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This is the end of Sourceforge. RIP

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I got this error trying to download Filezilla.

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the open source dream is over.

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>not embracing the botnet

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Who still uses sourceforge in 2015?
Serious question?

It was outmoded by github and the developer's own project websites.

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nothing of value was lost.

botnet meme aside, it's pretty good. I just use it as a flash player these days.

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FileZilla does. They don't even have an official mirror.

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That's perfectly understandable though. Filezilla has gone completely fucked with shit it is including.

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That's what you get for using free software.

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I only ever went there to find a link to a projects irc channel or some other info anyways.

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based jewgle

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good riddance honestly

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It's still there though.

sourceforge.net right?

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Quit being such a pussy and download it. It's just a warning that the installer might change your homepage or might offer some software you don't like.

The warning is from google who allow big fake 'download' buttons that lead to ads.

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When I tried to download it, Chrome said the file was malicious and blocked it. I just used Ninite instead.

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Isn't 7-zip still hosted on SourceForge?

Also certain game console emulators still put their shit on SF.

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7-zip's main website and downloads seem to be self-hosted.

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I tried to download filezilla
it's fucked

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works on my machine :^)

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that's because macs don't get viruses, dummy

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Fuckers deserved it with all the page takeover/malware bundling bullshit.

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I must admit Sourceforge has gone right down the shitter.

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Nah just Sourceforge.

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>using a web filter
>downloading programs with adware in them

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>having a google filter

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did you use your Ask.com toolbar to figure out how to turn your filter off?

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Nope, I disabled my filter since I don't need it on a linux machine

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Is there any overhead for having a filter running?

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Why not?

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Why not, not?

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>Automatically report details of possible security incidents to Google
Welcome to the botnet

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Ballmer pls go

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Filezilla is probably the best and most well known ftp client out there.
What better proprietary ftp client is there?

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I don't know about proprietary clients but if you want a free Windows FTP client you should give WinSCP a try.

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thanks for the tip, i just downloaded it from sf

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Good. They've done some remarkably stupid things during their time. They deserve to die.

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>mfw this is actually true


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>most packages for programs are downloaded by package managers from sourceforge

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I've never downloaded anything for linux from sourceforge because why not just use your package manager. I have downloaded .exe's to get windows versions of FOSS software from sourceforge, though. I cosidered it probably more trustworthy than some I'm feeling lucky google result.
Windows loses again.

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Wake me up when it says the same thing about java.com

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Dude, just set the alarm on your ask toolbar

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What kind of package manager would that be?

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not him, but gentoo's portage can have sourceforge links

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nvm, I just checked. Looks like it doesn't
Apparently Filezilla and Gimp have their own hosts

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Why would anyone use Sourceforge over GitHub?

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nvm that last nvm

The ebuild states that filezilla uses sourceforge.
no ask toolbar tho

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Why not just use Chromium? I honestly don't see the point in using Chrome, especially if you know about its malicious features.
It's like you're asked "Would you like us to add a botnet feature to your browser?" and you choose yes.
By changing to Chromium you're not making sacrifice of any kind but rather a favor for yourself
Why do you still use Chrome?

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