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DAE use the Windows Classic theme on Windows 7?

All the professors at my college use it. It's basic.

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No because Aero really doesn't seem to eat too much of my resources. Besides that, Aero seems like it runs faster on my system, even if it is just placebo.

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I turn off the glass effect, since I think text on transparent background is bad. I don't turn off aero, though.

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First thing I do on any new Windows install is remove all the bloat GUI shit. Like, oh boy I get to see my window being minimized! It's all bullshit propaganda.

And classic looks better.

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Did you know that Windows 8 has a much better optimised UI and also that far less resources are in use while idling? I'd hazard a guess at saying the full W8 UI is faster than W7 with classic theme.

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It's not placebo. By default, Windows Classic Theme disables GPU acceleration, modern font rendering, and a bunch of other stuff. Now if you re-enable everything but the Aero visual styles, then you get the best of both worlds.

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>Now if you re-enable everything but the Aero visual styles, then you get the best of both worlds.

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I just started an office job for a bank, looking at xort codes all day, that uses XP but has them all set to classic, just to make it all even more grey

I checked the specs, a faster processor than mine and 4 gigs of ram but they still want it to feel like 97

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