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Bretty cool story.
>I said to my brother in Hebrew, "I think that’s him," and we began to follow.

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>new york
>skinny jeans

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Cool stories here: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/iphone-thieves-caught-using-find-my-iphone/

How do Androidbros deal with their phones being stolen, besides getting the imei blocked (protip: your phone will just go to China/Mexico/Poland then)

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you literally just google "where is my phone"

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>2 people had to tell him to stick it in his back pocket before he actually tried that


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nice blog jew

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But that's gone as soon as someone removes the Google app or formats the phone, no?

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can't really remove the google app
formatting the phone? maybe, but wouldn't that work with the iphone too?

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nope, icloud association survives a reformat or anything else you can try to do to it

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You can lock it. 99% of phone thieves probably won't bother doing anything with it at that point.

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since 5.1 the lock survives a format

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Upon first glance I thought this was a joke, but then I remembered the time we're living in. Not even being a tinfoil here, it's just crazy

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Welcome to the botnet, make sure to grab some punch and enjoy the free entertainment.

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this.. it couldn't be easier.

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What a time to be alive

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You flash cerberus to your /system so it survives wipes

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>Why didn’t he turn the phone off? My theory is that he simply didn’t know how to. Maybe he wasn’t familiar with the new power button placement on the 6 and 6 Plus.

Jesus Christ you would think that a phone thief would at least know how to turn a phone off

>The thief claimed he was at the bar when he came across the phone. I don’t remember his exact words, but he says he was going to wait by his car for a minute, hoping someone would come and find it.

And maybe he genuinely was going to return it, so kept it on

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>Call the police
Police literally won't care that your phone got stolen

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Reading stories about thieves you quickly realize that people who steal things are almost universally retarded. This goes for people who commit crimes generally (try watching First 48)

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>In hebrew

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It's like I'm really on Reddit

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In stores and on steam now!

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Won't work if your data and gps is off. In android that is.

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>And maybe he genuinely was going to return it, so kept it on
That's what I did with an iPhone I found once. The only reason I'd been able to locate the user was because of a notification on his lock screen. Would've been a lost cause otherwise, apart from taking it to the network store.

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I got root, installed an app that forces data and gps and survives a factory wipe or even reinstalling a rom.
If I mark it stolen my friend will get a mail and text with gps location and other info.
Can remotely locate, lock and wipe.

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but what if ur friend steals it?

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I know where he sleeps, and can check the location online too.

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Who fucking cares? Not enough clickbait articles for the day to meet your quota, verge shill?

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in lost mode it activates gps even if its disabled and data is not needed to locate a phone with gps.

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How does it broadcast it's location to the server?

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opinion discarded

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>thinly veiled nigger thread
nice job OP, you got /g/ to talk about how to steal iPhones without getting them to call you a nigger.
You nigger.

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>I said to my brother in Hebrew

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>guy loses his fucking phone at a bar
>he's been drinking the whole time he's been there
>so-called "thief" never turns off the phone - that's the first thing ANYONE would do if they stole it directly
>so-called "thief" found it and didn't do anything wrong
>dumbass punk bitch can't even approach people properly
>dumbass drunk punk bitch actually
>writes an article about it
>called out for being a dumbass
>keeps phone in back pocket
>you fucking idiot

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> Unlike my 5S, my 6 Plus has the Find My iPhone app set up properly. Here’s my story.

Dumb bitch clearly doesn't know about Android Device Manager.

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She said אני חושב שזה אותו

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this nicca gets it.

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>Put phone down on a bench
>To skate

I don't.. even. If you're going to have to take it out of your pocket to do anything, hand it to a friend who isn't skating or don't at all.
Everytime I stand up I always tap each of my pockets to make sure everything is there, I call it the triple tap.

Even Awkward Zombie made a comic about how when something goes missing you feel it's lost simply because it's existence isn't touching you and a lot of people agree. Forgot what they call this though.

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Then they just flash a new rom

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Holy fuck the guy in the picture is my lecturer.

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