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What was your first computer?

Pic related, had it for a few years in the mid 90s before I could afford a x86.

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This fucker right here. Bought brand new for Christmas 1999. 400 MHz PowerPC G3, 128MB of RAM, 10 GB HDD, Mac OS 8.6 out of the box. My parents previously had an IBM PC330, which I rarely got to use, so even though this computer was bought for "the kids" it was really the first one that I could call my own. It also single-handedly turned my parents into Macfags.

This was the only picture I could find of it. My sister took it with her to university in the fall of 2005. It ended up getting stolen out of her dorm room after only a few weeks (back then you could still get around $400 for these, so I assume the impetus was a bunch of college dregs looking for weed money). When I went off to university in 2009, I ended up buying a Thinkpad T400 and forever shunning Macs thereafter. But as much as I despise the current iMacs, I still miss this computer. Can't believe it's been gone for 10 years. Time flies.

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An IBM PS/2 with Win95. I thought it died, but we probably got rid of it for a minor reason; back then, nobody in the family understood the individual/modular parts of a computer and how it could always be repaired.

>Blue iMac
Peggy Hill?

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One of these pieces of shit from the school district surplus sale was my first personal computer.
My dad had a couple of Micron brand PCs for a few years that we all used. One with a Pentium I then a II. Before that we had a Macintosh Classic.

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Hah, not quite, but I had almost forgotten about that episode!

I briefly remember my parents talking to our neighbours about the "Y2K" bug and how they were ready because they "bought a Macintosh". I strongly suspect said neighbour later walked back to his house, shaking his head.

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My family was made up of a bunch of poor, useless fuckers. They never understood technology, or anything really. The kind of people who called the landlord an asshole when he came looking for the rent after it was two weeks late. So, as you can imagine, I never had a computer of my own in childhood.

Then one day my middle school started throwing out a bunch of old computers; 486s that were actually manufactured by the Digital Equipment Corporation. By the time I got it they were hopelessly out of date (using a 486 in 2002 was worse than using a Pentium 4 in 2015); no CD drive, no modem, no USB ports. But I loved the fact that I had a computer I could call my own, and didn't have to go to the library to use. About 3 months after I was playing around with DOS commands, my shithead older brother came down to the basement, said something like "you think you're better than us because you learned computers?" and then fucking flipped the plastic table with my precious 486 on top of it. My dad just stood at the top of the stairs laughing his ass off. The monitor and the hard drive were both wrecked, the whole thing was rendered useless. Later I found out that my younger sister had taken a fridge magnet to half my floppies, wrecking them too. For over a year after that my family would ask me if I wanted to "cry over the kompooter"

I didn't own another computer until almost 5 years later when I knocked up a girl from another High School and then went to live with her parents. They were annoying Christian folk but at least they weren't fucking warthogs. I managed to pick up an old T22 from a pawn shop in town. Shit was pretty cash with WiFi and Windows 2000. That was the first computer I used for over a year.

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Compaq deskpro 486
Got it when I was 13 from my school's dumpster. Someone deleted command.com on it, and I guess they threw it out because it was 'broken'

Oh, copying things from floppies from the library when flash drives didn't exist yet. : /

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I live in a third world country, so a 2001 hp pavilion 8750

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> europe
> third world

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is sweden a third world country

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Straight outta Dickens.

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Some sort of compaq deskpro with like 32 MB memory and a pentium II

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its the first picture I found silly anons, I don't know where the thing wound up (maybe my brothers house)

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this makes me feel sad

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Feels bad man.

I honestly can't even remember the first computer we used. Think it was some Hewlett-Packard. The first one I truly used was a Dell Pentium 4 with xp.

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IBM PS/1 286 @ 10 MHz
2400 bps modem

shit was cash

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The first computer my family got was a shitty eMachines desktop computer from 2003. The first computer that was only mine was a shitty HP laptop from 2010.

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Pravets? Russian Apple clone? Tell me more, especially if you've also had exprience with a stock Apple //.

Pic is not mine, but pretty much my original setup.
80 column card
Okidata μ92 printer

Through later purchases and acquirements from family members, upgraded to
Enhanced chipset
4 floppies ... which while cool wasn't of much use, I also learned about power draws.
Super Serial Card
Ramworks III, I don't remember how much I had on it.
Imagewriter II and Silentype printers
Also had a Sirius Joyport, which didn't really like the //e too much.

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your story
I like it
I like that mac

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commodore vic 20

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I had a PS/1 consultant. Bought it brand new. Mine had 2MB ram and a 386.

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this bitch

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TRS-80 Color Computer with 16K of memory and Extended Color Basic. Yes, I had a cassette player instead of a disk drive.

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TI TMS9900 @ 3.0 MHz
256 bytes "scratchpad" RAM + 16 KB VDP (graphics RAM)

Who knew it was endorsed by a rapist, except maybe his victims.

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Wasn't the PSU inside the monitor?

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Not my first but my oldest
My first was a Packard Bell 386sx 16MHz w/ 2MB RAM 80GB HD, Built in 2400 baud modem, MS-DOS 5.0 + Lotus Works + Prodigy

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A laser apple II clone. 4 MHz. Dual 5 1/4 inch drives. Dot matrix printer. Monochrome green screen.

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I don't remember the name and can't find a pic of it for the life of me, but it was an oldskool portable computer. it was black, and when viewed from the side had a trapezoid shape, took two of the large floppy disks, had a black and white lcd screen that was maybe two inches tall, and a keyboard attatched.

anyone got a clue what I'm talking about?

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I don't have the computer anymore or any pictures but here was the exact setup I had back in 1999, same monitor, speakers, and keyboard.

I had put a 3DFX Voodoo 2 into it and played Need for Speed III in 3DFX glide mode, it was beautiful.

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We must be the same person or some shit. I had that exact setup, except with no speakers because we were poor at the time.

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It depends on what you consider to be a computer, or what you consider to me "mine".

First computer my family had in the house at all was an Atari VCS aka Atari 2600.

First desktop computer my family had was an IBM PS/2 386 around 1998.

First computer I owned personally was a Game Boy.

First desktop computer I owned was a custom built Pentium I based machine.

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qt, is it Apple II compatible or does the floppy drive just look suspiciously similar?


g-d help you


breddy good


pretty cozy shitbox

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A custom beige box. I think the company was called CDI.

>33 MHz with 66 MHz turbo button
>I think 8 MB or 16 MB RAM; was upgraded later
>70 MB HDD, later upgraded to 300 MB
>Lexmark printer
>some free CDs, like a San Diego Zoo CD, a world atlas, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Chessmaster (I copied the folder and still have this on my computer), and IE Interactive Entertainment CD with a few game reviews and a couple shareware games on it

A few years later, we upgraded to a 166 Pentium processor and 4 GB HDD. I'll never forget when the obese guy who built it for us told me that our computer was now a powerhouse.

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Best phone ever created.

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Dual floppy drives in that biatch. Ran DOS - Was too young/had no-one to teach me anything too much about using it. Family PC - Used essentially as an electric typewriter and ancient games machine. Replaced with a 300MHz AMD Win98 box

My own first computer was an Acer laptop in 2004 w/ DVD burner :O

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This thing.

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A calculator for mid school.

My family had a DOS box since I can remember, my mom thought me BASIC while in mid school (she used to work for Texas Instruments, Cobol programmer)

My first x86 was a VAIO laptop I bought working on a computer repair workshop in high school.

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P1 60MHz
1MB cirrus logic vga
Gravis Ultrasound ISA sound card
127MB hard disk
800x600 monochrome monitor

I miss white/beige computers.

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This piece of shit right here.

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>tfw nobody can beat this

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WebTV was my first...

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My junior high had Apple 2e's. Saw my first asii porn on those. My first time using and buying disks and notching the other side to make single sided double sided. Computers complete the twelve year old experience for a geek.

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>something as expensive as a first generation Pentium with that monitor and hard drive

I always love these threads just to see the weird shit people were running back then.

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naww thats so cute :3

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That's a total shitbox, but I always liked early all-in-ones before they all became half-assed iMac clones

now I want to dig my Presario 433 out of storage again, thanks for breaking my back asshole.


there's some cuck in his 50s shitposting here who started on minicomputers

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Me too. I was desperate to get on this new WWW thing and see the seemingly limitless amounts of porn.
Their Webtv only "newsgroups" were actually pretty good and I missed them when I got a PC which was a used 333 MHz eMachine desktop. That was the first one that was actually mine, previous ones were monochrome family computers we just played Wheel of Fortune, Golf and other DOS games on.

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Wasn't a computer technically, but I still have it. ADM-3a dumb terminal.

When I was very young (probably three or four) my father put a serial loopback on it first to see if I could type on it. Once I was able to copy well enough, I was given a phone and acoustic coupled modem and an account on a machine he ran at work. He showed me a few commands to make the screen display a whole lot of junk I couldn't understand, but taught me slowly what it all meant.

Later around second grade, he bought me an Apple II and taught me BASIC. My first real program was saved on an audio cassette tape which I could load every night and plug in my math homework for it to spit out the answers printed in the format the teacher wanted us to turn the assignment in.

Back on the dumb terminal, my father gave me more access to the mainframe at work and showed me COBOL, which I thought was really similar to BASIC at the time, so it seemed easy to learn. Once middle and highschool rolled around, I learned several other languages, built my own computers from scratch using Z80s and 6502 chips, and stuffed in wall lockers by other students for being such a nerd.

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a shitty HP p3 that had Windows ME on it. Two weeks after my family bought it Windows 2000 came out.

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vic-20, was too poor for a 64; later got a datasette though so that was cool

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Jesus this also my first personal computer, I still have it under my bed

Ha glorious Windows Me rebranded 98

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c64.Only I was living in an equivalent of a technological third world back then and got it in 1995

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Technically it was the family computer, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever at the time.

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Same here

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First computer was a C-64. First PC was a whitebox 486SX/20 that I eventually maxed out disk space and RAM and an 83MHz Pentium OverDrive.

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Mah nigga. I has the 128K kit and the slim DualDrive or whatever it was called that sat between the monitor and case. Color monitor too, and an ImageWriter 2. Man I spent thousands of hours on Ultimas and Bard's Tales and shit on that thing. Got a 2GS a few years later, but by then I was looking to jump ship to the PC world.

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I can't remember much, but it was an old laptop by Compaq with Windows 98. It had no internet connection, and there were no ganes on it either. I loved it, through, and spent my time tinkering with it and writing my diary. I was six at the time.

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This nigga right here. Got it back in 2002 when I was 13. I miss the glorious XP era

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That was when the iPhone was in its prime. Now it's just the same recycled shit.

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A pentium 4

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Hay Guise!

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This thing. This NEC from around 1998, with one of the last spins of Pentium 2 clocked at a whopping 450 Mhz. Had a floppy and a CD-ROM reader. This was back in 2004. Upgraded the built-in ATI Rage card to a Riva TNT2 and replaced the reader for a CD-RW writer a few months after I got it. After that, it's a blur, but many hours of Half-Life and Diablo (the first game, not 2) were wasted. Had it for around 2 years, during which I had the habit of reinstalling Windows XP on it every 2 months.
Audio was a Yamaha XG. Best damn OPLv3 MIDI synth I've heard, and unlike SB16 it was all available without drivers as the default MIDI synth. I played Doom the way it's meant to be heard - through an OPL chip.
After that it did some touring with a few relatives and a few years ago I got it again. I put it down after being taken over by roaches. I threw it into the thrash myself. It did well. Kept its hard drive, the SDRAM (all 128 megabytes of it) and the CPU fan (which wasn't really needed as the Pentium 2 ran very cool).

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Seriously. A long long time ago but it was the first "personal computer" I ever built, certainly not the last (I have over 5,500+ builds in the past 4 decades).

We've come quite a way in a short period of time.

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Something like this with Windows 95 we got at a local shop when I was 7. We quickly got highspeed 50x faster than dial up internet available in the area because my dad hated the noise of dial up dialing lol. Wasnt even considering the speed difference.

Warcraft orcs and humans, duke nukem, simcity 2000 etc

Blew away my gameboy I had before. Would get an n64 later in a year or two but the PC was far more interesting to do more as it continues today. I would even say with videogames coming out on every platform lately its even less reason to pick up a console compared to at least you got a lot more exclusives to one platform back in n64/ps1 days.

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One of these, but with two floppies, and a color monitor. PC-XT clone running DOS, but I wasn't big into computers until we got our first Windows computer in 1996, when this was extremely deprecated and mostly used for Tetris.

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Yeah, the PS/1 and PS/2 PSUs are inside of the monitor casing to give more room in the computer case for upgrades.

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My nigga.
I had one of these.

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compaq deskpro EN series with PII 400MHz
got it for free in 2006

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1984 was a good year

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Win XP first computer waiting till 13, pentium 2 in 2006.

This must explain why /g/ has so many poor mad people who have no idea what they are talking about in this vs this threads.

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