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>want to order pizza online
>order website requires nonfree javascript
>tfw the botnet wants me to starve

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That'll be 19.95$ plus tip.

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Boring thread, had it the last few days. Is this a new epic anime meme?

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no free javascript no tip

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St-starving is not a meme, a-anon...

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I agree with the botnet.

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Im starting to like this meme :^)

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What do you get out of this?

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>want to order pizza online
>order it
>eat it
>tfw I'm part of the botnet

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why the fuck do you keep posting this? .

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it's a meme you dip

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B-because I want pizza b-but freedom is more important...

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because he want's to be edgy
Or, he thinks it's funny.

It's not.

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it's a shitty forced meme that's turning into cancer. you weren't here a few hours ago because we had up to 10 threads of this on the board at once.

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Free software zealots just seem to suffer constantly, while people who submit to the botnet get rewarded with delicious pizza.

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>not assembling your own custom libre pizza from an open source recipe.

stay pleb

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fuck you, i wasted 30 seconds reading and scrolling through this thread.

go die

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It's even funnier the 87th time! Keep up the good work OP.

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Fuck off, Bun.

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yeah. maybe this thread might last longer than 2 days.

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Shut up, Bun. Stop taking out your retardation by shitposting on /g/. It is not a paradise even without you. Go learn Javascript or something.

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I want to punch that chink cunt in the face

the only thing the botnet is starving me of right now is good memes

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>want to order pizza online so I don't have to speak to anyone
>still have to speak to the guy that delivers it
>he rings
>don't open the door
>starve to death
Such is life

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Just how long has the faggot been doing this?

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the freetard butthurt is priceless, keep it up OP

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>on a diet
>want to order pizza online
>order website requires nonfree javascript
>tfw the botnet wants me to lose weight

thank you botnet.

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You could try calling. That Patriot Act renewal shit didn't pass right? The NSA can't spy on call to the pizza place anymore, at least in theory.

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>not 3D printing your own pizza you designed yourself

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days. it's been going on for weeks since late may, but the past few days have been bad.

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can't wait

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Has it been that long already? I remember the first thread with calculating how much semen you need to eat a day to survive.

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Shut up, Bun. You're supposed to be working.

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One pizza for 15$? Why?
Where I'm from you can get deals for 3 pizzas for 30$. It's the only way I ever buy pizza because one pizza alone is pretty expensive, as your image shows.

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Fuck you, you stupid weeb piece of shit. You just want to start an epic meme, but it's fucking stupid and nonsensical, like most epic memes.

One of the more recent ones lasted longer than a day. Keep up the good work, mister janitor!

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I don't want to buy 3 pizza because I live alone

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How many days in a row are you going to make this thread?

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Why not put them in the fridge for later?

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Stop being poor. What's the point.

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Where I live, you can get 6 large pizzas for $30.
In fact, you can order fuckhueg rectangle party pizzas for $12.

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As many as it t-takes t-to get the webdevs t-to start respecting its customers' freedoms!

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I don't really want to eat pizza for a whole week

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>hand tossed

Do you pay extra for that?

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Oh no! Internet strangers might know roughly where you live!

We must black it out!

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nah, it was the deal with my coupon

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Fuck you OP, now I want a deep dish pizza.

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Why do people order food over the internet?
They always want me to sign up for an account and it takes much longer than calling the local pizza place and giving them my order.
Plus, over the phone, they don't try to upsell you something at every fucking step.
>would you like to make it a combo??
>do you want extra toppings?
>let's make that a hand-tossed for only X.XX more!!

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What are the points of these threads?

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Not but you being a faggot is one?
Rope is cheap, when are you going to hang yourself?

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To start an epic anime meme of course.

I guess the janitor already logged off for today. This may last until tomorrow.

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Die. Today.

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P-please stop bullying m-me...

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I bet if someone posted a pony, the mods would swoop in and delete that, but leave this thread here.

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