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>windows 10
>not a full on touch interface

they are screwing us again and no even hitting the number you want doesnt work you must set it with this

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√ = OK
X = cancel

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no you idiot you have to scroll through this menu to set the restart time instead of just typing it on your keyboard

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Isn't this the "new" settings menu? The touch-based one?

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yes it shouldnt be touch based unless you are specifically in tablet mode

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So just use the old settings menu, then.

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what old settings menu? this is what comes up from the notification

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Can't wait until 2020 when everything will be controlled by gestures, voice commands and the state of your emotions!

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You should point out this usability error to Microsoft. Android does it well.

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>what old settings menu?

Clearly you aren't a power user. I suggest a Macintosh computer.

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there is the old control panel buts its devoid of windows update this is literally the only menu for controlling this and im sure by the time 10 releases the old control panel will be gone completely

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>craple r so dum lol

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>power user

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>Not using powershell
Go buy an iMac, kid.

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i would if it had the same commands as linux but im not learning another CLI microsoft needs to learn they have no right to be unique

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>power user.
>using a term coined by memesoft for marketing purposes unironically.

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>inb4 some retard starts spewing muh aliases

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You guys are angry for no good reason.

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N-no go- I mean boy, it's a free operating system that will let you do all your favorite things. It's free, I tell you, we want your satisfaction, not money!

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>tfw control panel will be deprecated soon
>tfw file explorer remake soon

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I still wonder where its the windows 8 preview metro explorer, that was fine and all.

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what is going on here?

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Christ, is that the final GUI? What a fucking mess.

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Yeah, fuck windows for making a one time only thing slightly harder to do! Back to GNU/Linux I go!

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Broken shit.

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