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So if at present day I would go for a gtx 970, what is coming in a few months?

Shall I still go and purchase a 970? Or will the 980 also drop in price in europe? Is Nvidia releasing something new? GTX 1080?

What about DDR4 RAM? When will that be dropping in price along with the mobos and cpu's to with it?

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i just bought a 980 Classified.


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>buying a new GPU at this time of year, when you KNOW new ones are coming out in the next couple months and holiday sales will save you 100+ bucks on whatever you want.

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Step up to GTX 980 Ti if EVGA allows it

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I saw a lot of people who bought the TItan X. What a waste of money

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Titan has always been a black hole of spending. Anyone that buys one knows they are just burning money.

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Depending on where in Europe you live I guess.
At least here in Finland all the tech is so expensive it's making my anus bleed.

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b-b-but my prosumer card!

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Wait to see what AMD announces this month before buying anything
Nvidia isn't coming out with anything new until 2016 probably
DDR4 will continue falling in price especially when Skylake launches

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It's not that bad, add 10-20% to any American price you see, their purchases don't have Tax added and they put their wages before tax, so that it seems that they spend less, and earn more, when they don't

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Semi-related question. Whats a card that runs fairly cool and is small (mini itx) but still mid-tier performance wise? Was looking at 750TI SC but didn't know if it was too puny. The only demanding games I play would be Project Cars and GTA5, but I'd be alright with medium high settings as long as the framerate was smooth.

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I don't get that chart. Is that across 3 1440 monitors or something? No way those cards would give so little fps for a normal setup.

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Sapphire just launched an itx R9 285

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HairFX is a real bitch.

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Guess you're right. Just aching to upgrade but choices are pretty limited at the moment.

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>don't know UHD mean ~4k

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With the rumoured pricing of 650 dorra for the 980ti Nvidia must really be worried about what Fiji might do. 650 dorra is "oh shit, we need to get the fanboys in now before AMD make a laughing stock of the titan x and 980ti".

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I guess. Why include something in a game if you can't get the game to actually function with it on? Seems like a waste of resources.

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That thing looks like hell.

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Look through German and UK and French Amazon, you don't have to pay any import tax from it, so it's at face value.

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Psst, look up crysis 2 tessellation.

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I'm a bit of an Nvidia whore.

Damn, didn't know they made that. I think I'm leaning more torwards this price wise.


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Welcome to nvidia.

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Uh huh. I'm sure Nvidia is just terrified. The Fiji could be the greatest thing ever created and come with free blowjobs for life from the person of your choice and Nvidia would still do just fine. You know this, and yet you post shit like that.

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Nvidia made The Witcher 3?

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No but they did bribe CDProject Red to include there buggy and shitty game works in it.

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AMD is the new meme

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now that the 980ti is essentially out, should I get another 980 to go along with my 980 G1 Gaming edition for SLI? Or sell it and get the 980ti?

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SLI imo

DX12 will allow you to pool the memory

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You'd be right at home in /pol/ with that deeply rooted paranoia.

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Nice bottleneck LMAO



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>GTX 980 is now cheaper at 499 USD

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Here's the thing about that though. /pol/ is always right.
Also isn't /x/ the paranoia board?

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but it's a developer implemented feature. you have to trust the developer to not be shit and cater to the sli-fags. considering that they have proven themselves shit and can't even do a regular port correctly. I don't trust them to do something that the 1% of PC gamers will utilize.

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release when?

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That, and somehow 980 is beat by 780TI, AYY LMAO, chinks done fucked up

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>buying AMD
>Any year

Hahahah oh fuck it's like you enjoy burning money

You may as well have bought a $500 paperweight

AMD are fucking S H I T

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kill yourself.

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It's not a fucking paranoia retard, the game literally includes Nvidia's .DLL's, and behold, AMD and Kepler suddenly tanks performance, what a coincidence, hmm

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They should. EVGA is pretty dope.

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It will still be more powerful than a 980ti, but if you just want a single powerful card then get it

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Man, AMDickheads really love playing the victim.

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Nvidia kids really like playing the fool.

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Lol, and when AMD does the same with TressFX everyone cries that AMD is not fair? Lmao

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No, I like playing games.

You need to be 18 or older to post on this site.

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This. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. That's why even the tripfag gets it.

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>display your report

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AMD is shit no matter how much abuse you shout at me

It's for poorfags only

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Thanks for the info, perhaps you might follow it someday!

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>hardcore damage control

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>avatar fagging

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Exactly. Just look at stock values.

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I'm personally waiting till fall for all the dust to kind of settle, the GPU market right now is driving me crazy and it always seems like "Oh this comes out next month" but in actuality its like 3 months.

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If Nvidia actually made hardware that was better and worth the premium, then sure, let them take the cake, but as far as i am concerned the 290x is the best Price + Pref card and no 3.5 bullshit and also all that compute.

As far as i am concerned Gameworks hurts both parties, it kills Kepler AND GCN, my Kepler brothers are probably crying over their purchase decisions. I am not here to be a free marketing sheep for either company, and as far as i am concerned Nvidia and AMD are just like chosing between BMW and Audi.

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>the 290x is the best Price + Pref card and no 3.5 bullshit and also all that compute.

Yes and also it causes housefires.

Add a 2nd for housefireX, it's even more amazing.

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I don't wait anymore due to prices fuck up. During the first month or so the 980 was at 550$ then jumped to 600$. Now it's at 620$, funny shit.

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Do nivida clowns even know this started because Nvidia GPU's were literally melting at one point?

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>50W more than 970

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>forbes taken down for being an unsourced shill post

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Got a Seasonic Fanless SS-520FL2, 3570K at 4.5Ghz and a 780 at 1150/7000. Is my PSU good enough to run an overclocked 980Ti?

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Yeah, they probably got contacted by Nvidia and they said: It's not 650, how do you expect retards to think that they are paying for 'Premium'

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970 vs 290x

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See now you have a nice comparison.

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even if you believe this, you'd be a fool not to see that nvidia is purposely crippling performance on both amd and kepler cards.

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>tfw have a 780ti

Can't wait to upgrade in a year or two. The 980 was great, the 980 ti is even better, we're only going up from here.

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I blame obama

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Is there any reason to upgrade from a GTX 760 or R9 270x/Radeon 7870 if you only play games at 1080p?

>> No.48259698

Eventually. But now, not really.

>> No.48259709


The 290x used there has to have 2x8pins, which means it's the MSI or the Sapphire, both of which have a lot of OC room, so i'd expect the card used to be OC'd, because the default 290x conf has a 1x6 and 1x8, which is 225 watts. So yeah, pretty fair comparison i say, when you consider that the OC'd Vapor-x beats a 970 pretty much always.

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I am playing on R7 260x at 1080p no problem on high settings. There is no need for it now.

>> No.48259801

i just saw the Step Up program

when does the 980ti classified come out?

>> No.48259830

Just wait for Bulldozer™

>> No.48259848

Like June 1st/2nd



Should be available immediately after NDA ends

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>not getting this

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I'm using a 780 ti since last summer, should I get a second one for sli or just get a 980 ti? I want dem frames for W3

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Whaaaaaaaaaaat is that

>> No.48259920

How soon does Amazon usually have newly released cards in stock? For example, did they immediately have the 980 available on launch day?

>> No.48259921

Better upgrade for you would be Pascal

>> No.48259932


>card got screwed over by drivers+gameworks

>gotta get the next NVIDIA card

What a good goy!

>> No.48259934

Asus Triple Fan version apparently.

>> No.48259949


Housefire requires 3 fans not to throttle like the Titan X

Nice one Nvidia ;;;;;;;;;;;^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)))))

>> No.48259953


Im thinking about the 980ti with sli down the road.

SLI is working pretty well right? My 570s worked well for years.

Its only going to get better with dx12/vulcan/mantle whatever is coming out that works with it more right?

Ill pick up one now and the second 8-12 months from now.

>> No.48259961

>card got screwed
Wood screwed

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It's a flubbed chart. That 970 is likely a reference design limited to Nvidia's claimed TDP

In real world tests a typical 290x draws ~230 in games and a typical 970 draws ~185

>> No.48259977


The only real benefactor from DX12 and Vulcan will be AMD tbh.

>> No.48259985


Yeah it looks cool as fuck to be honestand the cooler will propably be pretty good, to, but with ROG stamped on it they will propably charge extra just for that.

>> No.48259986

Both the 980 and 970 were impossible to find for about a month after launch

>> No.48259999


Good to know then!

May the AMD housefire meme continue then

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Do you like spreading misinformation?

>> No.48260043


Doesnt the new drivers focus on splitting tasks between cards? In order to not require each card to hold everything in its memory?

Which may be simple as textures on one card shadows on the other for now but improving with time?

How does that not help both cards?

>> No.48260050

>tfw have ROG Z77 motherboard

I got it with an unlocked i7 for ~$300

It's honestly not bad. >>48259017 is my shit if you give a fuck.

>> No.48260065

Were did this AMD house fire meme begin? I got an r9 290 for a temporary card until Pascal comes out and it runs cooler than my old 670.

>> No.48260078

Do MSI GPUs function better on MSI motherboards? Because I have a msi mobo, and plan on upgrading to a 980ti

>> No.48260082

Reference cards running at 95C

>> No.48260096

No there's no difference between functionality it's all standardized

>> No.48260097


Latest cards have been switching sides.

Before the recent titan all the nvidia cards have been running cooler while the amd stuff has been blazing.

I like it switching sides has made it fun again instead of stale.

>> No.48260102

burned an anon's house down when he thought parking the cores would give him a boost in performance

>> No.48260126

He's half right.

AMD hardware makes greater gains than Nvidia or Intel will. But it's not like they're not going to benefit significantly as well.

>> No.48260135


Yes, the shared memory pool is nice too, but it's meh at best tbh, the real deal comes from API overhead, which allows massive increase in Drawcalls, which is one of the reasons that AC:Unity ran like shit on DX11, and AMD wins in every overhead benchmark.

>> No.48260138

I just bought a 980 2 weeks ago. Did I dun goof /g/?

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And now Nvidia is a housefire again. So both sides will probably be housefires. We've gone back to 2006 where 90c loads were the norm.

>> No.48260164


Anyone know what the 980ti is at? I would like to not have to crack the windows in the dead of winter.

>> No.48260178


Yes, 290x or 970(if you must the AMD=====HOUSEFIRES!!! AMD====SHITTY DROVERS!!!! memes) is the sweetspot tbh.

>> No.48260186

It's a binned Titan X. It's going to be the same. 3rd party coolers will help a great deal however.

>> No.48260209

Idk, I could afford the 980 so I got it. It's doing me fine so far. This was my first gaming rig and I'm averaging around 50fps on max everything on The Witcher 3.

>> No.48260220


I want to watercool.

Yes I know its not cash efficient but I want to do it for the enjoyment on running it water cooled.

the question isnt how cool can I keep the card its how hot will it make the room I am dispersing heat into.

>> No.48260228


The performance increase you get for the money increase is just not worth it.

>> No.48260233

>3rd party coolers will help a great deal however.
As much as I like to crack jokes about the Titan X, seemingly most of that temperature is because of the shitty reference cooler.

Why Nvidia refuses to let the 3rd parties sell non-ref cards with their coolers I will never understand. It's just a whole other breed of retarded from that company.

>> No.48260260

Thinking of buying a 970, is it worth the hideous amount of cash or should I just not play anything and wait for something better.

>> No.48260272

>seemingly most of that temperature is because of the shitty reference cooler.

For sure. But one thing to note is that Nvidia's ref cooler is a step up from AMD's, and yet it still hits 100 degrees. GM200 is a bigger housefire than Hawaii. I wouldn't want to get anything but an AIO, custom loop, or 3 fan cooler for it.

>> No.48260281

Well like I said I was starting from nothing, first rig. Impulse decisions tend not to go over well, but I'm a part of the big boy leagues now.

>> No.48260287

>hideous amount of cash
The 970 is only worth it because it's cheap.

>> No.48260302

>Nvidia's ref cooler is a step up from AMD's

A small step though, build quality aside. Fanboys jerk their three inch dicks over it for its looks, but all blower-style coolers perform like shit, relatively speaking. Literally the only good thing they're good for is SLI/Xfire setups.

>> No.48260309


970 is crap and broken on any game trying to use more then 3.5gbs.

Its only a choice because its so cheap.

Get a 500 980 after the price drop.

>> No.48260314

I calculated that it requires ~30-40 Wh to heat up a M3 of air a single degree celsius, now apply that to the titan X and your room, and assuming that you have a synthetic room that doesn't release the heat anywhere, you will have your results.

Mine was 3*4*2(room size in meters)*35/300(TDP of your GPU or your whole system), which is about 10 hours to heat up 5C in my case, then compare to what you have.

>> No.48260328

every graphics card fails when it tries to exceed its memory limit.

>> No.48260341


I like how the 290x reference cooler looks :/

But the Vapor-x is way better

>> No.48260350

I thought Maxwell was supposed to be about efficiency and low temps. Guess they're really jumping the shark to try and at least clench their anuses a little bit for what Fiji XT might be.

>> No.48260351

are any of these cards better than the r9 290x OP?

>> No.48260356


They do not cause lag spikes because the card is pretending it can go up to 4g.

>> No.48260366


When a game asks for how much ram the GPU has the GPU responds that it has 4gb, the game adjusts itself to that.

>> No.48260385

You srs?

>> No.48260399


They are better in gaymur apps, sure, but the 290x still murders anything in compute, and the prices are low enough to make it STILL very worth it.

>> No.48260406


>witcher 3 is a clusterfuck of terrible programming
>970 still only gets 3 more fps over a 290X

just how fucking shitty is this 3.5gb card?

>> No.48260419

>what is cuda

>> No.48260420


It's more of how amazing the 290x is tbh.

>> No.48260442


Cuda worked so well for crypto mining ;DDDDDD

>> No.48260444

Reviews are out

>> No.48260511

Boy I sure love 4k slideshows.

>> No.48260527

german converted to 740€ god damn, I guess I replace my shit hd 7950 msi

>> No.48260536


>250w housefire


>> No.48260537

>buying a new card for a collapsing crypto currency mine.

You could rent time on a machine somewhere with cheap electricity or just get a real hardware solution for yourself.

>> No.48260547


Nvidia GeForce 353.06 WHQL driver

Supports GTX 980 Ti

>> No.48260561

Imagine customs, EVGA SC ASX with oc
Titan X ded

>> No.48260567


I don't suggest buying 290x's for Crypto mining, the fact that the miners used exclusivelly 290's just goes to show that AMD is better at compute especially at scalable solutions.

>> No.48260577

When will I be able to buy a 980ti? And should I just get a evga one so I can beat the sellout? Instead of waiting for reviews on each.

Ive been waiting on a new comp for awhile my 570s are dying I havent been able to go into surround on three screens for 6 months.

>> No.48260581


After 980ti launches, the price for 980 will decrease from $550 to $499

>> No.48260589



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>> No.48260628

The only reason Nvidia would cannibalize the Titan X this badly is because they're scared of Fiji


>> No.48260640


>Almost identical performance to the leading Titan X
>Reference cooler design is attractive, quiet, and extremely effective at keeping the 980 Ti cool
>250W TDP is high, but still less than the equivalent AMD card
>Strong software and driver support with GeForce Experience
>6GB of memory is more than enough for even the most demanding games

>Titan X owners finding out they could have saved £320/$350 by waiting two months for the 980 Ti

>> No.48260656


What about the titan x hardware that didnt met standard.

I thought this is what it meant.

either way time to profit.

>> No.48260672

>He doesn't realize that this isn't the first time Nvidia's released a Ti series card after the release of the corresponding year's Titan series card that performed just about the same for less cost.
Is this bait?

>> No.48260694


Yes, Nvidia were scared of the 290x back then.

And oh boy, did it wreck the shit!

>> No.48260709


4gb 390X beats the titanX in all benchmarks and game tests in 4K and 1600p

the 4gb model will be around the same price as the 980ti wheras the 8gb 390X will be 850$ which is still cheaper than the titan

>> No.48260716

Always, always get a higher performing single card than SLI.

>> No.48260726

Nvidia just officially announced the 980ti on their Youtube channel:


>> No.48260738

The 290x released before the 780ti >_>

>> No.48260749


Amd holds an advantage in the highest resolutions due to tech.

They still get rolled at lower res especially on multiple monitors.

And they still have shit drivers and mantel/vulcan is still a dice roll.

>> No.48260763


Which was released after the titan?

>> No.48260770


Im watching it now is there a date of release yet?

When will I be able to get it with a copper block attached and the nice evga of whatever leds in there.

>> No.48260789

June 1st according to NCIX review.

>> No.48260790


The new price/performance king. This may be the last GPU anyone reasonable has to buy. Anyone can game at 4K with this card. You'd have to be literally poor to not buy this.

>> No.48260798
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The 390x, non-HBM mind you, is not as powerful as the Titan X
If you were going off of the benchmarks in pic related, which was confirmed fake, you have been misinformed.

The HBM card that AMD has in the books is named "Fury".

>> No.48260802


So watch the internet tommorow.

>> No.48260826



Buy it at one day

>> No.48260834

this fucking pic is old and fake

>> No.48260841

Nvidia was scared of a card that released 7 months after the release of the original titan?

>> No.48260843


>Titan X owners finding out they could have saved £320/$350 by waiting two months for the 980 Ti


Titan X owners BTFO!

>> No.48260858

Yup. I'm buying it on launch day. Done suffering through 20fps with my 750ti running at 4K.

>> No.48260862

If you were going off of the benchmarks in pic related, which was confirmed fake, you have been misinformed.
>which was confirmed fake
Did you even read the post?

>> No.48260864

>4gb 390X
>not fury

the 390 is rebranded


>> No.48260865

What the fuck am I looking at?

>> No.48260875

WTF happened to 8GB 980s now we barely have 6GB on the 980ti. Someone is a jew.

>> No.48260896
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So I'm at a bit of a impasse

I want to upgrade to a 1440p, 144hz, ips, variable refresh monitor

I currently have a 980 and a 144hz 1080p monitor.

Should I:

Sell my 980 and the 144hz 1080p for a 980ti and a acer xb270HU or the (not out yet) ASUS pg279q or the rog swift

or should I

Sell my 980 and monitor for a 390 when it's out and a freesync ips 144hz 1440p monitor (do these even exist?)

What do you guys think

>> No.48260915


It's here boys!

>> No.48260917


>> No.48260958

When I press "Add to Cart":
>We're sorry but GeForce GTX 980 Ti is currently out of stock and cannot be added to your cart. We apologize for any inconvenience.

>> No.48260971


Pretty much everyone who's not a fucking moron saw this shit coming. The exact same shit happened with original Titan.

Where's that Danish faggot with the two Titan Xs? I bet he feels like a moron now.

>> No.48260980


also the 980ti is a rumor...

>> No.48260984

Fuck! It's gone already?!

>> No.48261004


>Option A
>sell your 980 and monitor to buy a 980 ti and a new shit monitor
>Option B
>sell your 980 and monitor to wait for a card you know nothing about - and a new shit monitor

anon stop

>> No.48261006

>do these even exist?
yeah, the asus MG279Q is the freesync equivalent of the xb270hu. I believe they use the same panel.

I don't know what you should do. I have a 980 and the xb270hu at the moment and I'm really happy with it so far.

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Hot off the presses bros


>> No.48261066

I don't think people who buy 2xtitan x care are that worried about saving money.

>> No.48261089


Not him but I have a 780 and these drivers didn't fix jack shit even though they said it would. Fuck nvidia

>> No.48261131

Fuck. Who else is stocking it now that Nvidia's store is sold out?

>> No.48261132


>> No.48261138


good night amd

>> No.48261153

New IPS 1440p 144hz monitor


>> No.48261158


Worst voice I've ever heard my ears are going to fucking bleed.

>> No.48261163

So is this going to be the 1440p monster we've been waiting for?

>> No.48261168


>basically the same performance as the Titan X


>> No.48261182

If you have the cash yes

1440p 144hz beats the shit out of 4K 60hz

>> No.48261184


Can a pubescent person actually narrarate please? What an inferior male.

>> No.48261195
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If i didn't know about the shitty crossfire support i'd so go for a 295x.

>> No.48261214
File: 40 KB, 400x615, perfrel_1920_.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48261228

It's not even the just the Crossfire shit. The card is just janky as fuck.

>> No.48261231
File: 45 KB, 317x293, 1432403707624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>£550 card
>No fixed function HEVC decoder
These niggas serious? Why GTX960 has it and this shit doesn't?

>> No.48261247

This puts AMD in a weird spot.

980ti appears to be a 1440p 21:9/16:9 beast of a card. While it'll perform well enough at 4K, it's not going to plow through it with great performance.

So for the 390x which will be 200 dollars more expensive than a 980ti, it better be THE single card 4K solution or else there's literally no reason to buy it. We know Pascal will do it, but AMD could own the single card 4K market till then If not AMD will be in big trouble with the rest of their lineup being rebrands.

>> No.48261258

Do the 970/980 have it?

>> No.48261270

390x =/= Fury
Stop confusing the two

>> No.48261272

nope, only GTX960 and probably new intel iGPUs

>> No.48261303

Is there even a reason for anyone to buy a 980 or Titan X?

And how pissed would you be if you were one of the few who did buy a Titan X?

>> No.48261326
File: 154 KB, 980x1596, nv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48261328
File: 347 KB, 1102x768, arch1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The GPU can address the entire 6 GB of memory at a consistent speed.


Well I guess there's no 3.5 memegate for this card

>> No.48261337

>He bought a reference card

Hey everybody, let's laug at this faggot!

>> No.48261341

>60 tax

The fuck?

>> No.48261351

Holy shit.
no free shipping on a 600+ dollar product
what the fuck?

>> No.48261357

>even considering Audi as an option

>> No.48261359


>> No.48261366

Enjoy your shit overclocking, noise and heat moron

>> No.48261373

Is this even a worthwhile upgrade from the 780 Ti, at least for 1080p and 1440p gaming? It's obviously worth it for 4K.

>> No.48261392

970 is the best card for 1080p 60fps ultra, if you are gonna down sample(+4x aa) or play at higher than 1080p go for the 980.
980TI is for 4K gaymen

>> No.48261405
File: 47 KB, 850x450, rZIrJ2NCNI_a.878x0.Z-Z96KYq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/g/'s morality compass poor consumer habbits are pretty buttmad right now.

7970 was my last card that had horrible dev support from the AMD company. 9700 pro was my first from ATI. Not getting any from the red team for the forseeable future after the 670 was a night and day difference and I'm extremely satisfied with my 980. I'll SLI another later since SLI actually works on my gtx 295 unlike the 4870x2 I got rid of after 2 years.

So many 970 sucks threads since the 3.5 thing, yeah really sucks...

>> No.48261411

Commiefornia. Sales tax here is rape.

>> No.48261420
File: 1021 KB, 1283x681, Screenshot_8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48261429


>> No.48261433

I really fucking want it.

I can't wait to buy it after some months and a little price drop + better cooling.

>> No.48261439

Check again, moron.

>> No.48261456

If you already have a 780ti wait for Pascal or AMD 300 series

>> No.48261457
File: 69 KB, 1345x651, nvidiaamd$.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48261464

So how well will two 980ti's do in 4K?
I don't really feel like one will be enough.

>> No.48261468

>g-sync now works in windowed mode

Anyone else hyped like me?

>> No.48261472

Why is nVIDIA so evil? They are making AMD obsolete real fast at this rate.

>> No.48261476

>implying non reference coolers don't shoot themselves in the foot by dumping heat back into the case anyways

>> No.48261481

What if I have a 770? Can I upgrade?

>> No.48261494

Is g-sync really worth it? I could either afford a G-Sync 1080p monitor or a standart 60hz 4k monitor.

>> No.48261498

>Buy product from AMD
>No support, have to give up on completing a videogame before issues are fixed

>Buy product from Nvidia
>Prerelease patches, fully supported in what I use the hardware for, have several old Nvidia dinosaurs lying around from me not getting rid of them.

6800 ultra, still windows 8.1 drivers on the Nvidia site ready for 2004 part.

Yeah so evil.

>> No.48261504

Retard. Why would you buy ANYTHING right now? Especially with HBM right around the corner? LEL...enjoy your overpriced mid-range card.

>> No.48261505

>not having good airflow
Are you just trolling?

>What if I have a 770? Can I upgrade?
To a 980ti? That would be worth it

>> No.48261527
File: 197 KB, 1409x795, faggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Check again, faggot.

>> No.48261529

It's not their fault that AMD has been so utterly hopeless in the past 2 to 3 years.

>> No.48261540

I got a XB270H for cheap and it looks nice and does make a difference when gaming

>> No.48261547

Cards will be on sale June 1st, hard launch

No cards will be on sale today, May 31st

Just wait until tomorrow

>> No.48261552

i have great airflow but i wish i didn't need to. somebody needs to make a triple slot blower cooler that pumps air out of the case and has the fin area of an nh-d15. fuck sli.

>> No.48261553
File: 197 KB, 1919x1079, Screenshot_9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eat a dick.

>> No.48261562
File: 17 KB, 274x242, happy money man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek. Nvidiot cucks creaming themselves because the 980ti looks like good value compared to the Titan X.
>Oh wow it's such a good deal
>titan X performance for only $650
>it supports gaymen cripple werks too
>Oh my, I love taking it up the ass
>thank based nvdia

>> No.48261568

But anon already bought one...

>> No.48261585

Is there tax charge on it?

>> No.48261593

So how much power is the ti on?


At least AMD isnt shitting the bed with video cards at the level of the cpu market.

EVGA releases the copper version right away or do they wait?

>> No.48261596

Any info about the price on yurope?

>> No.48261597

Sec let me put my info in

>> No.48261598


>overtly homosexual message tone
>uses picture of a jew

Butthurt Qatari AMD investor detected. Everything you mudslime faggots don't like is always either gay or jewish in your opinion.

>> No.48261606


Why didnt AMD save us.

>> No.48261610

Are you retarded? Of course you can.


The system with a GTX 980 Ti, plus an overclocked 130W CPU, consumes about 390W under load. And your CPU already consumes less than the one on the review.

>> No.48261611

>implying implications

>> No.48261613

Around 750€

>> No.48261623

Another anon with a 770. I'd like to upgrade to the 980ti but don't know how much of a performance upgrade it'll provide or if it'll be worth it. My 770 is okay for most games at high, but games like GTAV and Witcher 3 are crushing it. 45 fps on medium-high for Witcher 3. Fucking Nvidia drivers.

Is it a meaningful, worthwhile upgrade?

>> No.48261628

Im resisting the urge to early adopt.

Be waiting 3 months or so and planning a build slowly.

Also how long on new cpus?

>> No.48261633

Just check your +12V rails

>> No.48261645


>> No.48261647


>> No.48261654

750€ for me

>> No.48261656

>gearing up to sell 290 and buy 295x2
>figure i can just sell 295x2 and get fury when it drops
>650 980ti
i dont even know what to do anymore, i just want to be able to run muh games faster

>> No.48261660

What do you guys do with your old computer hardware? Do you sell it on Craigslist or eBay?

>> No.48261662
File: 196 KB, 1919x1079, Screenshot_10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48261664



>> No.48261674


>> No.48261678


I stick it to the side intending to use it for something. Let it gather dust for 6 months to a year and end up throwing it out.

Its shitty but I am honest about it.

>> No.48261685

Can I have your old shit?

>> No.48261686

>Tax not included in the price of the product
what the fuck

>> No.48261692

From a 770 to a 980ti? Oh yeah dude.

>> No.48261700

It's an american thing.

>> No.48261701

this. this how you do it. Please take note everyone.

>> No.48261713


The 970 is fresh in my mind.

>> No.48261734


>> No.48261737
File: 25 KB, 650x425, Jim-Keller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They did with the 7000 series. But all the good little Nvidia customers bought the 600 series instead. Cause muh drivers memes and selection bias. Even the 280 was way cheaper than this. It it was a fucking 576 mm cubed die. Honestly tell me Nvidia isn't fucking us all.

This was the future you chose. This is the future you deserve.

>> No.48261746

But look at what happened with the 970. If you purchased the card from a reputable source they offered a refund/compensation/upgrade. Reviewers have the cards and tested them BEFORE announcement , something that the 970 didn't have.

>> No.48261747

So much for that "free" game, huh? Idiot. Looks like someone had to be the guinea pig and it's you.

At this point I'm waiting to see what HBM has to offer before I pull the trigger on anything. I'll at least get a better cooler than the reference design.

>> No.48261759

Give it to my brother.

>> No.48261762
File: 31 KB, 636x812, untitled-18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Review by a well known PC hardware site.


>> No.48261763
File: 284 KB, 582x378, 980ti_core.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you look closer at the chip markings, you will notice that most of these chips were manufactured at least 9 months ago.

>> No.48261776

Anyone wanna buy a 770 4gb WF? Trying to get some dosh for the upgrade to 980ti

>> No.48261781

Kepler performance fix released as well:

I got a nice increase in FPS in Witcher 3. It also reset my overclock so I thought it did nothing at first.

>> No.48261784


>> No.48261799

Is Witcher 3 the only game they nerfed performance on or does this fix other issues as well?

>> No.48261801

That means manufactured in 33rd week of 2014

>> No.48261807


>> No.48261812


>So many 970 sucks threads since the 3.5

yeah, that pic in your post shows that 970 is more faster than 290X!!! lol


>> No.48261814

AMD is pretty fucked.

This GTX980 TI delivers so much more performance than an OC R290 and yet consumes less power.

AMD has nothing in their hands other than the Fury.
The R300 series with the rebranded shit won't do the job.

>> No.48261824

>780ti slower than 290
Nvidia the way it's meant to be played™

>> No.48261836

Fury is supposed to shit on the 980ti, so all they have to do is price it similarly

>> No.48261843
File: 30 KB, 650x380, 74813.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really hope that fury will be a huge jump in performance.
Just look at pic related. Overclocked 980ti is just as fast as R9 295X2

>> No.48261845

Not really. I'm not loyal to either brand, but remember that a 290x is a third of the price for a little less performance. Plus they will be the first to HBM which may perform significantly better at higher resolutions than a 980 ti or a Titan X.

All I'm saying is I'm waiting to see what Fury or the 390x has to offer before I pull the trigger on any new, high end card. That's what a smart buyer should do. However, I have a feeling I'm going to keep waiting for Pascal.

>> No.48261872

It's Titan X chips that didn't turn out well

>> No.48261874

It consumes the same amount of power, not less. Both are 250W cards, way more if you overclock.
AFAIK the rebrands are not confirmed yet. Maybe the 300 series will be large Tonga all around and fury will be Fiji.
Might be interesting, I just hope AMD manages to kick some ass, I'm sick of the minimal improvements and "muh power efficiency".

>> No.48261877

Has anyone used this site before?

>> No.48261878


It's almost as if products take time to produce! :O

>> No.48261881

It they don't fuck it up on E3 and price the Fury at 500 bucks, they can only win.

But as always the card is gonna be more expensive.

>> No.48261884

Nah, many people are on the GTX 970 suxxor memetrain.

It's still a decent card.

>> No.48261903

It's not exactly cannibalizing, they're just re-purposing binned cards. They are definitely keeping the price low to compete with the 390x though.

>> No.48261908

They overclocked to the levels of a 295x with a reference card? I don't know much about overcklocking, but would it run stable with an oc clockspeed like that?
If yes, either the Fury has to really be a lot better or the AMD ceo's are sweating their asses off right now.

>> No.48261918

>970 is a binned 980
>980ti is a binned titanX

follow my logic

>970 is a horrible clusterfuck
>3.5gb is all anyone talks about but the real problem is that its render curve fluctuates to wildly and causes horrible micro stuttering and that has nothing to do with the vRAM
>nvidia cant make a binned GPU not be shit apparently

now stay with me

>something nvidia does in the cut down cases this fluctuation
>980ti is a cut down of the titanX

will the same fluctuation curve in the 970 be in the 980ti? the 3.5gb is the only thing anyone bitched about so thats the only thing they would bother to fix everything else they would do the same as the 970

>> No.48261921

>all that 4k hype with AMD Fury

Seriously, this Fury thing has to be 100% faster than the 980TI for anyone to even consider gaming at 4K.
Otherwise it is totally useless and nothing but advertisment shilling.

The Fury comes with HBM ram, which is expensive as fuck.

I doubt it will be sold for less than 800€ here.

>> No.48261922

The 970 issue never was a huge issue for many people, it's an issue with Nvidias arrogance and their communication. Select few people had severe issues because of it, they had no way of knowing beforehand and Nvidias answer was "deal with it, it's by design, be grateful for what you got".

>> No.48261924
File: 178 KB, 1642x922, maxresdefault2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the 8GB are so useless

>> No.48261939

>The GPU can address the entire 6 GB of memory at a consistent speed.


They left the ROP count alone which is what caused the 970 issue

>> No.48261991

I don't know why people bought them, every benchmark showed literally zero improvement

>> No.48261995

bump limit

new thread




>> No.48262016

>people buying cards and shit to go with their 1440 144Hz monitors

There ain't shit you can play right now @ 144Hz 1440p, so what's the point?

I'm just going to get another 1920x1200 60Hz monitor and stay here for at least another year, or however long I need to wait before getting higher resolution and higher refresh rate monitors makes any goddamn sense.

>> No.48262073

>being this retarded

>> No.48262088

Sapphire R9 285 ITX. Without question

>> No.48262099
File: 38 KB, 366x464, 1405787342013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the AMD ceo's are sweating their asses off right now.

Pretty much

pic related: Kikes at AMD's Israel Branch -- They can't keep tricking goyim to buy rebranded cards

>> No.48262129
File: 398 KB, 758x662, Captchawtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd rather 2560x1440 at whatever fps a nice card can do than 3840x1200 at 60.

You absolutely should have a secondary for general usage, but the overall niceness of >100hz is 2good.

Also, wtf Captcha? We Korea now?

>> No.48262229

>nvidia releases housefires card
>no mention of temps ANYWHERE
seriously you fuckers

>> No.48262275

I remember when AMD fags were so quick in proclaiming their victory with this supposed "leak".

>> No.48262311


Its this.

The titan chips that didnt make the cutoff.

>> No.48262376

>being a shitslurper

>> No.48262444

What the hell is wrong with you?

>> No.48262447

if you wait until the holiday, you might as wellw ait until the next release in 2016

>> No.48262534

I currently have a 670. Should I get the GTX 980 Ti or wait until next year for the new architecture that is supposed to be super awesome?

>> No.48262605

there's always something new coming out. just make sure whatever you buy is a big enough leap for a semi reasonable amount of $ and you aren't missing out on something huge right around the corner. i'm going from a 780 to a 980ti because there are some games i want to play i can't crank up all the way and it's the first card that gives a good enough bump in every category including dx12.1 or whatever. 50% is performance boost and double the ram is a nice jump. DO IT IT'S EVEN MORE MAJOR OF AN IMPROVEMENT FOR YOU HOLY SHIT.

>> No.48262909

I have a 670 with 1080p and I'm waiting on Pascal and GCN(1.3?) for an upgrade. Those will do 4k comfortably.

>> No.48263267

Tressfx is open source though and amd has actually helped Nvidia optimise it on several occasions. And hairworks is a closed up mystery even game developers don't see.

>> No.48263267,1 [INTERNAL] 

Test my account

>> No.48263267,2 [INTERNAL] 

I sold items to another similar online company http://www.buysellram.com with a good price.

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