals. Like I said in his shoes I'd have done the same kind of shit, but you can't very well say that kind of thing, people get edgy around you if you do.

See what I'm saying? I used it for social acceptability.

>> No.48692526

Hahahah why are you on /g/ you filthy casual.
Im 20 and i walk into my office into the IT dept dressed better than the damn lawyer dept and open up my T60. Come talk about style with me bitch

>> No.48692527

anyone have this is it good?

>> No.48692555

>Graphic Designer

hahahaha now thats embarrassing
fucking RIP

>> No.48692556

Being molested by Apple employees is reserved strictly for its customers with their premium buyers remorse insurance.

>> No.48692579

But >>48692392 makes it sounds like you've bought one... Oh... I see... Thank you for the warning. I'm sorry to hear about your tragic loss of innocence.

>> No.48692594

>16GB Ram requirement
>recommends apple

yay /g/

>> No.48692607

When you complain of thermal slowdowns they proceed to tell you that you are holding it wrong and blocking the keyboard intake while gently inserting their index finger into your anus.

>> No.48692626

LOL I laughed so hard, fucking kekk

>> No.48692637

So they start to block your outtake while lecturing you on your intake, how brutal.

>> No.48692652

1333mhz, rest in piece

>> No.48692733

It was 2011...

>> No.48693183

>soldered ram
this I understand
>muh retina
the carbon, as I understand it, has pretty decent battery life, and retina literally just means more ppi
>muh thinness
yeah, I need that for carrying it around a lot
>no vga
vga is deprecated
>no ethernet port
this I get. there is a dongle, but I would rather have a dedicated port. still, it's not really a deal breaker, since most people don't use ethernet on a laptop much
>no sd card slot
most people don't need sd cards often, and when you do, you can get a flash card reader for not much money
>no cd drive
cds/dvds are deprecated. if you really need to read them, get a usb dvd drive.

>> No.48694579

This. Almost bought one on a whim the other day, but the screen is <1080p. I don't understand this.

Considering a small Pro, but I wanted an Air for portability.

>> No.48694628

Dell XPS, Vaio Pro, Asus UX etc

>> No.48694692

No, I want something with OS X on. Only OS I haven't really dabbled in.

Just to clarify here, I already own a couple of desktops and several laptops. Looking at a ThinkPad, a PoS Advent and a retrofitted 2006 MacBook right now.

>> No.48694726

this guy right here. you buy apple, probably have right now one, and still you insult others for having one.

you're a role model to /g/

>> No.48694733

And the RPis, but I'm only using one of them at the moment.

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