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Post em

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These threads are cancer.
Who cares about others hardware?


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i also live in canada, these are my temps running vindictus with a stock cooler lol

r8 please

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>nothing but windows
Kill yourselves.

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poorfag detected

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this. i've posted my specs numerous times and never got a fucking response >:(

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I can't wait for monday to come and for my computer to be that much colder

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what am i supposed to say? Huh, looks like you got a computer there.

Do you want to know how else i know that?

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no >:(

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damn i almost thought someone posted mine haha i have same cpu same board same montior just msi 980

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my modest rig to make simple things looks pretty

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>Post speccy
>No replies
>30 posts later
Feels like work.

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No bully

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Jesus christ those ram timings.
What RAM?

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920 masterrace

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Getting new monitor(s) soon. Don't know if I want 3 27" 1080 monitors or a single 32" 1440. Same price either way.

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Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR4 @2400mhz

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27 1080 has large dot pitch, as does 32 1440.
My 1440 is 27" like most others, I would highly recommend that you get 23/1080 and 27/1440.

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>Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR4 @2400mhz
Oh right, DDR4.
I was thinking that's seriously loose timings for a fast pair of sticks.

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would a monitor like this be ok? I'm having a custom mount built for me if I choose to go the 3 monitor route. So having the mounting holes in the back is important.


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My rig

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I strongly recommend reading more than 1 review and if possible, viewing one at your local.

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oh and I just noticed now that my RAM was clocked at 800mhz at CL6 timings. Completely forgot to reset the ram back to normal after changing a few things. Just did that now!. Also for anyone curious about r9 290 xfire on pcie 2.0
>running the cards in 16x16 lanes on my motherboard got me 104.9 fps in Heaven benchmark but the top card would peak at 86C
>Spaced the cards out, but to do so, the second card had to be in an x8 slot. I thought I'd see a huge performance drop.
>104.5fps average same benchmark.

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yea that monitor is at my local microcenter. Was gonna go in and hand fuck it for a little. What is large dot pitch anyhow? Are the pixels more apparent or something? I'm a bit of a noob with panels.

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why a Z series board but no unlocked chip? Could have saved money getting a standard board. Unless you bought it used or something.

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alot of the time speccy doesn't show that the cpu is the k version, just like it doesnt show overclocks.

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makes sense.

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>not using windows embedded
>not having GTX480 SLI in 2015
>not having monitors from 2006

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guy I know is still running 3 way gtx 470's. Custom danger den blocks. Voltage modded or something? I could have had 4 gtx 480's for $250. Ended up getting 2 gtx 670's for $300 when they first came out.

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Well if you've got a 1080 at 27", the pixels are going to be larger than those on a 23". I guess you could call it PPI instead.

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>not having more than one monitor

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A rate would be appreciated.

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Okie dokie

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Spergy threads are lame.

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>only one of the monitors are even 1080p
>HD7800 series
>+ a worthless geforce 210
>not one cd drive
>but two
>two fucking cd drives
how about no.

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Cpu came with a mobo/ram bundle at a good price and its doing well for all I do. third monitor is actually a tv on my wall for media being pushed by the geforce 210 that I had lying around since I can't be bothered to order an active DP converter for the 7850.

Only one real disc drive, I have daemon tools installed which creates a virtual drive.

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rate my gigantic waste of money

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Because meh


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r8 & don't h8

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How much did all that cost you in total?

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>tfw winter

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>tfw wintertime

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I have really bad fps in games as in, my fps seem erradic and not so much reliant on what is on the screen, but also just generally low.

My Drivers seem up to date and I don't ahve a virus on my pc. With my Specs I feel i should be able to play DS 1&2, Borderlands 2&2.5 without major problems (especially because other people have better fps with the same specs as I've seen on youtube) but I can't.

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2 1TB SSDs fit in there for under 5K

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bad hdd?

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You sure or can anybody confirm? If I can fix this by just getting an SSD I'd be pretty glad actually. They sound pretty cool.

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check it with crystaldiskinfo

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I changed the things you had wrong

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What kind of WD drive do you have? Is it a Green by any chance?

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Well shit, I honestly didn't catch that the SSDs were already there. Well, good for you anon. You have a very capable rig for years to come.

Why didn't you watercool them, though...?

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If you mean the physical colour then I honestly don't know. I bought the PC as a whole because I'm a clumsy fucker and I didn't feel competent to build a pc.

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How do I into screenshot on windows tablet?

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I am planning on adding a loop later but as it is right now It doesn't work hard enough to get hot because it is too overbuilt. that and I'm fucking poor from building it.

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are you serious

Your RAM is at 666 Mhz retard, what do you not know what XMP is?

Those hard drives are gonna die, fucktard. Should have bought HGST. And nice VIRTUAL CDROM, upgrade to 8.1 oh wait you'll bitch because someone moved your cheese.

Suck my dick amdpoorfag

I hope that's an 840 PRO and not a fucking POORFAG EVO SHITTIER

Intel SSDs check themselves out when they write too many times, haha, should have bought samsung, CUCKED

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Jesus christ anon... You really, really went overkill then.

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>5k System
>$200 Monitor 1080p @60hz
>SLI 980

Should have went 2.5k build and dual 4k monitors m8

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And then there's this guy.

Post your specs, with a timestamp. Let's see your masterful rig.

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it is hooked up to my 60in tv atm

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Here is your reply.

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Posting from a Macbook Air, faggot. My gaming rig is in my other room, probably getting fucked by another guy due to neglect.

It's not even that good, I just don't buy shit parts like Intel i5, Intel SSD, AMD CPU, or Seagate hard drives, or drive a monitor below WQHD.

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And to add on this, if you drive a monitor at 1080p resolution you're fucking getting cucked. 1080p has been around since the fucking early 2000s you fucking retards. Demand more from your manufacturers.

All you cucks saying 1080p is good enough are just denying yourselves 4k at a decent price point.

That being said, $1400 is a decent price point for 4k since it keeps all the poor fags out.

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>have a shit rig
>talk shit about other's rigs
>own anything Apple related

Let me guess, you have an i7 on your gaymen rig? Oh, right, because you're such a hardcore video editor that you don't even use your machine.

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What thermal compound is that?

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Tell me about anon, why does he meme so much?

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>4k should be more widely adopted
>1400$ should keep the poor fags out

How is it living with severe autism?

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arctic silver i didn't even use it though

>> No.46575284

>implying i would own anything less than an i7
of course motherfucker. i aint a cuck

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How did I do, /g/?

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was giving me an erection until i saw that ssd

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What's your CPU, anon?

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>shittier reading comprehension
I was merely pointing out one good thing about the current price point for 4k, and that is exclusivity. However, I would much prefer the price point being brought down simply so I can buy a whole shitton.

So fuck your shit.

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How did I do, /g/?

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i7 4770k

what, i didn't think i'd want extreme edition, fuck you

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If you can buy a whole shitton, then so can the poorfags, then you won't feel special for being able to click a button on the internet and shitpost about it.

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You're right I should get an i7 for gaming :v)

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Here ya go.

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>implying i would care at that point
there will always be something to be elitist about, who gives a fuck, making technology accessible to the masses is always a win

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And you don't even use your rig, do you?

Let alone video edit, photo edit, or play anything that would put any strain on your CPU.

Do you even overclock it?

Please, keep it coming

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What the fuck, it was idling at 50°C yesterday

Also, should I upgrade my motherboard? I kind of want to OC my processor. And is it worth upgrading to high speed RAM? This machine is mostly a video encoding/3D rendering grunt with web browsing on the side; I don't really game. Oh yeah, and Photoshop.

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r8 pls

I want to upgrade soon.

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is this idle temperature? 54°C is really hot for a vapor-X

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Enjoy getting cucked by your lack of hyperthreading when you realize life isn't all about gaming and you want to run VMs

pretty sure I had over 8 VMs on autostart simply to separate concerns when i stopped caring about gaming

whatever though, here's some more Anna Faith

>> No.46575441

Ugly girl.

i7 is waste of money I can spend on carpets.

>> No.46575455

I have no reason to run VMs.

That's like you telling someone that owns a stock Honda "good luck getting a good time on the burgerking" when they don't give two shits about racing.

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File: 1.00 MB, 490x367, [SHITPOSTING LOUDLY].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You already said it's a gaymen rig, and also made it a point to say you hardly use it.

Also, meme some more. You really are getting a grasp of what being cucked is, especially by giving intel shekels just to shitpost about it on the internet.

>> No.46575474

Yeah. I think it's cause of the smart fan control I have turned on. On load it never goes over 73 degrees.

>> No.46575478

Not most days, no. I turned it into a hypervisor of sorts and then realized I'd get lower TDP on average running RPi's for the homelab. Realized I don't need a gaming rig at my age.

Would have felt cucked if I bought i5 and then realized I'd have half the number of cores I could have had, but if gaming is your priority then more power to you.

>> No.46575491

I think you should feel more cucked about handing your money just to shitpost about it on /g/.

Cucks are okay with handing away something they have, and you seem to be a master at it and even feel smug about it.

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Eh, probably, i5 should just be fully unlocked instead of cucking people into paying more for i7. Maybe I'm the cuck.

Sure it is. What's a speccy thread if not reducible to a dick measuring contest?

Forgot the pic for this post.

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I would genuinely appreciate advice, particularly if someone could recommend a cheapish Z77/Z75 motherboard.

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File: 29 KB, 482x436, speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just another generic build

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File: 440 KB, 2168x1593, ZXSpectrum48k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I doubt you're going to be able to overclock your processor considering it's a locked one, unless Speccy is lying to us again.

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I just don't care. Something irks me about people buying "Gaymen" rigs without buying a CPU that overclocks nicely, or buying Intel SSDs when they're known to check out after a few TB of writes (on a timer before the NAND has even gone bad), or people who don't know what the fuck X.M.P. is even though it's explained in fucking speccy.

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File: 1.34 MB, 1833x1076, HDD Benchmark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So can anybody make something of this? I don't really know what I'm looking at with this program.

>> No.46575678

A lot of people buy i5 4690ks, which do overclock very nicely. Remember that most of these people, AS WELL AS YOURSELF, don't use the features that make an i7 pricey. Plus, to even see the ungodly potential of an i7, you'd have to get a higher grade one than your 4770K.

And again, most gaymen rigs don't make use of high RAM speeds, and if they do, it's a negligible effect. Intel SSDs when under 500GBs are most likely NOT going to be used as rewriteable drives, but rather boot drives. They're not going to see death before they're phased out of existence by cheaper drives or more capacity.

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Use crystaldiskINFO
not mark

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what kind of HDD is it

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>Intel SSDs when under 500GBs are most likely NOT going to be used as rewriteable drives, but rather boot drives.
They are outdone by Samsung SSDs in every metric. Samsung beats them in iometer and bonnie++, and has better write endurance on top of that. How is buying an Intel SSD that self destructs after a fixed number of write NOT getting cucked?

And if you want to use System Restore on your boot disk, you're going to need System Volume Information folder on that disk. There's no way to put it on another disk. That's a LOT of I/O that's pretty much unavoidable.

Also without doing anything fancy, you'll have to live with %APPDATA% and %LOCALAPPDATA% getting huge on the so-called "boot disk". Why trust Intel for that? Fuck intel, buy Samsung. Don't get cucked by that stupid fucking skull logo on the intel SSDs.

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running at 4.4Ghz

>> No.46575806

Fair enough, I didn't go with Intel for an SSD anyway.

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File: 1.16 MB, 1852x1079, Crystaldiskinfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OH okay. I actually used crystaldiskinfo first only that the data it gives doesn't really take me anywhere. I was expecting this to have % of HDD Usage similar to what you can have for your CPU and GPU

>> No.46575915

Does crystaldiskinfo always feature animu?

>> No.46575951

931GB Western Digital WDC WD10 EZEX-00ZF5A0 SATA Disk Device (SATA) is what it says in Speccy.
I don't know any more about it as I bought the PC as a whole, having been afraid of not being able to build it.

>> No.46575958

Nope, there is a standard edition

HDD is fine
reinstall the drivers or try the beta drivers, i cant think of anything else tbh

>> No.46575967

I donloaded it from the official website like that.

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Hexacore mustard!

>> No.46575995

Hm, thanks

>> No.46576004

My 2TB Samsung drives didn't show they're capacity either, I edited it in. No idea why, never seen it with any other drives.

>> No.46576006

Update your Speccy. It might show your RAM then.

>> No.46576029

That's why I specified the Z77/Z75; it'll go to 4.0GHz on that chipset (in theory).

>> No.46576166

For me it did when running my old Sandy bridge system, but not after the upgrade.

Tried it, no luck, well just some of the cheapest corsair DDR4 sticks anyhow!

>> No.46576326
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How does it makes you feel that you'll never reach my temps?

>> No.46576502
File: 184 KB, 1224x950, Untitled3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's mine
CPU @ 3.5 Ghz
GPU @ 1075/1300

>> No.46576519

damn...meant 4.5ghz...

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>nearly wasting a quad on this garbage post
>implying processor is the bottleneck in gaming
>talking shit about intel ssd's as if you put anything but your OS and a few choice programs on it
>implying X.M.P. is a smart acronym term for smart people
betcha have 4 top of the line nvidia graphics cards to run your minecraft server, virtualized in a virtualized virtual machine that is also bitcoin mining because you're SO *FUCKING*

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>> No.46576844



>> No.46576860

1100W in psu's (500w + 600w)

>> No.46576923

Why do you need 2 gpu?

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No Jews allowed edition.

>> No.46576969

ebin trole mastermind

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sitting at 4,6 GHz now

>> No.46577108
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oc'd to 4.6ghz

>> No.46577150

Yeah and my i3 4330k is running at 5.6ghz at 30 degrees. Stop fucking lying.

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Lern to cooling

>> No.46577356

>implying I don't use Windows Embedded 8.1
>got a 'legal' copy off dreamspark for gratis

>> No.46577586

I meant your processor is the locked one, not your motherboard. It shows as a non K version.

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No laptops..?

>> No.46578240


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r8 h8 b8 m8

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File: 306 KB, 4480x1440, 010100011110001010100101010101010101001001001010101010000101010100101010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

behold the power of win 11

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R8 my B8 M8

>> No.46580148

Seems overkill for 1080p unless you're doing Eyefinity.

>> No.46580314

I am for now, but I'm changing the setup soon... ish to 1440p displays soon... soon....

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Pls don't bully, I had a spare Win 7 Home Premium key so I used that instead. Anyone know what I should get for gaymen 2015?

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