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No speccy thread?

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Speccy won't run on W2K so I can't.

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Why does speccy not show overclocks?

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Because it's shit. Doesn't even show the model number of my CPU for me

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I think my GPU is starting to die because it's crashing on Dying Light with a bunch of grey bars showing up

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Version 1.05.183 works on Windows 2000.


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>double 980s
i'm pretty jelly

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How can you survive this?

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I really wish i could have gotten by on only one though, these fuckers are expensive. Sadly 4k is insanely though to turn around fast enough.

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>Non K CPU
>Z97 board

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Company who built my computer gave me their next best board after my old one died.

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true enough.

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Oh then youre lucky.
One 980 is pretty overkill, and they are vry expensive. I'll wait at least until 2016, won't need a 2nd one if theres no VR device avaiable.

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If you are running 4k suddenly a single 980 is bent down on it´s knees though.

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I need to upgrade :|

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Come at me guys!

My ultra high end gaming setup

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I know, thats why I wait for next generation GPUs. Even the Titan X can't render fluent 4K, 40 FPS is not "true 4K gaming".

2K already works good, but the games get heavier.

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What to upgrade?

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Ehh, no, not really man.
Unless you want to stream in 1080p, looking forward to a 4k display or just wanna play AAA games on ultras, you're fine with your spec for another 3-4 years.

Now I need to upgrade for good.

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Get a bigger SSD and maybe some extra RAM. Looks fine, you should't buy a new GPU for the next year.

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How does Win10 run on this shitty Celeron? I guess, better than Vista.

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Sure why not. Bored waiting for my files to transfer off my server anyway. Mechanical drives are really a giant bottleneck. Even on USB 3 I only get 32mb/s transfer. I should just buy an ssd for external storage already.

Also, does anyone know if Windows Server 2008 product keys can be used twice? I'm looking to add a RAID card to my server and a complete re-install of the OS will be necessary. Can I just re-use the key?

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I just upgraded my CPU from a Phenom 9600 BE to a i5 4690K. My videocard is showing it's age though. I am waiting for the R9 390x.

My ATI HD4870 is well past it's prime.

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I know a guy who is still running 4 x radeon 4890's. Stock coolers too. They're still kicking, somehow. He's waiting for 1 of the fans to die on one of them to warrant an upgrade, but they just... REFUSE to go.

>I think he may just build an all new computer soon anyway though. Still has his i7 990X under water overclocked to the sky.

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Pleasantly surprised by this PC I put together to have a proper computer when I'm at my parents place. Actually it even feels much snappier in windows than my two year old 3000€ windows 7 build at home.
I originally only went with 8.1 for this because I didn't have a windows 7 key left for this computer, but now I think I will upgrade my home computer to windows 10 as soon as it is released. Also Hyper-V is awesome.

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I'm thinking of upgrading some things soon. Any suggestions?

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Looks like a shit laptop, maybe some dual channel RAMs for faster GPU, because this looks like integrated AMD.

SSD for general speed improvement.

Why does it only have 1 degree while the CPU is going to melt?

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>Downloading bloatware to tell you what you should already know

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Hyper-v is awesome until you try any other hyper visor.

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>tfw winter

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Maybe the worst specs ever but the ti boost sure does help the shit out of its performance. Getting new flagship parts soon so this thing is gonna be history.

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>105 degrees celsius
top ramen on the stove

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holly fuck! Is your heat sink properly attached? That is not normal!

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I would keep that HDD warmer if I were you.

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good but boring, good job I guess

Nice. Hows the quad channel?

Just upgrade the processor and RAM. Both are cheap for chose gens. Processors haven't really gotten so much faster that it'll bottle neck any single GPU out there. And again, RAM is cheap, faggot, unless you have a pleb 2 DIMM mobo.

fell asleep readin...

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ddr2 ram is more expensive than its worth these days, and i cant find any substantial proccesor upgrades for my socket type cause they are too old. Its an old second hand hp pavillion. That and that 105 mobo temp is a concern despite not being able to find a cause, or an apparent lack of any effects. Ive already ordered the new stuff, so just let me look forward to my glory days of 4970k goodness and 2400mhz gaymen ram.

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Speccy has a known problem reading AMD processors.
>buying gaming RAM when DDR4 has real results and faster speeds
stay pleb
dafug are you doing breh

Also, Monday 2560x1080 is coming in. LG IPS.

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Surround monitors m8

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its a conglomeration of spare parts turned into a lan rig

here is my main rigs speccy

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You really want a flagship GPU in your Phenom system?

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Just a question, is this a ThinkPad 390E? I used to own one, the VRAM is actually 2.5 mb. Enough to play Sub culture on it, but I remember EE1 always crashed.

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jelly as shit

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not sure if TN panels, or colors are that out of calibration
either way my brain hurts

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i love gameing

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not installing that shit

>he doesnt have 72gb of ram


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>2x GTX 980 + Core i7
>1333MHz CL9 RAM

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lol my thoughts exactly

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>implying RAM speed means shit for gay men

Enjoy you're placebo. :^)

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Maybe it's time for an upgrade

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dem temps tho.. diggin it

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this software doesn't work for me

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>Leenucks can't even handle a simple hardware information program

Why is open source software such worthless trash?

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>Linux has problems running Windows software
run htop on windows pls :^)

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hows that i3? Whats some shit you thought you couldnt do, but were surprised when you did?

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Actually i wasn't surprised. Everything runs good even on Ultra settings at 60FPS (Sometimes drops to 40-45).

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don't care if placebo, my 3000mhz feels so gooooood

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Just built this on a budget.
Spent about 750 bucks.
Pretty proud.

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prolly replacing cd drive with ssd

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Why even use such a shitty system? Can you actually do anything with it these days?

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I got that screenshot from /g/ a while ago. I found it amusing so I saved it and reposted it.
this is my real one.

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I've started on this build recently. Anyone have any recommendations or thoughts? First time building a pc.


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AIDA64 master race even runs on 95

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Is that a MacBook Pro?

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There will be no GTA V for me.

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i doubt you can even run gta iv

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I just dont wanna shill out the money for an unnecessary 6 or 8 core next gen intel processor right now when there are perfectly good 4790k's for about 340 to 350.
What? N-no. I meant im building a new pc from the ground up. Nothing will be salvaged but the hard drive as a secondary drive.

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>i doubt you can even run gta iv
Bitch please.

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Still trying to make up my mind on a monitor setup to replace the 3x 21.5" @ 5760x1080.

M.2 is insanely fast.

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Oh shit I remember these when they were new. I'm old :(

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First build ever, r8 plox

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>8gb ram
>two tiny hdds
>no ssd
>970 3.5 gb lel

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>be midfag
>be thirdworlder
>be using dollarinos for hardwares

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how am i doing

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