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No more filling in captchas on 4chan.

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>literally no other info
sasuga jewgle

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>They didn't show an example No-CAPTCHA

Thanks Jewgle.

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Hackerjews thread

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way better, 10/10

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i thought the point was to sell 4chan passes

moot will make the captchas more annoying if anything

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Mine transforms in a green checkmark.

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4chan passes came from people actually wanting to donate to 4chan. moot didn't agree until he figured captcha removal could be a nice bonus.

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further reading says they try to guess your humanity based on whatever information they have about your browsing history/ip/etc

seems they don't have enough about me, which i'm ok with

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Doesn't it just check your google account?

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>Please verify that you are not a robot.

All I can do is hit submit.

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i don't have a google account

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>Implement annoying captcha everyone hates
>Offer a hassle-free alternative in exchange for access to your info

Fucking shit.

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>try to guess your humanity
Doubt that'll ever work

Couldn't someone just make a script that made random coherent sentences and googled them a couple time every hour?

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Also, i think onePlus's website has the new captcha. I remember seeing it somewhere.

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It probably works based on cookies, google search results (including which results you clicked) and uses a gaggle of JS, none of which is bot friendly

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ok, is there no way to fake all that? or is it just too hard?

i guess if it's something as big as captcha, hackers will do whatever is possible to hack it away.

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>I don't have a google account

Oh I think you do.

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What happened with the only sign numbers captchas? Those where sweet as fuck.

Now it feels like I get like three errors for every post. Did they really have to go so overboard on the distortion?

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Nothing's foolproof. Just like they had paid solvers and then automated programs solve reCAPTCHAs, they will probably crack the code to get it to autocheck, if not, it will fill out the CAPTCHA as usual. Cat and mouse.

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damn, that guy is pretty awesome.

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>i thought the point was to sell 4chan passes

The point of captchas were to stop douchebags and spammers from flooding the boards, not some conspiracy theory for Moot to make a few bucks.

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nice so every post on 4chan is linked to me then
thanks moot

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Wow so instead of entering distorted text, I click a button, wait 5 seconds, then enter distorted text.


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Ylilauta already uses the "I'm not a robot" button if you're a new poster/posting from a new account

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i hope you're enjoying the botnet

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But then later instead of investing time into a smarter system that could stop giving a captcha to 90% of users he invested time into a 4changold account system to jew everyone.

Deliberately inconveniencing people to make them pay to avoid it is super greedy. It's good google is getting rid of this CAPTCHA profiteering.

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I could make an autoit script in 5 minutes that would beat this shit..

Apply your own css style anytime this is included on a page using default class name.

Then a simple: find pixel color: #whatever, wait 5.3 seconds, mouse (right, down).

How would this even be a challenge unless I'm missing something?

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like moot's going to take the hit to 4chan pass sales by introducing verification that isn't frustrating bullshit
get real.

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Wtf are you even doing.
Are you changing the color fo the box?

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oy vey

oh my g-d

this is another shoah

not since the six million

this is how the holocaust started

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I will say exactly what I just said again for you.

Apply a custom style. (an example would be using a colour unlikely to appear on the webpage(s) ) Have a script look for that color, wait a few seconds, then click it.

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you'll be hearing from moot goldsteinberg's lawyers, you naughty goy you!

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I'm not even the guy you're replying to but holy fuck you are one autistic nigger.

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I still fail to solve a few of these fuck

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Moot will implement one of those other CAPTCHAs he previously said were shit.

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Ok nice but I think they thought of simple click scripts.

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that's it! i have had enough of this! i am calling the adl right now!

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Here.. how to write a style tweak + autoit script to beat the new captcha in (less than) 5 minutes.

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You're missing the point, clicking in that box is only part of it. It also checks your IP, any google account associated with your request etc. Try it in an incognito winow

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So from now on every time I click a capcha my whole browsing history, my favorites, my location, my IP and my posts on 4chan in scat trap threads will be forever associated with my google account which, in order to work on my phone, has my name, family name, phone number, address and credit card info?

t-thanks google

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>implying it's not already

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>Not paying 20 USD to avoid the captcha
It's not like you're poor, is it?

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It already all is.

They know who you are already so they are adding a feature to skip the captcha.

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>If I take off that Botnet, will you die?
>It would be extremely unprofitable.

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So if I ever get a job interview at Google I'll be rejected because my most searched words are "underage boys being fucked by big dogs"? That would be unfair.

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Worked on Firefox android, but not Chrome android.

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Why isn't 4chan not just using a non-intrusive "click the dog" type captcha?

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Why isn't 4chan just using a non-intrusive "click the dog" type captcha?

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I think it needs Javascript

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>captchas are temporary guys!
>its to stop the spam
>later on
>many years later
>still in place

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the shekels our moot receives from the jews

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how the fuck does this work?

can't bots just have some snap to button bs

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the button is a placebo.
think about who makes this now captcha and what they do.

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influx of newfags during Ferguson riots causing more people to activate the captcha at 4chan, thus triggering the distorted shit captchas

that's why moot hide the captcha until you start typing, to keep the hard ones from appearing

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Buy a Gold Pass

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it finds your google cookies for your account and uses that as verification

use it in incognito mode and it shows the old captcha.

this does make it easier though for one attack because you just prepare a few accounts and then spam an auto click however they'll know exactly who you are and just ban the account

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BotRaid coming soon

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I doubt joot will use this. Where's the point of having a 4chan pass when you don't have to solve a captcha?

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not letting google know what you shitpost about

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This. i use ff and chrome.

All my social media happens on chrome. All my 4chan/non conformist shit happens in ff.

It didn't showed me previous captcha in chrome but it did in ff. So it definitely checks for a google login cookie.

However i wasn't logged in at the time. i wonder however if i was using 2 different emails and logged out of both, and then i attempt to spam, which account will google block?

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If capchas are too hard, you might want to rethink posting, because you are probably retarded.

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This is bait.

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At least it will provide a nice excuse to use a non-google captcha.

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> Joot

made my day

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Its apparent to absolutely everyone that the results of moores law and advances in machine learning have rendered 'are you a computer' tests absolutely useless.

The only real way to tell if someone is a bot now would be to hold a 30 min conversation with them over skype and even then it's days would be limited.

Google have probably found that their Ai systems are better at solving captchas than humans and have recalled the system to save money.

The horrible thing is that this is only going to get worse. The bots on 4chan started by posting random links to pr0n but imagine a bot that could hold a passable conversation, infer your location and demographic then slowly influence you towards a shopping site.

That technology already exists.

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Any working phantom.js scripts?

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>The horrible thing is that this is only going to get worse. The bots on 4chan started by posting random links to pr0n but imagine a bot that could hold a passable conversation, infer your location and demographic then slowly influence you towards a shopping site.

we're a long way off that being affordable

>> No.45321852

Still, having a normal conversation with a bot requires quite some processing power / resource / set-up. I don't think the average shop has that.

>> No.45321884


Admittedly we're going to have to wait for a decade or more until that kind of stuff is commonplace, but its being experimented with in large supermarkets already.

>> No.45321932

If it's on such an advanced level that it's virtually the same as a human, why would I care? Just assume it's a human until proven otherwise and go on with your life, there is no point in second guessing everything. When you can't tell machines apart from humans anymore then does it really even matter if they are machines? I dont post on here to talk to humans, I post to share information and talk. If you are a bot or not does not matter one bit as long as you give me a dialogue that feels real.

>> No.45321960


That's a pretty good question.

If you could prove that an Ai wasn't true hard Ai, just a very clever robot. Would you care if you couldn't tell it apart from a normal human?

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>implying 4chan is the only place advertisers target
i would like to racially discriminate against bots

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Yes, because just as humans harbor hidden motives, the directives an AI is composed of would as well. And unfortunately, this proxy is likely much worse than what exists in other people. It's a matter of risk assessment and faith in the adequacy your theory of mind. It wouldn't matter from an experienced and functional standpoint, but it remains very relevant.

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So all Ai programs have to have hidden motives?

Or could it learn them? If it had no incentive I suppose it could learn one. Perhaps an Ai would be just as susceptible to advertisement as a human.

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Well tuned chat bots are already better conversationalists than 60% of 4chan userbase.

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I don't get how this is supposed to work. What is the "my favorite color" thing all about? Everything is greyed out for me, I can only click the button that makes me fill out a captcha anyway

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You need to sign into a Google account. The Red stuff is just a demo form, it's not important.

>> No.45322289


oneplus already has this.

How come they have this before google has released it?

>> No.45322307

it's called copycat

>> No.45322316

do you even know what the fuck you're talking about?

How is this copy cat?

>> No.45322320

Probably Oneplus made customized captcha system and google liked it and copied it

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>The idea is that, if the server analyses its records and decides you’re almost certainly a human, it won’t show you the distorted words at all. However, if the sever isn’t sure if you’re human or not, it’ll show you the words.

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Fuck off slav.

>> No.45322387

>implying nocaptcha is just changing the look of captcha

There's a whole lot of stuff going on under the hood. Not to mention anyone can use css to make captcha look like whatever they want.

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Oh boy but now every post is linked to your 4chan pass which is linked to your IP and credit card and with it all of your personal data

>implying you can escape the botnet

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You're assuming this'll ever get implemented on 4chins while easier captcha = less annoyance = less passes bought = less jewgold for mootles.

>> No.45322796

It is affordable for google itself

>> No.45322871


they're still profiting from it

>> No.45323215

I agree.

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>what is google analytics

>> No.45323261

I'm signed into the google account that I've been using since gmail was created, and I'm always signed into, and I still got the captcha after clicking the box. What now?

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Turned off by noscript

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Google thinks you're a bot.

>> No.45323347

I guess so. Even thought I solve about a thousand captchas a day on 4chan. I must be a pretty good bot.

>> No.45323360

though* not thought

>> No.45323945

>look mom I can bypass the captcha by changing the background-color thing xDddd

>> No.45324114


HUE, im a robot again....

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So current captcha is a botnet that reads every book on earth and translates it for lord Jew. How will nocaptcha benefit king Jew?

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this will go well

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