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>mfw 2 RAM slots on my MSI z87-g43 are not working but first 2 slots are still working so I can at least run it in a single channel

Seems like I fucked up a pin or two on mobo while putting a CPU into the socket.

But it still works fine and I even overclocked my Haswell and it doesn't fail under heat.

No reason to try to fix that shit, r-right?

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So cute :3

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Until it shorts out and burns your house down.

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>Implying that you are not just getting the typical MSI-experience.

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Everything seems to work just fine except the 3rd and 4th RAM slots.

I've tried to play some games, tested it in benchmarks and prime95, etc.

Looks like it werks.
With a single channel RAM though. But is it a big deal? Not in my case I guess, considering that there's a huge chance of losing mobo without a guarantee if I will try to send it back to service or fix it myself.

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You probably knocked out a memory controller data pin. Not a big deal, but don't make a habit of it, because if you hit a VCC pin or something more serious next time you're gonna see some sparks or it will flat out not work.

Also, you must have fat fucking fingers or something, you dumb weeaboo.

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Siztra pls go

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I'm pretty sure it happened when I was closing the socket. It required too much pressure and sounded a bit weird. And I did it without a socket cover plastic thing if that matters.

But also I have a suspicious case of delivery with mobo box being unsealed and CPU+RAM were put inside of it so who fucking knows if they tried to fool me with a mobo being already slightly defected.

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try to loosen the heatsink, sometimes this the problem

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Well, if you want to take another look, here's a pinout chart. Kinda hard to match up though, so good luck.

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Nah, fuck that shit.
I'd open it now only if my PC will not boot one day because of that dead pin.

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They always do that, you fucked up at a different time.
Sounds like it was used before and fucked up before then.

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