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How were you introduced to computing?

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Parents bought a computer in 1996 when I was 5. I started fucking around with it

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My father had a dos computer and occasionally let me play games.

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Through my school, but I couldn't really do anything with them because the school had them locked down. My family didn't have a computer until I was 16. I didn't have a computer of my own until I was 18. Some guy told me to install Linux and I did. Now here I am.

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My parents have had a computer since before I was born.
Apparently I could use the computer 'with purpose' and open and play some dos games when I was 2.

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Some time around 2000-2001 my Dad let me have a computer with Windows 98 installed on it. I was probably 6 or 7 at the time, but I plugged everything in and set the computer up the way I needed to, and then I'd spend most of my time playing Beachhead 2000 and Mech Warrior 3 on it.

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Some faggot in middle school introduced me to le hacking. I eventually moved on to programming and eventually found 4chan and from there /g/.

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By the time I was born, my parents had this IBM Aptiva 2144, so by the time I was on my feet, I started messing around with it, and...I knew how to type by the time I was 5.

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in 1994 someone in my neighborhood threw out an IBM/XT and I dragged it home and got it to work

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I don't remember. I've been computering since before I could walk

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so did mine

now he has severe bouts of depression, likely caused because his son is a worthless sack of shit

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Maybe youth spent using MS-DOS causes depression.

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I don't remember the first computer I ever used. I think some model of Apple ][ the school I was going to had. All I remember doing on it was playing Moon Lander.

First computer my family got was some Packard Bell toaster with Windows 95. I looked up sex.com on that thing. Got in trouble. lel

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Tfw sex.com got me in trouble too. I feel you anon

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My dad got a new computer and gave me his old IBM 5150.

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What's going on with the rape monster in the bottom right?

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>tfw upgrading 386 sx 25 to 486 dx4 100

upgrading doesn't feel the same anymore

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C64 -> Macintosh Plus -> Power Mac -> Red Hat Linux box -> Win2000 -> WinXP -> Win Vista -> Win 7

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Dad worked at Microsoft, introduced me to Windows. It's funny because he also introduced me to Linux later and now I prefer it.

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I bought a computer for myself my freshman year of high school. My parents had one before that, but they were the typical "Anon you can't use the computer for anything but typing or you might get viruses" people.

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First computer was a Machintosh Classic
After that I fucked around with an old Gateway machine with a Pentium 2 and 64MB of RAM.

Then parents got an iMac G5 which I eventually got and install debian for PPC on up until I built my own PC end of 2011.

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Playing computer games on the early days of xp

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Grew up around computers. My old man worked for pic related

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Parents got a desktop with a Pentium @ 166Mhz for their home business. I played games like Hover, although I'm pretty sure it was just the demo. Would have been around 1997 or so, I would have been about 12.

I'll always remember how precious an internet connection was back in dialup days. I'd only get like an hour of internet a day maximum because my parents were worried that I was addicted. Now it's on 24/7 and I have it in my pocket at all times.

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The first computer I ever typed on was probably a GEAC REMANCO restaurant management terminal in my father's office. I cannot find any photos of what the terminal looked like, but I remember that it was a green phosphorescent type telex display, that it used 8" floppy disks for storage (these were so large that they were literally mounted into the wall next to the terminal), and also that most of the time when I typed something, the system would respond with "BAD COMMAND OR FILE NAME."

Sometime after that my family received an Apple IIGS as a Christmas gift and I played a few games on that. It was our first home computer.

After that we switched to a Windows 95 machine, and that was what really got the ball rolling. I've owned countless computers since then.

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In 2004, My dad let me check out his XP computer. Got my own computer in 2010 and searched for forums to check out. Found /g/ and now Im here.

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I think on a Mac Performa or some shit my dad brought home from work when I was 1 or 2

Then he gave me a Pentium-90 of my very own at 3

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I discovered the World Builder in Command and Conquer Generals.

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Underage b&

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Around 1991
Atari ST of my cousin.

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AT&T Unix in the late 70s at my father's work. I thought that was the fucking coolest shit ever and I became a neckbeard instantly while still in grade school.

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Jesus fuck are you serious how fucking young are you people

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1999, Win98 at my pre school.

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When I was 4 years old, my dad bought a Packard-bell multimedia 500d from Best Buy in October of 1995, and told me that computers were the future, and that if I don't learn how to use one, I would be 'busting my ass all day' like him. His gestured to his hands, which were covered in scrapes and gashes from sheetmetal work.

tl;dr: my dad wanted an IT nerd

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mspaint and age of empires on an old win95 box

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In my Grundschule (German equivalent to primary school) we had a PC with Win 3.11 and were allowed to use Write, Paintbrush and Anton (an eduvation software for German, Math and English).

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Dad brought home a Macintosh from work, pretty much spent my time playing kid pix and some lego game that let you export animations

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Parents had a Windows 98/2000/XP box around for a good portion of my childhood. For the most part, I never used it for anything other than playing Civ.

Then when I was 16 wanted to be a LOLANONYMOUSH4XX0R, went to partyvan, which told me to learn C. So I did... and then I realized that I would need to be studying for years... and then I stopped giving a shit about being a hacker and just learned to enjoy programming.

And now I've got about a year left on my Bachelors in Computer Science and am wondering what the fuck I want to do with all of this. I enjoy programming, though I'm not entirely sure where I want to go with a career in this. I can just as easily see myself doing, say, server-side web development as I can, say, desktop or mobile application development.

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It was bretty good.

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started with windows 3.11 and DOS, playing C&C against my dad over a serial connection when I was 6, earliest I remember was playing doom though.

I eventually got my own pc built from spares with windows 95

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Games were good fun, MSX Basic / Logo / ... programming was not.

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I was like 6 or 7 when my dad brought home an old DOS computer with windows 3.11 on it. No idea which architecture or which processor, it was too long ago, although I still have the old 14" CRT monitor that went with it and occasionally used it since.

My dad never really understood anything about computers than what he learned for work, so we were both clueless back then. What's even worse, I stayed on his level of knowledge far too long. I was a "windows power user" a long time, but I only got into the real stuff when college started. Since then I started experimented with ganoo+loonix and learned some actual knowledge, including programming.

My greatest regret is that no one in my life when I was younger was able to teach me anything to help me advance. I could have acquired the knowledge I have now a long time ago, but I had no means to get into it. So nowadays I remember my highschool buddy programming a completely functional GUI application in C++ (his brother was studying CS), and I just got to that level after so many years of college.
I doubt that I'll ever have kids, but if I do, I'll make sure to pass them as much of my knowledge as possible if they show any interest in it.

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My dad got a computer for free, his company wasn't using it anymore. It was a good old [email protected] that ran MS-DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.11.
Man, this Windows version is SO easy to use my 5 years old self could just navigate through the menus. Good times.

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Parents bought one in 1994 when I was 3, I was only able to play with Aladdin

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My mother needed a computer and bought one in 1999 with Windows 95 on it when I was 4.
I remember playing Doom 2 on it.

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This was our first home computer. I may have used other 8-bit computers at other people's houses before then, but I don't really remember.

Not really sure what Commodore were thinking with this one. Most of the games I had were for the awful C-16, which was compatible with this. There were very few games specifically for the Plus 4.

Being a child I didn't know any better, and I loved it. I also used the built in word processor a lot, wrote programs in basic and I had an art program that used a light pen, and a black & white printer.

My dad really sparked my interest in tech at a very young age.

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I typed in every single program from it.

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I grew up on a farm, we didn't have electrocity until I was 5 or 6, about a year later in 1998 we got a shitty laptop that I played Doom and Ultima on. Didn't actually get interested in them until I got my own in 2005 though.

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>Apple 2 at home and at school
I learned basic and played oregon trail.

>486 66mhz with math co-processor + 12 megs of ram.
Learned DOS and windows in here. I played chess, mech warrior 2 and kings quest on there. Fond memories.

>Pentium 233mmx with 3DFX Voodoo graphics driver
My friends creamed at the sheer graphics this thing was capable of on my 21 inch CRT monitor.

All three were instrumental to my utter dependence on desktop computing.

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my dad was gentooman back in 90s

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Why did commodore have to be so incompetent? Why couldn't apple have gone bust instead?

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Because Irvin Gould was a greedy jew completely out of touch with the microcomputer market.
When he saw that the original Amiga development team was improving the architecture (the Amiga 3000 was almost ready in 1987 and should have been released as the Amiga 2000) while the German division could just rehash the Amiga 1000 and turn it into 2 "new" models, he fired the original Amiga team. If the Amiga 3000 was released in 1987 instead of 1991, with a [email protected] and the ECS chipset, with a proper marketing, it would have blown all the 286 and 386 PC-AT clones.
But that was asking too much from post-Tramiel Commodore.

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>that game
>together with warcraft, genewars, populous, monkey island, need for speed, tomb raider, turok, and all that generation of 3d games
>that 3dfx logo
>previously only used nes/amiga or 386 tier pcs
>windows 95 plus themes
>motherfucking battlezone
>grandma gifted my first subwoofer for birthday
>a sidewinder force feedback pro
>shitting on aliens and commies 24/7 with throttling joystick and rumbling noises

I was literally stuck in awe when my pentium II 233mhz arrived, I also never had a modem prior to that since internet wasn't really that common where I live. Probably the apex moment of my happy life.

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my dad liked computers so i got his old 386 and played number munchers on it.

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My dad had an Windows 95 PC which he gave me. I learned to use it a bit, but it couldn't do much and I wasn't that interested in it. But it got me going.

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oh shit I still have one of those joysticks, USB though, not gameport

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C64, played ninja and masturbation games. programmed never ending loops in BASIC spouting "anon is the best!!".

>dat face

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Are you still the best, anon?

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sadly. no.

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>being introduced

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haha fukken stroker

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When I was 5, I started using my parents' Win98 machine. I used it like a normalfag for a while until I was eight. This fgt Bre Pettis was the host of Make Weekend Projects, and he inspired me to get into technology. I learned to write batch files, then got into gaming for a few years. I scriptkiddied around for a few years before I competed in a hackathon quite a while ago and learned HTML + CSS. I'm currently learning Ruby in order to build a Rails application for a national science fair. Looking forward to starting my CS courses.>>42306207

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I played around with paint when I was like 4 back in the mid/late 90's. I browsed the internet playing shitty children's flash games for most of elementary school, and I had no social life in middle school and played MMOs. Similar in high school but with less computer and more social life added in. Only recently started to get into programming a lil bit.

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Good for your dad, being open-minded. My parents know how to work a browser, but not much else. ChromeOS was made for them.

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Eh, he could be 18, assuming his dad showed him at the age of 8.

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When Pentium 3 was the big thing, I got my first PC when Pentium 4 was the thing.

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Same, I was learning basic at 4 years old with my cousin on the C64. Good times.

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My first computer had Windows 3.1 before I was old enough to use the thing. Shortly after I was 4, 5, or 6, my parents put Windows 95 onto it. That was my earliest computer experience.

My parents tried to stop me. Unfortunately for them, I was the one who remembered the passwords for them. So, I just changed the time restrictions they set up.

but Christ, dial-up was awful

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A friend of the family who basically lived with us gave us oneand upgraded it once in a millenium. Introduced us to computing and internet (AOL at the time). He himself was somewhat stuck with old technology, never got highspeed internet at his own home, still using his cheap old single core laptop that's falling apart ever since.

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I loved the computers at school from a fairly young age.
At that age, it was nothing more than using the "multi colour" tool on RM Colour Magic (UKfags will know).
RM was amazing. For some reason they couldn't help but customise the shit out of windows. To put it plainly, I didn't understand why you needed a start menu for about 2 or 3 years, because the RM computers opened a load of folders tiled across the desktop, with all the programs you need, so the idea of "Click here to begin..." made no sense to me.

Then when I was about 7 or 8, my parents bought me a very cheap computer. It was £299 including the monitor and a printer. It was a Celeron D (i think?) 2.96GHz with 256MB RAM, and we used dial up internet. I wasn't allowed to use it until after 6pm too, because the phone calls are free after then.

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mates / mates dads Atari 2600 and cousins ZX Spectrum

My first was a C64, gaming mainly was my interest, seeing digital art and solving problems. My primary school got 486's when I was in 5th class. Windows was an App for DOS, mostly I remember playing Price of Persia on those. Future technology was fun in the past but things like Google Glass are just scaring me now.

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