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What is your favorite distro and why is it the brand spanking new OpenSUSE 13.1?

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I hate openSUSE because it's a sane, stable distro of high-enterprise quality that looks brilliant out of the box, has a great community, and is respectful of my privacy and freedoms at the same time.

Who wants that that's boring

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my favourite distro is ChromeOS. By god, it is the definition of sexy. I can access my google offline! When an error occurs, the second I get internet access again they already have a fix ready, like "OH WE NOTICED A PROBLEM, HERES A FIX BRO". They got my back!

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Fedora because it's the best rpm distro.

But I'm curious about the new OpenSUSE, so I might check it out.

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remember when opensuse developers dissabled functionality in transmission torrent client because they didn't want users to support piracy?

do you know they use systemd?

for many years they used and probably still use microsoft technologies (mono) and didn't care about any legal problems for their users.


suse... no thanks.

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I've been using Fedora for a couple years now, but I've always been impressed with OpenSUSE when I had it on my machine. When Steam came out as a ubuntu beta, both Fedora and OpenSUSE had a working port within a short time thereafter.

Downloading the KDE-x86_64 iso right now, BTW.

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>remember when opensuse developers dissabled functionality in transmission torrent client because they didn't want users to support piracy?

Source? sounds interesting, and somewhat bullshity.

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>all these weeaboos wearing trench coats and fedora-ish hats
I blame The Dresden Files.

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it was long ago.... seems that it related: https://trac.transmissionbt.com/ticket/2222

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>do you know they use systemd?


Listen Richard, most modern distros use systemd now because it is faster and more efficient than the old init.d scripts. Deal with it.

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Just got a chromebook for randomly taking around places. I have to say, the OS is quite nice.

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openSUSE is not related to Novell anymore, they're separate entities again.

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>binary log files
No thanks. I don't coldboot my system often enough for boot times to matter.

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Is there any advantage to using the 1X.X versions instead of Tumbleweed or Factory?

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Was going to install it today but I don't have a big enough flash drive. Why is it so fucking huge?

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>my favourite distro is ChromeOS, I just love the fact that everything I do with this computer is monitored and recorded by Google so they can profile and track me to benefit their corporate bottom line. They also hand everything over to the NSA (no warrant, either!), so I feel more secure!

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>try to download openSUSE iso
>over 4GB size
No, thanks.

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what is netinstall

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Suse originally forked from Slackware. I guess they inherited the "everything on the install media" philosophy.

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I think I'll stick to my Arch. I love my Arch and I don't know why.

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Based on what I'm reading, it was a misunderstanding and they just patched in a "don't pirate with this ok?" dialog box on the first launch. Hardly seems like a big deal.

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The KDE live version is less than a GB.

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I have nothing to hide ;) obviously you do lol. beti m gonna have a better life than you! trolled!

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Eric, plz go.

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so... a OS developer telling you what you should do and what not with your PC is not a big deal? I'd say it smells. They may design software but if they try to debug the user, I won't trust them.

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Someone needs to slap the people behind design in KDE. You can't go anywhere without opening a panel that at _default_ size _forces_ you to scroll to see what should either fit into the window, or the window should have expanded to accommodate.

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N-no thanks..

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>not using gnome

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>so... a OS developer telling you what you should do and what not with your PC is not a big deal

Yeah, it isn't a big deal. It's a dialog box you'll see once to comply with some stupid German law.

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You can tell systemd to forward logs to syslog, so you can grep and sed to your heart's content like a good little caveman. The bonus? systemd provides better and more complete logging.

systemd isn't about boot times either, it happens to improve them hugely though.

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Every thread until forever.

Suse strong.


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ever thought about "the germany law" could require a secret backdoor for intelligence? seem like the "deal" grew a bit bigger now, didn't it?

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Gnome 2, taken from us too soon.

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Just downloaded 13.1 OP. Will check it out now.

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I don't think that a backdoor will get by many people, considering it is open source.

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If this was 2009 I would probably be using gnome, because that was pretty much all there was at the time. Nowadays, I go with the most efficient, productive, and customizable DE, which currently happens to be KDE.

I will admit that KDE puts out some pretty shitty packages though. I don't like Amarok, for example, and their partition manager is buggy and sucks balls (I use Gparted instead). Gwenview is pretty fucking awesome though, as is K3b.

If I was putting loonix on a laptop I'd probably use LXDE or XFCE though.

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>why is it the brand spanking new OpenSUSE 13.1?
because I'm a distrohopping slut~

Not sure I like it though: YaST seems to do way too much in a desperate attempt to emulate windows 7's control panel, and it's not particularly easy to search or navigate either, the UI is just the usual fuckugly oxygen
with a green highlight, repository sync in libzypp seems _much_ slower than apt-get's (something it shares with yum), and probably a few other things I haven't yet discovered.

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That's an entirely different issue. Do you have any evidence they put backdoors into the operating system, or are you just flinging shit?

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that's some nice source code you have there. don't mind if we build it for you?
>suse build service

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YAST is 100x more sophisticated than control panel

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KDE beats Xfce for power management hax. If you have an old laptop, go LXDE.

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>the UI is just the usual fuckugly oxygen
>with a green highlight

I use Plastik for a window decoration, but you can download some other styles through SystemSettings-->WindowDecorations.

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I already have a kde config, and I'm probably going to copy it over, but I don't see how anyone is supposed to intuitively configure/deploy a system by looking at this mess
seriously, this mess looks tailor-made for giving tech support over a phone or some other medium where you can't just copypaste a one-liner

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OpenSUSE dev's have nothing better to do at their launch party than start threads on 4chan?

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Tons of people with openSUSE shirts were at my work at the Orlando airport outback steakhouse.

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Those are just optional window decorations you can download if you want (which I was pointing out to the fellow I was replying to, who wanted something besides the default oxygen style). If you don't like all of those optional choices you can just use one of the four you are presented with in the main window.

The point is that KDE gives you tons of customization choices if you want to drill down deeper into the menus, unlike Gnome which requires you to deal with their "extensions" system, and which still only yield a very limited range of possibilities.

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KDE's settings are stored in flat text. ~/.config/kde and ~/.local/share/kde and ~/.config/Trolltech.conf are where they live.

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is it still summer?

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I tried it on live USB earlier and it was legitimately one of the buggiest distro releases I've ever tested.

* If you use dd to make the USB, persistent storage in enabled by default, and for some reason in SUSE, that makes it takes 5min to boot and a minute to launch each application versus 30s to boot and instant app launches with persistence disabled
* KDE kept screaming about low disk space despite being on a read-only system anyway
* KDE Wallet bullshit was not taken care of. I shouldn't need to enter any kind of system password just to connect to my wifi
* systemsettings froze the moment I opened it. Couldn't click anything inside the window whatsoever.

Any various other minor bugs and glitches.

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>hipster dance
yep sounds correct

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I have yet to find a live CD that wasn't buggy as shit. Install that shit on a virtual machine or just make a little partition on your main box to play around with.

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>mfw waiting for the F20 final release in a couple of weeks

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I agree that the live system is not necessarily representative of the installed one, but first impressions are very important. If I was a less experienced or less persistent user, encountering a whole bunch of bugs in the live system would dissuade me from bothering to install it.

Ironically I've found Ubuntu and its main derivatives to be relatively free of bugs as live systems. The main bullshit I deal with on them is related to their packaging, which doesn't affect me until post-install typically. Perhaps they put a lot of work into their live system to help reel people in with good first impressions, which is smart if they indeed do so.

The Fedora 20 Beta for me had some minor bugs and errors, but was shockingly stable in terms of nothing crashing. It also ran really well.

openSUSE 13.1 for me though was just garbage as a live system.

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I wish they would fix the partitioning section of Anaconda after they fucked it up so bad starting with 18.

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Just moved from Xubuntu to Suse with KDE. The hype from the Linux Action Show is what got me interested really and I've been waiting for this release to try it out and also give KDE another shot.

So far, it's a pretty sexy distro and completely different from Xubuntu, not to say that ones better than the other.

OpenSuse is just so fucking comprehensive. I'm blown away. I don't think I've ever seen this much effort put into a Linux distro before, even with all of Ubuntu's hype.

The only issue is that I'm a Firefox user and with my integrated intel graphics in my haswell, the graphics doesn't perform so well with scrolling. I'm giving Chromium a shot as I type this.

The fonts also look like shit by default but that's fixable.

I'm very impressed by what I see and I can answer any questions that anyone might have to the best of my abilities. I've also changed my opinion on KDE for the most part.

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i installed 13.1 in a VM with KDE a bit ago. it seems like a solid distro and YaST is pretty cool, but man i just can't get into KDE at all. the icons are all terrible, there's text and icons all over everything, it's just too cluttered for my taste. also the font rendering was horrendous i know you can customize everything but i dont have the time/patience to bother when there are other DEs i like better.

i'll probably give gnome 3.10 a spin on it, but i didnt really like 3.8 either, so i doubt itll be replacing my primary OS.

DEs aside, openSUSE does bring a lot of good shit to the table, the installer was great, YaST is very good imo and i think i would like zypper or even using their software site if i spent time with it. i'm thinking about making a Frankenstein install with XFCE with Gala as the WM and Docky, it might be a fun combo.

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Did you play with the smooth/auto scroll options in Firefox (preferences-->advacned-->general)?

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Yeah, that's the only thing about the installation that's even moderately confusing.

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still though, VMs run so great on modern systems that liveCDs are a waste of time imo

VirtualBox is free and does a great job if all youre doing is trying out distros

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>font rendering was horrendous

Yeah, it took me awhile to get the fonts the way I like them in KDE, I found the best results by setting sub-pixel rendering to RGB with no hinting (using TFT LCD).

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Yeah, the problem occurred with the smooth scroll turned on. It's not so pleasant with it turned off either but thats normal.

I'm fairly certain that this is just limited to my processor because it's rather new but I though I'd mention it.

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>VirtualBox is free
Be careful though, there are nonfree versions of VirtualBox that are _very_ easy to accidentally download.

Be sure you download the OSE and not the PUEL edition


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I am downloading it as we speak

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Yeah, the first thing I do in a new firefox install is turn off smooth and auto scrolling. Are there proprietary graphics drivers available for Intel GPUs like there are for nvidia/amd?

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they still recieve funding from them but I dont see that as a bad thing

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No they are free

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Nah, from what I understand, I can only use opensourced drivers that are built into the kernel. Let me know if that sounds strange, I'm not an expert on that topic. It's just what I've read. It was must easier getting Nvidia drivers on my old Asus laptop.

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I leave smooth scrolling on....I don't even notice a difference, Intel GPU user here.

If you're just talking about the Intel GPU drivers, then you're correct.

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It seems like a good alternative to Ubuntu and is popular in industry.

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FF's smooth scrolling always feels laggy/shitty to me unless i tweak these 4 settings

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>I leave smooth scrolling on....I don't even notice a difference, Intel GPU user here.

It makes scrolling less responsive and less crisp, like instead of my scrollwheel being in direct control of the scrollbar it has to go through a buffer first. I can't stand it, personally.

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Eh, I'm using a two finger gesture on a touchpad, so I guess I wouldn't notice it.

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I turn it off too, and I have a pretty good rig. It's not a performance issue I don't think - sort of akin to mouse lag you get in games with vsync.

You just don't feel like you have a direct hand -> application input

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I suppose I wasn't very clear. I've never had this problem before and it's pretty clear that it is a graphics issue. It tears/glitches when I scroll quick enough. Responsiveness isn't the issue for me. It working fine under Xubuntu with Compton.

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I think that's related to Xorg being shit.

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I downloaded Antergos but haven't tried it out yet
Does /g/ like it?
I think it's just an easy to install Arch

>> No.38170732


it might be something KWin related, i was getting tearing on my nvidia card moving windows around and scrolling too

i'm not a normal KDE user so im not familiar with any of the compositor settings though

>> No.38170746

If I'm testing something I might want to install, I'm going to test it on real hardware not only so that I can get a real judge for performance, but also to ensure that all my hardware functions correctly.

>> No.38170836


that's a valid reason. i havent run into a hardware compatibility issue in so long i didnt even consider it.

as a side note: i think this is the first gnu/linux related thread in ages that hasnt been infested by shitposters telling us we have no software or games, that we are neckbeard hobbyists and to install Windows

10-11pmEST confirmed for MS shill lunchbreak

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Does the problem persist if you turn off/disable Desktop Effects?

>> No.38170919

You could always just make a small (10Gb) partition on your main drive and install it there, just make sure you uncheck the box to have it install it's own bootloader.

>> No.38170930

There's a reason there's no shills in a SuSE thread


>Novell in bed with Microshaft
>Novell bought by some no-name company
>that company was actually microsoft pretending not to be


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Yeah it does

>> No.38170950

Yeah but if I'm going to be booting it anyway why not try out the live version before bothering to make additional writes to my SSD?

>> No.38170961

ChromeOS has got to be the most useless OS ever, unless all you do is use online applications.

>> No.38171019

And that right there is why I will never have an SSD as my sole storage drive. When you intentionally limit your computer habits in order to preserve your limited storage device, it pretty much hamstrings everything you use a computer for, and negates the benefit of having a whiz-bang speedy drive.

But as far as the fact that a live version should be functional out of the gate, yes, I do agree wholeheartedly with that point.

>> No.38171056

My desktop has an HDD for storage, but my laptop I only use for notetaking and other classwork, so speed / power saving is far more important than storage capacity for my laptop, and hence an SSD.

>> No.38171071

That's pretty much who it's marketed for, people who bought into the whole google cloud thing, and let google store all of their data on their servers. To those people, a computer is just a device that serves as an interface to connect them to google servers.

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>mfw that's actually very plausible and makes too much sense

>> No.38171134

It's a live CD...what do you expect from a OS that rather you download the dvd image? Also, most of the problems you are complaining about is solely KDEs fault. I'm assuming this is your first time using KDE from a live CD, because the same problems you mentioned earlier happens in every fucking distro that has a KDE live cd. Learn to fucking linux, before complaining about shit that isn't even the distros fault.

>> No.38171205

>The Attachment Group
>no name company

Top fucking lel. It's funny how easy it is to spot out the 13 year old kids on /g/. Since they think any companies that doesn't make AAA games is no name.

>> No.38171235

It's not 1985 any more, they are no-name bro

>> No.38171300

>It isn't google or microsoft so they must be no name

No, you're just retarded. I bet you also think RHEL is no name too. Learn more about business, before spouting random facts out your ass.

>> No.38171305

But.... #! is mt favorite....

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>> No.38171333

>just using a debian reskin with its own repos for some fucking reason

I bet you like eOS too

>> No.38171354

>I bet you like eOS too
It's alright

>> No.38171378


the writer of that article plainly says he has no proof, but it is a very plausible scenario and he lays down some logic worth at least considering imo

fortunately SLES and openSUSE are two completely separate things, so even if MS did buy them via proxy, then it doesnt really affect openSUSE users considering they follow the same open standards as every other major distro

>> No.38171383

>liking #!
Those faggots take donations, that should be going to debian, because they added openbox and tint2 on top of debian.

>> No.38171420

>I bet you also think RHEL is no name too.
nah bro I've got rhcsa and rhcse

>> No.38171444


so? if people feel like donating to them instead of debian who gives a shit? you say it like theyre stealing something from debian

>> No.38171445

But there is no German law for that
And this is a community open source OS. People get to review the changes, not to mention having access to all the code.

>> No.38171466

Do you honestly think Microsoft would be able to do this without being noticed? As soon as one small bit of info got leaked, it would be everywhere. Here's a hint. Don't trust random articles you find online that have no merit to them, and then act as if they were true.

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>you say it like theyre stealing something from debian

They basically are. They're stealing debian's work, repackaging it with a few modifications, and than getting money for it.

>> No.38171503

You act like other distros don't do that.

>> No.38171552


a rational person can consider a scenario without believing it. it has merit even as a thought exercise. what if that IS what happened? it's worth taking 45 seconds to read that article and consider it for a few minutes

it's not 100% implausible

>> No.38171559

Hey guys, how's KDE for a linux newbie?
I was meaning to install openSUSE with Xfce but KDE seems really tempting.

>> No.38171578


i'm pretty sure debian's work is licensed in a way that permits and encourages exactly what #! is doing

it's legally and literally not stealing

>> No.38171581

That's pretty much the way gnu is set up, you are free to *ask* people to give you money for your efforts at packaging/repurposing someone else's work. At the same time, however, you are *required* to make it available for free.

Everybody wins.

>> No.38171592

>it's not 100% implausible
No it is. You're thinking irrationally if you think otherwise.

>> No.38171609

Any DE is newbie friendly.

>> No.38171626

It is the only acceptable DE to let you see the true power of customizability. Other DEs get shit on my KDE for sheer personalization options that are easily accessible

>> No.38171629

It's ethically wrong. The GPL encourges actual work. Not being lazy faggots that make a living off of selling other peoples shit. At least the eos devs made Panthenon which is slightly interesting.

>> No.38171633

You're just an edgy teen who wants to "fight the establishment" and be a leet haxxor. I can tell from your anger.
The people working on Debian don't mind one bit, hence they're contributing to a GPL licensed project.

>> No.38171649

Well, thank you very much.

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File: 132 KB, 1081x869, KDESystemSettings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's very windows-like, right down to the system settings (control panel in windows). The biggest thing you will have a problem with is file permissions and having to log in as root to do certain tasks, but that is common in all Linux distros, and you'll sort that out quickly enough.

>> No.38171663


KDE has a LOT of options and can feel pretty cluttered and overwhelming to someone who is simultaneously trying to learn a new OS. i'd say try it and if it's getting in your way or you dont like it remember that becasue youre using gnu/linux you can choose from a huge selection of DEs (or even make your own)

just remember that the DE =/= gnu/linux. that's what a lot of people who try out a distro and then bash gnu/linux as a whole later do.

>> No.38171674

>You're just an edgy teen who wants to "fight the establishment" and be a leet haxxor. I can tell from your anger.

Nice ad-hominem faggot. Come back when you can make a real argument.

>> No.38171688

>that screen
How horrifying.

>> No.38171690


it's only ethically wrong if youre using a paradigm that doesnt fit the typical gnu/linux way of doing things

if debian doesnt have a problem with it, then why do you?

>> No.38171693

Not really. The part of the GPL you think Crunchbang are exploiting is there to keep projects true to their users.
If Debian isn't satisfying its users, or a part of, anyone else is free to make these insignificant small changes, regardless of whether he asks for donations or not.

>> No.38171695

Thank you. It's a relief to hear that. Can't wait to install it and get my hands a bit dirty.

>> No.38171711

But I did
The actual people actually doing the work don't mind at all.
You can even ask them yourself, and not a single one will agree with you.

>> No.38171833

It will get frustrating very quickly, so be ready to jump back into windows until you feel adventurous again. This is why it can be a good idea to start off using it inside of a virtual machine, because you can pop back into familiar territory without having to reboot the computer.

In all honesty though, I usually recommend people to start off with Mint, as it makes for an easier and more enjoyable transition. That's what I did for a few months, then I moved on, and I don't regret it at all.

>> No.38171900

I'll consider Mint or maybe some other buntu derivative if things don't go well. But I already decided to ditch Windows completely as I have no specific use for it. Thanks for the suggestion.

>> No.38171910

Can we please stop acting like it's a massive life changing event?

You click things with a mouse. You type shit with a keyboard. You Google errors and how to do things you don't know.

The only big change is you'll preferably install your software from a repository using a software center of sorts, which anyone with a smart phone is already used to.

>> No.38171976

Its a bitch to try on a live USB, and it fucks up the partitioning on whatever poor stick you use it on too.

>> No.38171991

>still using slow-as-fuck RPM

>> No.38172008

>slow as fuck
It may not be as fast as portage or AUR, but it's bearable.

>> No.38172037


VMs are one of the best things ever. i try pretty much every new interesting distro that comes out, fool around in it, tweak it, break shit, and then a crtl+f later i'm back in my comfy perfectly configured primary OS. back in the day constantly reformatting and reinstalling OSes was a serious headache for me.

that said, i think for someone who really wants to switch, they should just force themselves to use it, break shit and learn to fix it. really these days though, there are so many options for nice distros that it's not even painful. any of the *buntus, Mint, elementary, openSUSE, Fedora etc are all really great choices and you cant really go wrong. the worst thing that's going to happen is that you dont like something or break it in which case you just install something else. keep /home on a separate partition and make sure to delete your .files beforehand and it's pretty painless.

>> No.38172051

a billion times this
when i switched i thought it was going to be some command line terminal matrix bullshit but nope, it's the exact same shit

>> No.38172079

I'm thinking of installing the Xfce version of OpenSUSE, or maybe wait until Mint 16 comes out... Do the SUSE updates break everything like in Ubuntu? (currently using Xubuntu)

>> No.38172091

Use tumbleweed after you install

>> No.38172124

That's the rolling-release version, right? Are the packages cutting edge or are they more stable?

>> No.38172174

They don't contribute anything to debian so yes they are.

>> No.38172211


>> No.38172231

More stable. Opensuse is on the border of being considered enterprise software, so they try to make it as stable as they can, while keeping it updated.

>> No.38172246

Don't listen to tumbleweed guy, it fun when you like life on the edge, but you need to have your shit together to get to that point.

And no, OpenSUSE updates generally don't break things, and anyway you don't *have* to update everything the minute an update is available. I usually give it a few days or a week after a major update and then do the update, paying attention if there are millions of posts on the forums with people screaming about things being broken (which only very rarely happens).

>> No.38172290


shut the fuck up retard

>> No.38172300

Tumbleweed isn't unstable. You are thinking of Factory.

>> No.38172313


You are both correct, I was thinking about factory.

I am and idiot.

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