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>get stuck with satellite internet, because new neighborhood

>20 GB/month cap (going to drop to 10 before long); only reprieve is the "unmonitored" hours of 12 am to 5 am, which is pretty much when you have to handle all of your downloading
>the slightest bit of bad weather can stop or slow down the connection
>no online gaming due to latency

>connection shits itself around midnight; lasts for several hours
>can't finish downloading game until midnight rolls around again

Goddamn satellite internet. This is the worst connection.

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I know what you feel OP. Except that it was 2GB cap for me when I had satellite for 6 months in 2009.

>tfw not even 1kb/sec after two weeks

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Dam son dial up would at least be 6kb/s

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Where the fuck do you live, OP?

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Did they not think to lay down internet cables at the same time as putting in the pipes?

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American detected

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>living in the boonies with shitillite internet

>not living in the first world where regional telecommunications mono/oligopolies exist

You brought this upon yourself.

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>being ungrateful for getting internet literally from space

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data caps sucks, i get used to my shitty 3mb connection, but i would kill myself with a data cap in top of that

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It's not about that its the data cap

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How much would a satellite internet thing cost to set up? I just inherited a house in the French countryside with no option other than dial up. Can't even get a phone signal there either.

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>no option other than dial up
>Can't even get a phone signal there either
But dial up uses the phone system.

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That's because satellite isn't really meant for home use, it's meant when you need to shitpost from Tasmanian jungle or some shithole like that.

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I think he means he cant get 3g/4g

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Satellite internet isn't that uncommon anon

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>the slightest bit of bad weather can stop or slow down the connection
Your dish must be badly aligned, usualy the ka band (the one used in satellite internet) has good penetration upon bad weather
Not much, it's just the subscription and the dish (probably included in the subscription)

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I'd love to live "off the grid" with a satellite connection.

Fuck online latency who cares?

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>Fuck online latency who cares?
Anyone who isn't a shit eating idiot.

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Where do you live OP? Are there not any WISPs in the area?

I work at a WISP and I know of point to point links going 50+ miles delivering broadband speed

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The IT people have been having a hell of a time setting it up.

I do live in Georgia, though. Heavy thunder storms are pretty much a daily thing during the hotter half of the year.


The WISP was the worse option of the two. Slower, and I think that they actually shut off your internet at the cap. The salesdude actually recommended against using for home internet.

I live near Atlanta. I'm certainly not in the middle of the wilderness.

What's really stupid is that people who are like ten houses away have proper broadband.

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* Or charged more, whereas this connection just slows you down to intolerably slow speeds for the rest of the month.

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skyDSL provides satellite internet for your region if I remember well, costs like 50€/mo the subscription + 15€ if you choose rent-to-own payment method for the dish thing (basically is leased), speed is 16/6 Mbit and bandwidth should be unmetered. Just keep the dish perfectly aligned and it should be fine, they got video tutorials too on YT, the satellite doesn't move from the same position anyway.

I'm interested in satellite too because best options in my area are either 7/0,4 Mbit or 20/1 Mbit (Roman outskirts have shit infrastructures) but this one isn't reliable and the other is overpriced.

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Are you sure that the dish is properly locked? most of the time the problem is the wind moving the dish and not the bad weather

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Thunderstorms don't affect our equipment, What are your WISP options? I'm not just talking about 3G/4G shit.
You can also set up a wireless network with someone in your neighbourhood to share his connection and split the bill if you find someone cool, the hardware costs less than $200, draws ~5 watts on each end and as long as you have line of sight can go a few miles

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>20 GB/month cap
jesus fuck this should be illegal. I can't even image having any cap, let alone a cap like this
>new month starts
>use the cap
>have to wait (whole month - 1 day) + 23h and 50 minutes to start using it again

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lmao, thanks for reminding me to never move to the middle of nowhere bumblefuck

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>data cap

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>tfw living with my parents in a city right now
>152Mb/s down
>moving out to some small town because of first job in few weeks time
>'best' they can do there is 78Mb/s
fucking kill me now.

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it's not bad anon, I'm stuck with ADSL2 and ten houses away they're got fttb...
I must wait for it like 6-9 months

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>be 23
>live on university campus
>1000/1000 connection

>decide it's time to move on and become adult
>have to pay €50/month for 200/20

never stop being a student

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>go to grad school
>on campus housing only offers 100/100
>i think they're just using a network switch that doesn't do gigabit

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Why not DSL? ADSL can get up to 100mbit/s, and I can guarantee you have a phone line.

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You fags should live in a country like mine where a 20KBps connection is considered as broadband and 1Mbps connection costs an equivalent of $100 which only corporations can afford.

You privileged fucks.

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>been living in rural ontario for work
>only option has been 4g internet
>$100 for 15gb a month, 5c per mb thereafter
>finally moving back to civilization
>250/10 connection

Next week can't come fast enough.

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>Live in the middle of fucking nowhere.
>20km from the nearest town
>4km from the nearest village.
>Despite this, manage to get 9/.6 Mbps ADSL, which is way more than I expected for being so far away.
>Guaranteed reliability since I'm like one of 3 people that use the line.
>Phone company calls me a few days ago saying they've been working on the line the last few weeks and will upgrade me to 15/1.5 for free
>Meanwhile in said town 20km away my friend gets 8/.5 which is nowhere near as fast as advertised and always goes down because of over contention.

Phone companies ayyyy.

What's funny is up until 2009 I got a whopping 14.4kbps from dial up. I was lucky if I got 1kb/s down.

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I moved out of the country where back in the time, I had 256Kb down speed. My first connection here was 2Mbps, then 20Mb > 100Mb > 120Mb > 152 Mb
fix your privileges yourself, shitlord.

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Nope. I live in EU.

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pls give greencard visa because earthquake -.-
seriously though, I need to get the fuck out from this country.

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>mfw the slowest internet available in my area is 50Mbps fibre, unlimited

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You just can't go around tearing up our beautiful yuropoor cities burger.

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>complaining about 78Mb/s
wow, the fastest connection i've ever used was 30Mb/s, fastest i've had myself is 8

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> be stuck with 640/120k shitty adsl, ~200ms ping
> pay 50€/month
> hiperlan company comes in my town
> 25/5m, unlimited, 4ms ping on german servers, for 24€/month

Life is suddently good

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>mfw the fastest internet available in my area is 10/0.7 mbps

can't wait for that vdsl

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Called Cumcast
>"your latency sucks, fuging fix it nigger"
>k. here we upgraded you to 50mb/s
>"I got a new modem cuz it keeps dropping the connection"
>k, giv me your MAC address, oh and you got a 100mb/s upgrade, for free

Latency stays I in the low 20's.
This is fucking great.

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You eurofags should borrow our machines that run pipe under and around shit. Thats how we run stuff under exisiting structures. All that inbreeding after the wars really screwed you guys didnt it?

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>Be europoor

ISR reporting in, you guys are pathetic.

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the zebra isp in lithuania is the best isps i've ever had
at first, it was something like 8/8 Mbps (7-10~ years ago) and I could pay 1~ euro to get the speed up to 50~ Mbps.
then technician came of of fucking nowhere and installed 100/100 Mbps fiber, I didn't even pay for modem (got own router though)
there was no moment when internet went down, except when i forgot to pay for it because it was free for 3 months at very start

although I'm very happy even when I reach 1 MB/s on torrents, 12 MB/s is just blessing

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i meant 50~ Mbps for a day

was paying and pay now 14 euro

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That's the fastest I could get for money to my battle station.
Also it's asymmetric as fuck... 50/2

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and costs 50€

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which country?

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8€ a month 200/200 in my part of town.

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Uncle asked my what internet speed i have
10mb (no data caps because yurop)
>anon get sat-internet it will be faster

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Saarbrücken, Germoney.

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Aussie detected

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>use campus wifi
>drops like a motherfucker, DSL/10 speeds
>plug into wall
>laptop with gigabit card
>300/100 on "enhanced cat 5" cable (not cat5e I think)
Turns out my uni dumped all their shit into fiber like 5 years ago.

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where the fuck do you live?

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Europe masterrace, my ISP recently switched to fibre and set my downloadspeed to 75Mbps for free.

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same as here then
parts in sweden removing the ADSL since its to old.
it far to expensive to upgrade it. so they removing everything!

thus forcing of to mobile net with an 12 Gb cap/month

will be this for the nearest two years before we get fiber.

i share your pain OP

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Costs me about 30 USD a month

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I used to work for Marathon Oil in Libya and my job was in the middle of the desert, they provided us with 50Mbit sat internet.
apparently they paid like $9000 amonth for that speed.

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americouches look way less faggy

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not using ublock

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