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iPhone 6 screen resolution confirmed for 1704 x 960



Your face?

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at least its not 640 x 1136

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I now consider that pic with longer iphone every generation relatively accurate

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What's wrong with that resolution?

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That's going to look hilariously blurry on a 5.5 screen

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where is the hueg button?

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Android phones had sharper displays in 2012

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not industry standard

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>Since the 16:9 aspect ratio isn't changing, you won't have to deal with ugly black bars — a common sight after the iPhone 5's release. 9to5Mac says apps will automatically scale to fill the whole screen, but certain graphics may appear blurry on the higher-res display if they haven't been optimized.

Don't all good Android apps scale properly? They look good on shitty 320x480 and 1080p. No black bars.

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Actually it's going to be funny how fast macfags will backtrack on "hurr enjoy your 10 inch phone android losers" once they can buy one too. I think it's going to be the same if the iPhone ever gets NFC.

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this is what the iPhone 6 will look like according to the leaks

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Apple just invented large screens. Bravo.

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Android always supported scaling because of the million possible device types.

iOS never had scale anything

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4.7" is fine. Pretty much the limit of what I would consider reasonable.

I've been thinking about buying my first iPhone for awhile now.

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>1704 x 960
we long nao

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>iPhones still can't natively play 1080p movies without rescaling them

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Oh right. Apple gets a pass on that argument.

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>iphone 8
>revolutionary 1080p display

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>1080p movies
>on a screen smaller than 20"

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Do it. I got a 5s recently, and I've loved the fuck out of it. My old samsung phone feels and performs like a plastic piece of shit in comparison.

There are little differences that will probably be piss-offs for the first bit, but once you've ditched droid, you'll probably never go back.

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>1704 x 960
Fucking why

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typical apple shill

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I don't think so. I love rooting and ricing, I'd never use an iPhone because of the limitations.

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Go back to your Radiohead.

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>1704 x 960

That's what happens when you buy your phone from a fashion company

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Guess again.

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You can't make a difference between 720p movie and 1080p on 5" screen. I have S4 btw.

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I used to do that, too. The thing is, though, the stock OS on an iPhone isn't bloated and utter shit, so you don't need to. I spend a lot of time at work or out doing things, so it's a waste of time compared to a phone that just werks.

Ricing is a valid point, though. You can't change the visuals (as far as I know). I like it, but if you don't, you're pretty screwed.

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Both of them?

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>the stock OS on an iPhone isn't bloated and utter shit
You can change that on Android easily, you know that right?

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Why the fuck does Apple need these special snowflake resolutions?

What advantage is their 1704 x 960 phone going to have over 1920 x 1080 phones that are the exact same fucking size?

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So whats the ppi in comparison to 6 inch 1080p

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anymore specs leaked so far? ill may switch toios when they get rid of those fucking plastic home buttons... capacitive please...

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the phone will 99% look like


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Sure, if you are technically-minded, and even then it's not exactly simple to get it minimal while keeping functionality.

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>My old samsung phone feels and performs like a plastic piece of shit

thats exactly what you bought...

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I do know that, but it isn't something I want to do every few months with the chance of breaking my phone. And don't say I'm a retard, because I've done it many times. I was hardcore android before getting a 5s. ROMs, while better than stock OSs, you'd be lying to yourself if you said they were completely stable.

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>credible source
>obviously means no source

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Battery life, making board space for other components/features, thinness, among many others

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>my computer screen is only a few pixels bigger

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way too low

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Then why not 1600x900?

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because distance from viewer to display

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because it's not 1.5x their current resolution, so scaling wouldn't be painless

I'm guessing

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Well that just asks "what the fuck were they thinking with 640 x 1136"

Is it some kind of trick to fuck over other screen manufacturers or what? It can't actually be saving them money to have runs of screens that only they use.

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>he thinks apple cares about saving money

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Apple never conformed. They always made their own path. That's what makes them unique and innovative.

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that would make too much sense

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Macfags hated 4.5''+ screens because their manlet hands couldn't reach the corners but now they will all love it, just because apple made it?

top kek

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Say Goodbye to customization, if you do that. If you truly like how iOS7 looks, though, then I guess go for it. Get used to having your app drawer on your home screen permanently.

Absolutely disgusting.

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Shut up nerd, this is the perfect size, who the hell needs full HD on your cellphone without looking like a notebook in your pocket. Apple wins again ;-)

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>once you've ditched droid, you'll probably never go back

I see the opposite happening weekly among my friends. The only ones using the iPhones still are grills, and a few guys, who are suspiciously into fashion, if you know what I mean.

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If they don't they wouldn't hire chinese sweatshops to manufacture their products.

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Times change. Apple might be a late arrival in some area, but once they get there, they actually do it fucking right, unlike the half-asses Lagdroid attempts at everything.

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>implying iphone users know what resolution means
>implying iphone's main market, teenage girls, can easily use a phone this big

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It's the opposite at my university. All my friends have switched to iPhones, even the ones that use to hate on Apple. It's the same with macs since they're becoming cheaper now. It's funny because the two gay people in our study group both use lagdroid. Go figure

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>Times change

What do you mean exactly.

Did your hands magically grow? A 4.7'' screen is a 4.7'' screen you moron.

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ITT: things that happened

>> No.41920003

Right... One of the interesting things about Apple is that they tend to show how things about them tend to reveal that there are retarded people on both sides of the fence.

Seriously, over the last few years we've had multiple "confirmed" unveiling events for the iWatch, 3G Macbooks, features like 4G on the original iPhone 4, NFC on the iPhone 5 and ARM Macbook Air to be unveiled before the end of 2011.

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No, you don't understand.

He is implying that iPhone users are kindergarteners. Who now grew a little, so they need bigger phones.

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That's just iOS. OS X is certified UNIX, so it conforms to a hell of a lot of standards.

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don't iOS users have higher average IQs, higer average incomes, and are more likely to have a college degree?

aren't lagdroid users just retards that can't afford real phones?

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416 for the 4.7 screen

>> No.41920049

this so much

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Media consumption have been increasing heavily all through 2013, and even more so in 2014. Bigger screen is more or less mandatory now, and Apple will deliver.

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>real phones
You're cute ;^)

>> No.41920085

at least make it a bit more subtle

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it's meant to be a troll, but it's funny since everything he wrote is true (except for the last sentence about real phones)

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lel apple can't into 1080p+

>> No.41920126

Oh come on, that's only 200x100 away from actual 1080p. Did Apple really jew its userbase over a few pixels?

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It's over, Apple is finished

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Shitnux users also have higher average IQs than windows users. That doesn't mean their smarter.

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Maybe in 2017. iFags will still "upgrade" their iPhone 5s', and will even gladly stand in line overnight. Why would Apple bother, if they have customers like that?

If baby steps lead to obscene profits, then why change?

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>1704 x 960
won't happen.

>> No.41920363

It will. It's irrational to not use a 1080p screen, but that's 1.5x the 5/5s and 3x the older ones.
I.E. They're doing it so that devs only have to render their images at 1.5x instead of 1.6something X.

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This. You almost have to envy how retarded the fanbase is. If I was in charge, I'd put dog bowls in all the seats of the iPhone 6 reveal keynote with screens in them and make the viewers watch the keynote through that.

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I think the point, like it's been since the introduction of the iPhone 4, is that with the screen sizes in question, anything higher is pointless. To be able to tell the difference between what Apple uses and any higher PPI displays, you're basically going to need a magnifying glass or well above average eyesight.

That's the main reason why I'm skeptical about this rumor as they'd basically now go out an significantly boost the PPI even thou they're right now at the limit of what has a point. This would only pander to the same type of pointless spec fetishism as most of Samsung's, LG's, Sony's and Nokia's top-of-the-line devices.

An example of what they usually do is the A7 SoC, it's a dual core chip with performance on par with the quad core Snapdragon 800, but a much lower power consumption (as shown by having equal or better battery life on a 1570mAh battery as 800's with 3000+ mAh batteries).

>> No.41920649

It's less about what they can, more about what there's a point to. There's literally no point to 1080p on devices smaller than 7", it's just pure spec fetishism when it really comes down to it. It's not just Apple buzzwords, they've genuinely done the math and third parties have confirmed it.

The only reason why we have 1080p cellphones is because of idiots who only read spec sheets and think bigger numbers are better and there's no such thing as a limit on what your eyesight is capable of.

>> No.41920713

>idiots who only read spec sheets and think bigger numbers are better and there's no such thing as a limit on what your eyesight is capable of.
the human eye can only se x fps XDDDDDDDDDD
because having to resample a 1080 video is great

>> No.41920715

it already did

>> No.41921163

>the human eye can only se x fps XDDDDDDDDDD
I suppose that's the usual "This one example of bad science means that all arguments claiming something similar are wrong"-fallacy you get from spec fetishitists when you question their blind faith in spec sheets. The math on what is "retina" and what isn't is actually solid.

You don't have to resample shit, the device itself can just scale it correctly and most streaming services (it's not like you're going to be transferring huge files onto a cellphone so you can watch the latest hollywood brain cell killer in glorious 10-fucking-80-pee) can provide better suited material. Lower bandwidth and hardware usage without any difference that you can actually see.

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(at apple users)

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>Apple never conformed. They always made their own path. That's what makes them unique and innovative.
>Apple is following all other phone manufacturers by making phones with larger screens. But they're not conforming guise!!!
Hang on, wait what?
There is a point in the whole "not having to scale your shit" idea. Believe it or not that actually impacts the quality of the media you're viewing and is a major reason for 1366x768 screens being the devil.
>the human eye can only se x fps XDDDDDDDDDD
Actually had a person say this at a party last Friday. I think my jaw nearly dropped. His exact words were something along the lines of "I got a PS4. It shows 48 frames per second which is twice what the human eye can see."

I explained it to him and I think he understood eventually. Then he launched into a long and boring monologue about star trek.

>> No.41921359

It may impact the quality at PPI's inside of what you can tell the difference between, but I really doubt this is the case when you're beyond that.

Simply put: If you can't tell the difference between two resolutions, how do you tell the difference between content scaled from one to the other?

>> No.41921541

while you may argue the usefulness of using a 1080p display vs a 960wathever, the thing is that apple jewed out on this... it doesn't make any sense to save 3$ because "it looks close enough on a 5" display"
at least this is not the mentality that you'd expect from a tech savvy/autist faggot on g

>> No.41921746

>If you can't tell the difference between two resolutions, how do you tell the difference between content scaled from one to the other?
Because those are two different things. Scaling isn't a good thing and it is very noticeable, even at the optimal viewing distance for "retina".

>> No.41921749

>PPI beyond 400
I feel sorry for apple that they have to join the PPI race now so that technology illiterate fucktards like OP don't think their products are outdated. Apple always had my sympathy for not doing marketing bullshit like adding more and more cores and increasing PPI ridiculously high.

The only reason why we have high PPI panels are dumb gullible customers thinking higher number is better and virtual reality devices like oculus rift. Smartphones are basically the milk cows making high density panels more affordable by gaining experience with mass production but for the smart phones themselves the technology is unnecessary

>> No.41921774

funny, apple is clearly falling behind in the tech now

RIP steve

>> No.41921807

Or !maybe they just don't want to support the fucking VR Jew using smartphones as milk cow

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I've also seen lots of regular folk ditching iphones for samsung galaxy. At place where I work iphone is mostly used by females and guys in their 50's which jumped to smartphone wagon directly from Nokia 6310.

Even my girlfriend which I bough iphone some time ago nags me that she wants "galaxy".

>> No.41921901

I don't think we're talking about PPI beyond 400, I think we're talking about a bigger screen. The bigger screen rumours have been going around for weeks if not months now.

Would probably be a good thing considering devices with bigger screens also tend to have a bigger battery and better battery life.

>> No.41921903

The reason they don't upgrade it to 1080p now is that then it would be harder to sell the iPhone 7

>> No.41921925

it will most likely be less than 5 inch and around 400ppi. no fucking way iphone is above 5inch.

>> No.41921929

I hope you are trolling

>> No.41921939

sure fucktard. is that why they kept the same ppi for generations before and sold so well? the ones doing marketing buzzword bullshit is no longer apple. it are android manufacturers.

>> No.41921970

>Apple always had my sympathy for not doing marketing bullshit
>retina and other buzzwords

>> No.41922002

You really think so? Because the only times Apple have broken with previous resolutions is to change screen size and to introduce retina. They've stuck with their retina PPI pretty solidly on the iPhone and I can't imagine them changing it now. I honestly believe that they'll be launching a bigger phone and all the numbers fit the rumours.

>> No.41922008

>marketing buzzword

Retina tops it all

>> No.41922032

I take a subway to work daily, and as much as I dislike Sameshit, the ratio between Samshits and iPhones is about 3:1 these days. It was about the other way around just 2 years ago.

>> No.41922039

>hurr durr buzzwords
well, you have to do SOME marketing as a company to survive. at least it were just buzzwords. android manufacturers add CPUs with more and more cores and panels with higher ppi and claim that it's BETTER, that GOING BEYOND 400PPI gives you an advantage solely due to the sharpness resulting from the ppi but that's bullshit. sure it does if you use a fucking microscope but people don't use their phones with microscopes so it can almost be considered lying.

>> No.41922058

>I honestly believe that they'll be launching a bigger phone and all the numbers fit the rumours.
have you actually fucking calculated how big the phone would be if they used 1700pixels while staying at their PPI? iphones always were rather small phones, no fucking way they will make one bigger than 5 inch and IF they do then I'll scratch my plans to switch from android to iOS.

>> No.41922065

Fuck screensize, I'm curious about the processor. The A7 was a beast compared to the A6, so will there be an A8?

>> No.41922098

Don't forget the higher chances of getting laid. Unlike some users of certain plastic povertyphones *winkwink*

>> No.41922116

Then why are you still a virgin, son?

>> No.41922161

So? They're not running Android so it's not like it makes any difference to the developers what resolution they decide on.

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You're dumb

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>what is a jailbreak

>> No.41922188

This is actually believable though. In an age of 1080P smartphones the retina display is no longer the amazing tech it once was at barely over 1000 x 640.

>> No.41922255


Screensize matters to average consumer. Took galaxy mega 6.3 that I bought for my dad to work to set it up and iphone users where just green with envy how fucking small their iphones looked next to it. They were all like woooow, look at that thing, it's so modern, is that new gaaaaalaxy. No one gave a second thought about ergonomics, practicality or any others specs like cores, dpi, they were all blinded by screen size.

Sometimes I think samsung made those mega phones just as publicity stunt but my dad likes it. Carries it around the neck all the time since you can't put it anywhere else.

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File: 69 KB, 640x1136, mysides.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>always late to come out
>gets less and less supported with each passing year
>breaks with every single iOS update, no matter how minimal it is
>voids warranty

Yes, yes, there is jailbreak, but very few people think that it is worth the trouble, so they are stuck with an ability to change their wallpapers... and that's it.

>permanent calculator
>permanent flashlight
>my fucking sides
>pic related
>don't like it? too fucking bad!

>> No.41922299

I like the iPhone's form factor. You can easily reach everything with just one thumb.

But I can understand why they're going for a bigger size. The customer wants it and it makes it easier to cool the thing and throw a bigger battery in there.

>> No.41922323

Why would they care? Applefags will eat any old shit as long as it has the logo on it.

>> No.41922336

Its been pretty much confirmed that they will launch two different size phones

>> No.41922339

4.7 inches is the "perfect" size it seems, and I see this number thrown around quite frequently. I actually think that it's a very good move on Apples side, and you bet your fucking ass it will sell like crazy, as it has always done.

>> No.41922343

still too large for such a small display

>> No.41922344

[Spoilerz]It looks the same as every other iphone[/Spoilerz]

>> No.41922366


>> No.41922381

>they kept the same ppi for generations before and sold so well
It was back then you fucking retard, but now they are behind everyone else spec-wise (even some fucking windows phones have 1080p screens), and I meant that they'll have to upgrade something in their future phones, they can't just sell literally the same phone under a different name (I'm joking, of course they can, apple consumers are retards).

>> No.41922419

>If only it still was 1943... Those were the good ol' days of the propaganda films in the cinema...

>> No.41922519

They probably don't even save money because screens with that resolution aren't mass-produced, or even produced at all yet

>> No.41922554

the 5c was a disaster. thoughts?

>> No.41922567

It was, yet it outsold each and every flasgship android device.

>> No.41922619

>b-but why that resolution?
>muh 1080p
>f-fragmentation just like muh android

read all about it you faggots


>> No.41922621

even the moto g? wasn't it priced to sell like mad? the 5c is like 600 bucks off contract. i can't picture it selling that much better.

>> No.41922662

I have an s3 and I must ask you; are you fucking retarded? it's sooo easy to tell the difference in res between the s3 and the s4

>> No.41922669

At least the different sizes on iOS are straight multiples instead of whatever arbitrary shit the manufacturer could get ahold of the most cheaply.

>> No.41922710

If you hold a 720p phone next to a 1080p phone, you will easily see the difference. However, if you have nothing to compare against, you won't notice a thing.

I dislike iShit as much as the next guy, but honestly, I am perfectly happy with a 720p phone, especially if it means longer battery life.

>> No.41922713


Combined? Oh, don't tell me the 5C (one out of two offerings by Apple) outsold Sameshit flagships (one out of 10 Android flagships)!

>> No.41922724

Are you blind?

I repair both S3 and S4 for a living and the first thing I notice is the difference between their crispiness when holding them side by side.

>> No.41922771

That's like comparing the performance of the average android running phone. Try and compare the IQ of flagship android-phone users to those of iPhone users. They would probably get totally raped.

>> No.41922778

No, it wasn't a disaster at all.

>> No.41922781


This, I do like the iPhones size.

Whelp, Xperia Z1 Compact it is then. iPhone size, 20MP camera, IP57 and a microSD slot. You can't beat that.

>> No.41922795

It did.


>> No.41922824

It basically proves that despite the whining that suggests otherwise, nobody really wants a cheaper iPhone. People who buy iPhones are looking for high-end/flagships.

>> No.41922844
File: 12 KB, 226x231, 7294e2de-29aa-4d88-aedd-621170b2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the very headline itself says "reportedly"

My, the faggotry.

>> No.41922846

You can rice on an iphone, its just harder (same thing with OSX vs linux) Actually, real rice on iOS and OSX often is better than android/windows stuff because it takes so much work to do a little bit of rice, most people end up going balls out

>> No.41922892

you just proved his point. Just because the screen is a few inches thicker it won't make it acceptable to watch serious movies on your smartphone.
And lol at this thread:

You best believe Apple is doing this shit right. The most valuable tech company of the world does know how to make fantastic products better than "muh ricing" neckbeards on /g/. I always think it's exciting to see what apple releases since it either works out beautifully or fails but the latter is entertaining in its own right

>> No.41922903

the only time I've had trouble with a ROM is when I ran a nightly CM for a couple weeks, and all that was, was a couple crashes

>> No.41922907


>> No.41922926

omfg, but THAT'S WRONG.
Most people are easily capable of distinguishing between the res on the s3 and the s4, which proofs you wrong. I might agree that having >1080p on a <5 inch screen is retarded, but that's as far as I go.
Also, with those specs it would have a ppi of 416, which is a decent amount more that what is on a 720p phone like the s3. So your argument to support that android is st00pid also concerns Apple

>> No.41922934

Hopefully Apple will finally start the Battery Wars. Instead of meaningless ppi upgrades it would be nice to see a phone that lasts 3 days on a single charge.

Being waterproof would also be nice though.

>> No.41922936

No just no. OSX is nowhere close to the locked down iOS cancer.

>> No.41922944

>it would be nice to see a phone that lasts 3 days on a single charge.
Zero Lemon

>> No.41922986

iOS 7 made it waterproof though.

>> No.41922988


I think the Z1 had average battery, but it's still waterproof.

>> No.41922997

Anyone else waiting for the iphone 6 to be released? I really doubt there's anything innovative being released with the new phone except faster chips and a slightly but not much better camera.
How much would the 32gb iphone 5s approximately cost when the iphone 6 hits stores? And does anyone have experience with the battery decay?

>> No.41923001

That's fair enough. I think my s3 is more than enough for me, but there is better, and we can experience this "better". So it's not pointless to make 1080p phones, it's just not "necessary". But again, all smartphone are "unnecessary"

>> No.41923012

I don’t know about batteries, but it’s looking like they’re getting ready to start audio wars. iOS 8 is supposedly capable of 24-bit playback and the iPhone 6 will probably have a considerably nicer DAC+amp.

>> No.41923032

They're not two different things... With modern scaling algorithms you won't be able to tell the difference unless you can tell the screens apart.

It's not about saving $3 because it looks "close enough", it's because there's literally no difference in what the user can perceive (at least without a magnifying glass) and it's a waste of hardware resources and bandwidth or space depending on the source of the video.

We are after all talking about mobile devices with limited batteries, cellphone data plans and flash based storage.

It's like having a tiny hatchback with an engine that makes it go twice as fast, but with no difference in acceleration and twice the fuel consumption.

>> No.41923036


>> No.41923050

>iOS 8 is supposedly capable of 24-bit playback
Still no FLAC support?

>> No.41923056

It’s all rumors and
at that, but

>> No.41923101

>Most people are easily capable of distinguishing between the res on the s3 and the s4
At normal use distance? It's the same thing as with organic food, just telling people it's organic suddenly makes it taste better.

At an inch from your nose? Sure, but it's not like you're actually going to use it like that.

I suppose this is more or less to be expected from the usual Samshills and guerrilla marketing department goons that infest these boards...

>> No.41923234

This a thousand times, I'm sick and tired of shit tier battery life, I'm still with my Galaxy S2 because everytime I want a new phone I look at performance/battery life and it really bad with every damn phone.
I thought the 1+1 would overcome this issue but they had to put a meaningless super high ppi display and gimp the battery to 1day.
Please start this trend Apple and you have all my gratitude.
I can already imagine sammy's reaction to that if it happens, spilling spaghetti everywhere, and releasing GS5 sBattery Turbo Powered(tm) edition.

>> No.41923237

Meh. These arguments are always so fucking ponderous. As long as Google will license Android to anyone on the planet for either zero dollars or something close to it, there's always going to be an Android phone somewhere that outspecs the one (or two) iPhones currently on shelves in some way or another. Apple isn't going to release a 16" iPhone with 2TB of internal storage and an A46 octocore processor that costs $29 unlocked, and that doesn't mean Android automatically "wins". They're two totally different business plans. Get used to it.

>> No.41923280

You mean that's what is making them lose market share. Face it Apple has been getting shittier ever since Jobs died the recent Beats acquisition just proves that.

>> No.41923281

see >>41922944

>> No.41923300
File: 1.91 MB, 480x270, 1399031422935.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks beautiful. This one, the moto g 4g, moto x, and the new golden LG G3 are the most beautiful phones of this year.
I'm a poor fag so I will have to sticky with the moto g 4g.

>> No.41923309
File: 1.23 MB, 856x856, anna_elsa_laughing.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41923320

Might also carry a car battery with an adapter.

>> No.41923367


Because it's the native res of my phone plus it's IPS. Eat a dick, appleshill

>> No.41923401
File: 179 KB, 303x239, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41923403

>thinks Apple cares about market share

Apple only plays at the top end of the market. If $50 low-end Android devices are being gobbled up by the Obamaphone crowd, Apple couldn't care less.

>> No.41923432
File: 36 KB, 317x211, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41923449

>worldwide iPhone sales, 1st quarter 2014: up from 37.4m to 43.7m, increase of 17%

The only metric Apple cares about.

>> No.41923476
File: 11 KB, 67x69, 10814145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41923483

I'll buy it anyway, since I need a new phone.

>> No.41923504
File: 9 KB, 304x166, url.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.41923521

Crapple does it again.
That's fucking hilarious.
>first the retarded 1136x640
>now 1704 x 960 even more retarded
HAHAHAHA eat shit iFags

>> No.41923664

So Apple used to call out people on trying to steal their design. These look like fucking Samsungs.

>> No.41923724

>These look like fucking Samsungs.
minus the fucked up corner radius to screen ratios and a lot more symmetry

and a non-awkward home button size/shape

it also doesn't have the fatbulge curves seen on the S4 and earlier

>> No.41923734

Apple will probably sue Samsung for this too

>> No.41923774

Im genuinely interested in the A8. You can say what you want about Apple but their chip division is really something.

>> No.41923816

> huge screen
> still can't add more than 4 apps per row

>> No.41923827

A7 is almost desktop-class already, can’t see what they’re doing with the A8

they’ve been bringing graphics people aboard for the past year or so too, so they’ll even be doing graphics in-house pretty soon

>> No.41923844

*can’t wait

>> No.41923858

My $150 dollars chink phone has 1080p resolution.

But I guess appledrones will eat shit if apple commands them to do so.

>> No.41923863

To be fair, it would just look retardedly messy otherwise. I don't get why anyone would call any incarnation of iOS pretty, the grid thing they do is just horrid.

>> No.41923899

There isn’t any other sane option.

The android way of a random smattering of icons and widgets isn’t much better and lists aren’t very friendly. What are the supposed to do, reduce the home screen to a search field?

>> No.41923901

>A7 is almost desktop-class already
I hate this claim. It's been repeated so many times and the only thing to ever back it up is that one geekbench "benchmark"

>> No.41923935



>> No.41923936

Read up.


>> No.41924091

>hurrdurr it's like a desktop CPU but smaller and shit terrible performance
Desktop class my ass.

>> No.41924157

Come on man, several smarthphone CPU's are on par with Pentium IV performance.

>> No.41924170

>Pentium 4
>middle ages tier performance
Impressive indeed.

>> No.41924174

>Only reference of it being "desktop class" is literally in quotation marks and taken from Apples own marketing
Yeah, no, how about some benchmarks. Real benchmarks. As in, not geekbench because that holds as much weight as pissmark.

>> No.41924176

On a 130g device, yes it is impressive.

>> No.41924188

It doesn't matter, that's not fucking "desktop class".
Get your head out of your ass.

>> No.41924202

We’ll be able to bench these things better when apple releases their 12” A8-based retina MBA in a few months. Yes, it will run full-fledged unfettered desktop OS X, just like the rest of the mac lineup.

>> No.41924203


You havent read shit have you?

>> No.41924207

But anon Atoms and Semprons are desktop class, and those are about the same power than Pentium 4.

>> No.41924220

Guess where you find most, if not all modern atoms?
In phones and tablets. Not fucking desktops, retard.

>> No.41924225

WHy can't they create a new design from the ground,rather than to create a thinner rehash of the same shit?

>> No.41924247

But muh office use dual core Atoms!

>> No.41924257

Apple doesn’t do total redesigns unless the new design in question brings a serious benefit or difference of one sort of another. It’s been like that since Jobs came back.

>> No.41924260

And there are still people using CPUs from the 1980s. That doesn't make my dumbphone "desktop class" because it beats ancient hardware.

>> No.41924263

Because Appledrones doesn't like change, they want the same shit that just werks.

>> No.41924286
File: 111 KB, 630x420, Samsung-galaxy-beam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yet if apple did this, people would be jizzing their dicks off and say that apple is inovative!

>> No.41924298

And that looks based as all get out. I already pre-ordered. In my heart.

>> No.41924303

what the fuck, no

pico projectors are always utter shit and so niche it’s ridiculous

and i’m not one bit happy about the 6 being fuckheug

>> No.41924304



>> No.41924311

Because that's how you think different and bring innovation.

>> No.41924314

Why would a brand new design be inherently superior, when the one they have is the single most profitable mobile phone of the industry?

>> No.41924318

Yes, I did read it, because it's the one of the only two fucking articles you twats bring out every time you parrot this shit. The other one being the geekbench bullshit. Look at the article you linked me, prove me wrong.
No, just no. Go away.

>> No.41924329


Desktop class doesnt mean its a desktop chip nor does it imply that its fast as an i7, it means it shares alot of similarities with them in how it is designed.

>> No.41924333


It does not matter. Apple can sell the masses a turd as gold,and the masses will eat it up.

>> No.41924353

>No, just no. Go away.
You don’t want a cool-running, fanless macbook with a full 24 hours of battery life and power comparable to a modern atom, all running an OS that can actually do something remotely useful?

>> No.41924358

And by what arbitrary standard does this similarity make it desktop class? Guess what, wheat thins are desktop class CPUs because they're square, just like desktop CPUs! That's a similarity in design!
Seriously, desktop class means in the same class as desktop CPUs. The primary metric for measuring CPU class would be its function - its performance. By any reasonable standard, shitty mobile CPUs are not desktop class.

>> No.41924400

>And by what arbitrary standard does this similarity make it desktop class?

Read the article.

>> No.41924413

So the article's arbitrary standards?
Where's the fucking specification for your shitty buzzword?
Oh right, it doesn't exist because it's a fucking marketing term, retard.

>> No.41924425

you seem mildly upset

>> No.41924439

Yes because /g/ is going to shit because of retards like you.

>> No.41924482

are you sure it's not because of raging neckbeard-neets like you?

>> No.41924486

It's called "desktop class" because the processor is internally built much more similarly to how current desktop x86 processors work.

That being said, "desktop class" is a marketing term Apple made up.

>> No.41924504

>Over estimating ARM
>Expecting everything to just magically just werk on it
>Expecting Apple to support two CPU architectures in OS X

>> No.41924509

The raging neckbeards were here long before you retards came.
I know why they call it desktop class, but that doesn't make them any less retarded.

>> No.41924535

>I know why they call it desktop class, but that doesn't make them any less retarded.

Then why did you spend the last several posts in this conversation chain making stupid comparisons like >>41924358
>Guess what, wheat thins are desktop class CPUs because they're square, just like desktop CPUs

>> No.41924540

>>Expecting everything to just magically just werk on it
>>Expecting Apple to support two CPU architectures in OS X
Yes, I expect Apple to do that. They've pulled similar things before

>> No.41924561

My comparisons aren't any dumber than calling a shitty ARM CPU "desktop class", retard.

>> No.41924565

I expect at some unspecified point in the future we'll see this happen, but I do not think that will be this year, or next.

>> No.41924575

It’s not hard anon. The facts:

• Darwin, Cocoa, and other related frameworks already run on ARM (iOS)
• All iOS libraries must compile on both x86 and ARM (iOS simulator is x86)
• Most third-party OS X libraries also run on x86, and thus already run on ARM

It’d be a simple recompile for all but the most monstrous applications. Apple has gradually ramped into this, unlike Microsoft.

>> No.41924589

>• Most third-party OS X libraries also run on x86, and thus already run on ARM
*most third-part OS X libraries also run on iOS

>> No.41924603

didn't the ipad when it first came out just ran most apps literally just scaled up by doubling the pixels?

>> No.41924633

It did, but that rarely happens these days because users have shown a strong preference for iPad-specific applications when available, so developers provide them. Most popular apps with any level of functionality at all have both iPhone and iPad versions.

>> No.41924644


There is nothing wrong with describing a chip "Desktop class" because its internally built much more similarly to how current desktop x86 processors are.

i would tell you to deal with it but its obvious that you cant.

>> No.41924660

Then why aren't people calling the Razr i or whatever shitty fucking x86 phones "desktop class"? That would apply much more, since they're actually fucking x86.
Oh right, because the term is just a fucking buzzword that Apple decided to use because iFags are retarded and just eat this shit up.

>> No.41924670

>Oh right, because the term is just a fucking buzzword that Apple decided to use

What part of "it's a marketing term" did you not understand the first time?

>> No.41924698

People are using the term seriously though, and actually arguing for its validity (like your retarded ass was doing just one post ago). That's fucking retarded.

>> No.41924703

>needing seperate versions
meanwhile in glorious androidland

>> No.41924710

>• Darwin, Cocoa, and other related frameworks already run on ARM (iOS)
Frameworks are not the whole picture.
>• All iOS libraries must compile on both x86 and ARM (iOS simulator is x86)
Your argument is that because the development environment simulates iOS they are the same?
>• Most third-party OS X libraries also run on x86, and thus already run on ARM
Wait what? The third party stuff runs on x86 so it must work on ARM? That's your reasoning?
>It’d be a simple recompile for all but the most monstrous applications. Apple has gradually ramped into this, unlike Microsoft.
It's far more than just a simple recompile and I'm assuming you mean every day shit when you say "monstrous applications".

Also, microsoft are very much on the same page, especially with the coming unification of windows phone and windows rt, both of which use dotnet. Of course, I wouldn't expect an apple shill to know that.

>> No.41924720

They aren't separate versions, in most cases, they're universal.

>> No.41924729

is retarded a word you actually substitute for everything you don't like or are you just mentally challenged? I can't tell

>> No.41924758

Retarded is a word I use when it's appropriate and factually accurate.
You're retarded, and iFags are retarded.

>> No.41924773


>meanwhile in glorious androidland
>running scaled phone apps on your tablet


>> No.41924795


Mind your language young man!

>> No.41924803

Check your privilege, cis scum.

>> No.41924815

first of all, read my correction >>41924589

Basically I’m saying that truly native applications will recompile easily, while MS, Adobe, etc will have to take time to adjust their custom crap.

It’s not a perfect situation, but you’d at least have a plethora of smaller/indie applications available within a week of release, unlike RT devices which basically only had (and still only have) Office and some glorified webpage RT apps available at day one.

>> No.41924821

oh ok. Just wanted to let you know that you sound like an angry 14 year old who got spanked by his mom because he sexually abused the cat

>> No.41924836

epic insult /b/ro :^) you sure got me

>> No.41924905

Are you normally this angry online?

>> No.41924937

Also, many OSS projects will have ARM-OSX ports quickly because they’ve already been ported to ARM *nixlikes, making the transition trivial.

>> No.41925580


>> No.41925647

i only bought my s4 because the htc one at the time was not being carried by verizon and didn't want to wait

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