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is it true that 4chan runs off macs?

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Sure champ.

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what a waste of a topic

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seriously, everyone knows that apple is producing the highest power servers available.

any other hardware would be too underpowered to handle all of the hits 4chan gets

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> lightweight, small page size website
> only an apple computer could handle that

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Not any more

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You obviously have no idea what's going on behind the scenes on 4chan.

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things only a powerful mac can handle :^)

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Enlighten us then.

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Those fans are probably not enough.

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>Can't back up the braindead shit that just came out of his mouth
>"Better call him names, that'll teach him!"

Not my fault your mom's boyfriend is giving you a hard time, kid.

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4chung runs on an old lisp machine plugged into a modem in the nsa's basement. I know this for a fact

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those are fucking ancient

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Here is my server

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>he doesn't know that even NASA uses apple computers

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i had that motherboard until I killed it. Hell of an AM2 board. that heatsink could get in the way sometimes though.

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