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Look at what just arrived today. It's my new laptop (if you could call it that, it's more of a portable desktop). Did I do good, /g/?

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>Gaming laptop

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Here it is unboxed.

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>gaming laptop

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It's beautiful, at least.

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Depends what you wanted. Basically with a gaming laptop you have.

>too heavy to be ultra portable
>too loud to use in class
>battery dies too fast for class notes
>big = looks old

If you intend to use it as a desktop replacement and use an external keyboard + monitor then it isn't terrible if youre rich since you can't replace parts you'll have to buy a new laptop in a few years..

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What's the specs?

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grats op.

I'll be moving to yurop on early july.

Will there be any new major laptops coming out or haswell refreshes or maxwell 870/880ms coming out or something from AMD(toplel)?

Was thinking of getting either a GT70 dominator or a clevo resold one for 200 eu less but with a shittier processor(and 1 year less warranty and MUCH lower resell value).

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Is there something inherently bad with gaming laptops? My career involves travelling for long periods of time, and I don't want to drag my hulking desktop with me, but still need something with enough power to handle my wants and needs.

I don't have the "luxury" of being a shut-in basement dweller, like most of you faggots.

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>in class
just use a shitty chinese tablet for that.

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Buy it in america it is cheaper. I bought my laptop from america even though i live yuropean onion.

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Not necessarily. Modern gaming laptops with gen 3 i7's, and 800 series Nvidia cards are surprisingly efficient.

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This laptop is a monster.

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I have gaymer laptop with i7 and gtx770m. It runs every game i want and last like 100 minutes if you dont run any games. Battery is quite low but still i run every game i want.

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How much did it set you back?

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I really hope you bought the version with 2 SSD's. Nothing kills performance than a shitty 5400 rpm platter.

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>getting jewed by customs
>+20% tax

It's really not worth it.

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My cousin brought here for me. Since she isnt citizen of usa zero tax. :3 No problem with customs.

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OP, Do you have a stumpy right hand?

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They're really expensive compared to desktops and can't really compete at the enthusiast level (880m is between 760 and 770, costs a shitload more). A 1500$ laptop can only play witcher 2 maxed at 40fps and crysis 3 1080p high settings(easy on the AA) at 40ish as well. PC can easily do 60 assuming you don't pay for the monitor.

17 inch monitor might not be too pleasing, but you'll have it closer to yourself than a 22-27 inch monitor anyway so it prolly isn't that big of a deal.

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>not a MacBook
You did pretty bad

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>Did I do good, /g/?

Probably not.


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That it is.

I'm in the military, not school, picture for proof. I'm using it as a desktop replacement, so weight and battery life are not an issue. As for noise, the G750J series are actually pretty quiet, I listened to one running at near max performance and it was nowhere near as loud as my old one. Money isn't an issue, your taxes lines my wallet pretty nicely.

Intel I7 4700 Haswell 2.4GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 870m 3GB
2.5' 1TB HDD & 2.5' 256GB SSD (can be upgraded to any larger 2.5' drives)
2 8GB DDR3L RAM (can add two more 8GB sticks, for up to 32GB)

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Please OP, I'm becoming quite concerned

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The 1500$ laptop is a 870m btw, so a top end laptop can play practically everything now no problem(even 1440p downsampled on most games) if you like paying mr goldstein premium cash.

Also I meant 50ish fps on witcher 2 not 40. I don't think even the 880m can play the witcher 3 at 1080p high settings and break 30fps, even if you dont' go crazy on the AA.

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Forgot the pic

Mine, the ASUS 6750JS, has the new I7 Haswell and GTX 870m. $1700-1900, comes with ASUS's standard free 1-year total warranty & accident protection.


5400, What are you talking about? My HDD runs at 7200 rpm.

what is military shipping?
>free shipping for almost everything
>customs can't fuck with your shit
>many companies offer military discounts, so even more savings

welfare-queen life is magical.

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Possibly. Do you have any lemons?

Posted specs above, check them out then say that again. Won't lie about the pricing, it is a major jew-out. using an external monitor and keyboard, so don't care about screen size.


To get anything near the same power of this beast in a mac, I'd probably have to pay $3000+. No thanks.

Specs are above.

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>To get anything near the same power of this beast in a mac, I'd probably have to pay $3000+. No thanks.
What do you need a powerful laptop for?

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Are you just illiterate or do you not like reading?

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Calling it a portable desktop isn't exactly telling me what you need that much power in a laptop for.

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Not him, It's a gaming laptop, are you high or something?

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A good guess would be gaming.

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>GTX 870M

I wouldn't say you did "good", but you didn't do bad either.

You did slightly more good than bad.

You did medium-well.

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Because reasons.

but seriously, it's for Vidya gaems, watching movies in HD, and 3D-designing (my personal hobby). You're a nosy faggot, btw.

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I didn't open the photo, from a glance at the thumbnail the box just looked like one of those behemoth laptops. And yes.

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>And yes.
Ah, good for you

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>the glory days of smoking pot and playing vidya while skipping school

I envy you. I'd totally smoke a bowl if my unit wasn't doing random piss tests like twice a month (and my name almost always ends up on them too)

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Ignore these desktop fags, you're doing gud op. Mobile is the future motherfuckers. Unless you are a pathetic shut-in. Or unless you believe in "There's no place like home."

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epic, simply epic

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You're not gonna find a laptop with an 870m under 1700bucks unless it's 2nd hand(LEL) or it's a clevo reseller or there's a major discount(gt70 dominators are like 1400$ in amazon atm, stronger cpu than op too).

For 1800 bucks you could've bought an MSI dominator pro with a 3.7ghz cpu and an 880m, however MSI's heating/pastejob is pretty cancerous and they're fucking jews using a 180watt PSU on a gpu that consumes 125watts, so don't even think about overclocking.

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I looked at MSI, and those cons you stated are why I didn't get one.

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>/g/ - Technology
No. You could have bought a P303 with a 860M. You bought instead a desktop replacement that has half the power of a desktop with almost the same weight. Congratulations you have used your money the worst way possible.

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>sacrificing 30% GPU power

get a load of this nigger.

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I have a Clevo P370EM, essentially the Ivy Bridge version of this, with AMD 7970m Crossfire.

A Clevo P370SM (which is the referred model from above), is the Haswell model of the P370EM, weighs the same amount as the ASUS, is cheaper if you order your own GPUs, and has much higher performance.

Only downside is the 1.5kg power brick.

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when your friends on skype ask what the fuck that growling grinding sound is when playing games you'll realize you picked poorly

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An 870m is literally a reashed 775m, a 780m is likely still a cheaper GPU, these kinds of heavy machines take MXM 3.0b GPUs, the ASUS GPU cannot be upgraded unless you know how to modify a VBIOS to work with a specific model, a Clevo/Sager, MSI, or Alienware machine that by default comes with an 870m or higher, a mobile AMD 290x (rehashed 8970m), 8970m (rehashed 7970m with more/faster VRAM), is fully upgradeable, the GPU can easily be upgraded.

To save money, look for a barebone machine, or buy one here:

This site seems to be the best in regards to Clevo Barebones, no other site I know of actually sells the machines barebone, just choose a P370SM, or P377SM, and no GPU (or RAM/SSD/HDD, if you have some lying around and would rather save money).

Learn to build your machines, and you can have high end machines that compete with quite decent desktops, my Crossfire 7970m for instance, will equal or beat a desktop R9 290x in performance (and crypto mining, but that produces too much heat).

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I paid about $1500 for this:
i7 3630QM
16gb DDR3
120gb Intel SSD of some sort
2x AMD 7970m in Crossfire
1080p matte screen (which I'm planning on replacing with a high colour gamut glossy, don't judge).

This beats a single 880m easily, and costs less. If one knows how to use aluminium tape, the GPU temps are even within reason.

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Don't listen to the haters OP. You got a good purchase there. Just remember to change the thermal paste and overclock that shit and you're golden. I have a G75VX I'll be using it for years to come.

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