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Anyone here get oneplus invite from technigger?

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stopped reading at "technigger"

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do they know you use the word nigger when you shill?


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Good cus thats the end of my question

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i'm in for one, if i happen to get it, i'll be handing it out to someone on /g/.

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that's not Eli

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So you missed the question mark?

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Nah, just got the M8. Perfectly happy with it.

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I don't get it, does the invite make it free or something?

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i refuse to sign up for twitter so i'll not win

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people are willing to suck dicks for the privilege of paying for the phone in full

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>people are willing to suck dicks for the privilege of buying a flagship spec device at half the cost

fixed for truth. call me a shill but that makes invites a commodity right now.

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sent ;)

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fuck you faggots are retarded.

moooooooooooom, he said nigger on the internet!!!!

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fuck this phone is big

wheres the mini version?

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>people are willing to suck dicks for the privilege of buying a flagship spec device at half the cost that has a 50/50 chance of being broken out of the box

fixed for truth. call me a sceptic but that makes invites a really expensive lottey ticket right now.

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>please give me an invite mr. magic negro ;_;


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Well that was the end of the post so it would make sense.

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