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Finally got a Note 3 after years of being an applefaggot.

For now is great, specially the stylus. But i want to rice it and take out the samshit bloat.

Which custom ROM you guys recommend? lollipop based if possible.

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Paranoid android.

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Make your own

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This. PAC-man ROM is probably your best option though, but if you must have it stable-ish, then Paranoid Android is the way to go.

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Isnt Paranoid for Note 3 based on Kitkat?


yeah man, you want me to develop a custom kernel and custom drivers as well?

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>you want me to develop a custom kernel
>and custom drivers as well
No. Why would you do that?

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Paranoid Android is best ROM. Too bad it's so slow with updates

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But in the site they dont even have official support for Note 3


Hope i can rice my Note with cute anime customizations, unlike my locked iphone.

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great features

>Slim ROM
Light ROM

Great customization

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>any rom without built in privacy guard and adblocker
>even worth using

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Whats wrong with ad blocker?

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