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Bent pins on a 1155 mainboard. How hard is it to fix? How are the chances of fucking up my cpu when done wrong? Any experience?

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I was able to straighten pins on an LGA 1150 socket. There were only maybe 10-15. The board was able to post afterwards, but wouldn't load BIOS or OS. So, it still needed to be replaced.

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guys who now what they are doing will get it done most of the time. if you have steady hands and are not retarded, just try it

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it's a pain in the ass. use a small pin and a magnifying glass. don't use a lot of force.

if you short a power and ground pin, you could start a fire and/or fry the chip.

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its called a motherbord you pretentious faggot

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I just use a mechanical pencil. Works fine.

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seems legit

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Use a mechanical pencil. Put the nib over the pin. Gently put pressure on the pin.

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>if you short a power and ground pin, you could start a fire and/or fry the chip.

>implying the power supply isn't protected

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go back to tumblr

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but those would only short if they visibly have contact? If everything is straight i should be alright?

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what does tumblr have to do with any of this?

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I think he's saying that calling it motherboard is a feminist act #boardgate

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for all we know OP is using a cheap chink PSU from 2003

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if thats so its one of the stupidest ideas i have ever heard

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qain did this once... he used a macro lens camera and a pin.

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Actually I could see this working. Use an empty mechanical pencil and use the hole at the end to grab the pin and straighten it.

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how is that any more stupid than being offended by the term mainboard?

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no one is offended im just correcting his terminology

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All is not yet lost OP. Using a precise tool (I always use a scalpel) you can bend the pins back into place. They are delicate and you must be very tender with them, but given care and patience you can do it.
When helping my friend rebuild his system with a z87 gigabyte and 4770k he bent about a dozen pins that I then fixed with the scalpel in my iFixit kit.

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Depends what ones are bent and how many. Some pins are not used or just a common ground.

Pic related

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