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You guys know 4chan's run on 4 mac mini's right?

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are they stackable?

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install gentoo

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He actually uses Dell servers

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Yes actually

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The majority of 4chan is served via CloudFlare which is entirely Linux. Very few requests actually hit whatever hardware moot maintains.

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bullshit ive seen the 4chan blade server with mine own eyes.

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Not anymore.

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moot said it himself

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So does that mean everything we post here is also on iCloud?

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>not understanding the meaning of source

Dude the fuck

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What are those, then?

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Why is moot running FreeBSD on Mac Minis?

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>on Mac Minis
Are you blind? See >>43905201

Also https://twitter.com/moot/status/438798489141936128

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one question: why

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someone please confirm, if true we have to stop posting our nudes here :\

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Too stupid for GNU/LINUX MASTER RACE, but still want to use unix

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Why wouldn't you use FreeBSD or Solaris then? GNU is by name not Unix.

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You know Moot was just trolling, right?

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IDK, it's not mine.

>gnu isn't unix
it's a copy of it; that's just to avoid licensing bullshit.

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CloudFlare uses Mac mini's?

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iirc there's a feature on iPhone where you can actually have your voicemail as a list which you were able to click individually instead of a number from the provider you would call which would just speak out every voicemail.

but you had to run apple software to offer this service and to use apple software you need to use apple hardware.

so my guess is: These servers belong to a mobile provider offering apples special voicemail feature.

But iirc apple has dedicated server racks so why they're not just using them is beyond me. Maybe mac minis are cheaper, I don't know

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>being this fucking retarded
>being a telco that doesn't deploy carrier grade hw and software

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