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The year is 1985. What computer do you buy?

<-- pic related for me

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Tandy 1000

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There were computers back then? Wow I thought the first computer was the windows 95.

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I had a Fat Mac with an external floppy drive.

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Obviously not you fucking imbecile. There were at least 94 other revisions before it

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a Famicom, of course.

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>SE/30 wasn't until 1989

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i'd buy a delorean and trabel to june 5th 1985 and post on a /g/ thread about how op was a faggot
my post number would be

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Commodore 128 running in C64 mode.

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wait 2 years: Canon Cat

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i just stay with what i have already

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Apple IIGS isn't due out for another year, so I'll say Timex Sinclair 2068.
dunno, looked fucking cool.

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That keyboard looks fucking nightmarish

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>actually being this polish

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if cost is no object, a loaded IBM PC AT or Macintosh 512K with a ton of peripherals.

If it is, I'll just stick with my XT.

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An Amiga 1000, of course.

Amiga is the future. Preemtive multitasking in a color graphical environment, not like that shitty cooperative monochrome Macintosh or even shittier IBM compatibles.

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>if cost is no object, a loaded IBM PC AT or Macintosh 512K with a ton of peripherals.
I'd go for the Symbolics 3675 Workstation

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hey kid i'm a computer

stop all the downloadin

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there's an Amiga 500 in its box in my living room right now

Don't have an original monitor though, or the external disk drive

PSU made magic smoke but I replaced the capacitor that exploded, just waiting for the next now

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I'd lay down a preorder for the Toshiba Chromebook 2, OP.

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Same, Amiga 500. Because I owned one back in the day and wouldn't want to change a thing.

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actually being this british

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got a literal nostalgia pang

> dat mouse
> dat keyboard
> dose drives

ah workbench

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Harder to obtain useful software for a home user though

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>The year is 1985.
Shows machine released late 87

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If it;s 1985, why the hell would I be wasting my time with an expensive hobby computer?
The most one could do was connect to a BBS and talk to other nerds on a server that could only hold 10 people at once.

I can't even go on the internet yet.

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None, I buy Apple Stock.

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> in 1985

Bloody Johnny come latelys, I don't know.

Speccy was my third computer, in 1985 I bought pic related under the speccy, and ran up a £300 bill in one month online: about £550 in todays money, $840 for yanks

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This $ 70,000 workstation.

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>world's fastest computer
>nothing faster until 1990
>quad vector processors
>muh 1.9 GigaFLOPS
>muh 200 kW power supply
>muh nuclear fusion research

Suck it faggots.

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Macintosh 512K

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why is the amiga the most cozy looking computer ever?

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knowing is half the battle.

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I'd see if I could find a TIS-100. It's got a pretty unique architecture for the day

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A VMEBus Sun/2.

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I would wait a month and buy two nintendo entertainment systems. one for fun and other to sell in the year 2015 mint in the box and make a fortune.

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That's a pretty sweet battlestation.

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>The most one could do was connect to a BBS and talk to other nerds on a server that could only hold 10 people at once.

What do you think you're doing right now :^)

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'Cause it's your friend.

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Eric Schwartz pls go.

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Best you could get is a couple of grand. Not exactly a fortune.

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There are better ways to make money with a time machine. Example:


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that shit cray

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None because whats the point, Ireland in 1985 was no fun central.

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isn't it weird how the mac beat the amiga out on music, photo, & video editing?

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save up for 3 years instead

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This bad boy

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Rich bastards. My school was still using these. Not that I'm complaining. Was awesome.

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That's because creative types fall for fluffy advertising and Commodore sucked at it.

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Symbolics 3640


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The year is 1995. What computer do you buy?

Pic related for me. Dell XPS P100

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College age NES gaming is the most slept-upon era of gaming, and also the best.

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One of my friends had this whole setup in 1995 in his room. He bought it from a yard sale for $25.

He thought it was outdated, but now that I think about it really wasn't. It was still a pretty decent PC for those times when most people simply didn't have one at all.

We just thought of it as a more complicated Atari 2600 tho. He was jealous of me because I had an SNES.

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>Dell QuietKey
I have that exact same keyboard next to me.

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>BUYING a computer
Fucking pleb.

I had a Morrow Designs IEEE696-bus system running CP/M 2.2, VT220 terminal, 30Mb of disk storage, and was writing software to run on it in C and assembly language. The rest of the shit I see in this thread are fucking toys.

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its a good keyboard bro

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>The most one could do was connect to a BBS and talk to other nerds on a server that could only hold 10 people at once.

That sounds pretty cool m8.

>sitting in the quiet of your un-airconditioned room
>slowly reading and savoring elaborate fetish erotica uploaded by your favorite authors that has been passed from BBS to BBS.
>rubbing out a good one at 3 am to this forbidden pleasure
>knowing for SURE you are going to throw this damn evil machine out tomorrow and get your life back on track
>tfw you don't throw it out

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In 1985 you either wrote your own software, or you were a total fucking pleb buying what shitty software you could get for it. At best you were running some sort of business software on it, but it wasn't much.

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The Giant Pro

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Just dug out the dell quiet key. I was making too many typos on the usb membrane.

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At that time the you could write software about as good as you could buy. Or you bought a magazine and typed the programs in and then modified them. How I learned to program.

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>amiga 500
fuck off newfag, the amiga 500 was released in October 1987 so you would have had an Amiga 1000 which is not pic related.

In 1985 I was using the C128 my dad nicely bought for me.

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I'm so glad computers are what they are now. Fuck those garbage piles.

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First sensible post in this thread.

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Computers are immensely faster smaller, and more reliable now, but a lot of the system designs from back then had a lot of character you don't really get anymore. Now everything is a boring box with generic guts, peripherals, and hardware, an Apple product, or a clone thereof with the same generic guts.

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>tfw owning both, A500 and C128

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