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Ballmer breaks down crying during his farewell speech


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well, yeah, hes been there since like day 2. that's a huge part of his life

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They had better make this guy the CEO or else I will be most displeased.

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steve pls

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Nokia is already confirmed as CEO

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everyone's cheering because they're happy he's gone

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Soak it in, anon. Soak it all in.

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The stage looks like a boxing ring joined to another boxing ring. I'm gonna miss this guy.


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RIP in peace ballmer

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I'm not glad he's dead, but I'm glad he's gone.

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>So sorry for screwing up

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Is he leaving the company forever or just stepping down as CEO to another position?

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He's retiring completely.

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Steve is ded

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Is this real?
Does it mean Windows 9 has a chance?

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With Elop taking over?

Windows 9 will be cloud based or some shit.

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Windows 9 is already in development so is Windows Cloud

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That's windows 10.

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It just means no more Ballmer bullshit but it doesn't mean there will be less bullshit at Microsoft.

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Forgot to mention. I like Steve Ballmer, I don't think he was a bad guy, he made a few mistakes but overall moved the company forward. Let's see where this new guy takes us.

2 separate things says sources.

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Microsoft is about to get awesome.

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No just less chair throwing

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Were was this? Was everyone in the audience MS employees?

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>you clap or we will murder your family

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Oh, you were at the surface unveiling too?

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Ballmer, leave

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Ballmer knew that GNU/Linux beat him.

Microsoft will be dead in a few years.

Goodbye, Microsoft. Die in a fire.

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oy vey

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Between Microsoft's constant blunders, the rumors about future Windows versions being "cloud based" and Valve leading an enormous push in Linux gaming, the Year of the Linux Desktop may seriously be on its way.

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We've been saying this since Vista.

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More likely linux at the core, instead of outright Linux. Kind of like Android or Chrome OS.

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>Were was this?
The KeyArena in downtown Seattle, former home of the Seattle SuperSonics.

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Why do you say that? If anything is going to catch on as a Windows replacement, it's likely going to be Ubuntu.

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>the Year of the Linux Desktop may seriously be on its way.
For that to happen, the Linux community needs to double-down on marketing.

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No, the community needs to keep focusing on developing, while we let Valve and Canonical and so on do the marketing.

You don't see MS letting the kernel devs do ads, do you?

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Wen did this happen?

Can Microsoft be good again?

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Been shit since '93, son.

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I meant the community as a whole. Valve and Canonical are both part of the Linux community.

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What did Gates do at his farewell? Anyone have a link to that?

Why are Ballmer and Gates such bro's, when Ballmer is clearly the lesser half. Does he have some god of gods tier blackmale on Gates or something?

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>What did Gates do at his farewell?
Gates never completely left Microsoft. He's still the Chairman. He only resigned from his position as Chief Software Architect.

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Best Man at his wedding, met in college. That's reallly all we know.

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bumbuddies too during college

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33 years of leading a company with absolutely no taste. Congratulations.


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>replace Windows

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Is Balmer a founder of the company? My dad told me Paul Allen had more influence on early M$ than Ballmer did.

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>Is Balmer a founder of the company?
Not a founder, but he's been there since nearly the beginning

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I don't hate ballmer or bill, but looking at the company as a whole, the long list of evil things and just fuckups...
is there really any redemption possible for microsoft?
the only way I see it is to quit every other project they have and just focus on making windows not shit.

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>just focus on making windows not shit.
most people don't think it's shit

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Considering how much stupid shit has been discovered in Windows over the years, I can't imagine their code base is very good

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it's probably not, but their user base is

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This is almost as funny as Steve Jobs dying of AIDS, almost.

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yeah, they do. windows 8 anyways.
even if you liked windows 7 (I did), it's not really a good OS, people just liked it because it was the not-so-shitty thing they were forced to use.

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Over the last three years, Microsoft has spent $26 billion on research and development whereas Apple has spent just $5.54 billion. During that time, Apple has been able to produce products that are not only leaps and bounds ahead of anything Microsoft has come up with, they also carry with them a cultural phenomenon that demands a premium value.

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>their user base
>random office drones, high school kids, and other non programmers

You know OS X is where it's at, friend.

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As of July 18, 2012, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has a paltry 46% internal approval rating with *his own employees*. Compare that to other technology leaders and competitors like Tim Cook, CEO of Apple (97% Approval Rating), Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (95% Approval Rating), Larry Page, CEO of Google (94% Approval Rating), Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon (83% Approval Rating), and even Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle (81% Approval Rating), and it’s a wonder how he remains the CEO. Due to performance, and only lukewarm support from the board, employees have mainly lost confidence in Ballmer’s ability to execute, and therefore trust in Ballmer’s ability to lead.

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My dad told me microsoft goes in cycles between the stable OS, the new one that fucks everything up, and then the one that returns everyting back to normal

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that's what dying giants do, they try to spend their way back into relevancy by copying; not that there was anything special about apple or it's products besides image.

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I hate Apple too but the Apple revival is pretty fascinating

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This is guy is 100% batshit insane.
He only stepped down so he didn't face being voted out because ever major investor is absolutely livid with him.
Microsoft needs to make a complete 180 in a number of sectors or their future is questionable.

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>approval rating


He's done a lot worse than Ballmer, honestly.

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That video gave me feels. He did bring up a good point though, it's not just him, it's everyone at MS all together. And since that's the case, was hating on him for everything MS has announced and launched recently really worth it? Just some food for thought.

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yeah sure, that's why osx is used on 50% of computers

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If by "user base" you mean corporate use, I completely agree--what company in the world doesn't use office?--but you can't rely on businesses forever (see: blackberry).

If, however, you mean average users, then I would say it doesn't matter too much. Most of what average people do with computers is extremely doable with Linux, and especially with Ubuntu, and like it or not, most people don't care too much about the operating system they use as long as they can get done what they want in a relatively easy fashion.

There may be fads, but those go as quickly as they come (which, consequently, will be the downfall of Apple IMO, unless they really cement themselves into businesses).

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Go look at a dev team and see what the proportion is.

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>just watched this
oh my god how did this person get in such a high position
it's like he's on cocaine all day erry day

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yeah but even during the "normal" phases, it wasn't ever a "good OS" if you examine what the OS actually does and how it's structured. what people liked about the "good" versions of windows was just surface level stuff.

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Have you seen the shit coming out of R&D? If Microsoft got off its ass and actually released any of the products from there, they'd be the most innovative company out there.

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>Most of what average people do with computers is extremely doable with Linux,
That's not the point.
everyone could do everything on linux if everyone used linux.

That doesn't matter, I'm talking about on the whole. besides there are lots of developers that use windows.

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yeah but it's oracle

they aren't gonna shit talk for fear of losing their job

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he's just a really bad salesmen, nothing more

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>there are lots of web developers that use Windows

>> No.37028984

>there are lots of game developers that use windows

>> No.37028988

So your point is that switching is tough? Sure, except that Microsoft seems intent on changing up Windows massively in any case.

Again, it's not like Ubuntu is hard to learn, so average users aren't particularly attached to one, generally speaking, much like users aren't particularly attached to iOS/Android, again typically.

>Lots of developers use Windows
Largely because lots of people use windows. I know that Linux development is much easier than Windows development, so developers wouldn't be the ones holding people back from Linux.

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>Sweaty balls Ballmer makes a failed $6.3B acquisition with aQuantive
>Sweaty balls Ballmer buys Skype, a free messaging service, for $8.5B
>Sweaty balls Ballmer bought buys Yammer for $1.2B, people still dont know what the fuck it is
>Sweaty balls Ballmer loses his shit and goes into apemode when on stage and goes into car salesman mode on TV

I mean why is this ape still in business again?

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year of the windows server when?

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Windows server is bleeding market share with no hope of recovery at this point. Its pretty sad actually, and by that I mean funny.

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>what is complete and total bullshit that I am pulling out of thin air

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windows server has a lot of users, but that's changing.

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How is Valve part of the Linux community?

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And heres to hoping that Windows 9 will be Windows 7 Service Pack 2.

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I feel bad for Ballmer. :(

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Nobody puts Ballmer in a corner.
>>Sweaty balls Ballmer buys Skype, a free messaging service, for $8.5B
If you think this was bad business you are wrong.

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>gaming console
cause people want to not only play angry birds while theyre taking a shit, but also when they could be playing cawadoodie

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>If you think this was bad business you are wrong
unless everyone just jumps ship from skype completely and moves onto technology that MS doesn't own, which is entirely possible.

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The number of ms shills on verge's comments are astounding.

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The day Microsoft bought Skype, I dropped it completely and never put any credit in it ever again.

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>which is entirely possible.
no its not. skype is an entrenched service, there's no one even close unless you wanna count facetime

>> No.37029713

They are making a significant run early on the UC market early.

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>Purchases skype
>integrates lync into office
>integrates Lync and skype cross call

>> No.37029770

>>Sweaty balls Ballmer buys Skype, a free messaging service, for $8.5B

Like 50% of its traffics are ads and its the quintessential NSA's backdoor.

It's the utter opposite of free.

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Lync and skype are so shit. Why couldnt they keep the only communication software that actually worked? I miss msn messenger so much.

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You're kidding right?

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>/g/ is Linux's biggest shill
>Chinese cartoon board

Install iOS 7

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Shut the fuck up you edgy faggot. Why do you have to make everything gay?

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Fuckface made an entire company his little ego project and now he's walking away defeated in the knowledge that he did actually fucking suck.

>> No.37029952

Please explain your statement further.
To what extent do you use them and how are they shit?

>> No.37030074

I use Lync at the office for virtually all our communications. Instant messaging, chat, conference, calls, sharing screens, sharing files. etc.

It sucks, becuase its unreliable as fuck. Messages that dont arrive, calls dropped. Files corrupted. And it takes ages to start.

>> No.37030118

>I use Lync at the office for virtually all our communications. Instant messaging, chat, conference, calls, sharing screens, sharing files. etc.
>I suck, becuase I'm gay as fuck. Massages that dont cum, balls dropped. Foreskins corrupted. And it takes inches to fart.

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I can agree with the unreliability , in all fairness they are rolling out what is basically sp1 next month to address a lot of the issues that have started since the api change earlier this year which is when we noticed a huge decline in reliability. However it is the clear leader in the field at this moment and is the only option I am aware of that is HIPAA compliant.

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Microsoft Research rarely flows over to Microsoft proper, which is a shame because it has some incredibly products

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You know that's not actually a commercial, don't you anon?

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We'll miss you sweaty balls, SOAK IT IN.

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>being an ignorant retard
ms research is barely part of the company. It essentially exists only to keep talented devs working at a competitor. They begin working on something, ask for money, and MS floods them with it.

>> No.37030432

Why is the audience glowing?

>> No.37030473

It's about fucking time he stepped down, he turned Microsoft into shit.

>> No.37030498

I'm pretty sure he was implying that he was going to fap to it. Verge is Apple shills.

>> No.37030539

This is what I thought he was going to have played. I would have gave him like 100x props for it too.

>> No.37030547

By breaking profit records year on year and getting a foothold in several dozen markets where previously they had none

>> No.37030550

his brother actually works at microsoft. Bruce forstall IIRB.

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While I detest some of the actions Microsoft have done over the years, they're not all that bad. (Their research contributions are awesome and some of their software is the best in the business). But the way they ruined so much in the 90's and beyond still leaves me bitter sometimes.
In fact, that's the problem: the whole company is so schizophrenic one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.
Part of me wonders if Balmer's retirement will actually change anything. If anything, I expect the infighting and cliques to grow even more furious.

>> No.37030656

Hopefully they will do as apple and make a little bitch, who just does as the shareholders say, the ceo of ms

>> No.37030668


After Apple releases it first.

Fucking winfags...

>> No.37030703

It's funny because Ballmer ran Microshaft into the ground

>> No.37030719

Remote controlled LED bracelets.

>> No.37030832

>iPhones and ibadd predates xp slates and windows mobile
fucking macfags

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>and set to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack

what the fuck am I watching right now?

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>those comments

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Poor Steve Shlomo Ballmer


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>xp slates and windows mobile
They were awful anon and you know it

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> Microsoft Stock: $33
> Apple Stock: $482
> Google Stock: $876

Things Ballmer has said about each company:

2007: Apple iPhones for $500? Who would buy that? How many phones has Microsoft sold? Hoe many phones has Apple sold? 0.

2013: Apple iPhones are everywhere.

2009: Google Chrome OS? There are already many OSes.

2013: Google OS is the most popular among netbooks.

2010: I saw a guy who used his iPad to take notes at a meeting, didn't go to well. People who are in business wouldn't use this, it doesn't have a keyboard.

2013: Apple iPads are everywhere and Microsoft has yet to release a tablet as successful as the iPad.

I'd also note that I'm not an applefag, I actually run Linux. However, I can't pass up a moment to make a fool out of a winfag.

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My theory to why Microsoft is failing is because their original motive for the company was nothing more than to put computers in offices and someday peoples homes. They didn't have a ground base philosophy to where technology would someday lead. Even though they gave computers a life for us to interact with -- once that was established Microsoft just sat back and collected billions and became lazy. When a company becomes too successful there's no urgency to constantly improve, instead MS lost track of innovation. The moment the iPhone released MS was suddenly threatened which forced them into overdrive to actually compete for once.

Monopolies in the end destroy a company from the inside out.

>> No.37031301

Wait so he set up an entire fucking stadium full of Microsoft employees forcefully dragging them there, so they can watch this megalomaniac make a speech about how he's finally going to fuck off? He really needed to host a massive event for a few minutes just for his leaving, fucking really? Is this correct?

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>stev is die

>> No.37031366


I have a Tablet PC and it's amazing.

It has a digitiser stylus so you can actually handwrite on it, which is basically the whole point of a tablet. Furthermore, it isn't gimped by a shitty scaled-up Phone OS.

>> No.37031380

Let me guess: you type slower than you write?

>> No.37031445

>being this butthurt

>> No.37031447

I take it you're not familiar with how corporate cults are run.

The tablet pc software they released in the early 2000's was actually pretty good. The only problem is a very small userbase meant low adoption rates and that they didn't bother to build it into something great. Same thing with the original gigantic surface table, now it's entirely abandoned and you can't even get drivers for it.

And how are you going to type on a music sheet? Or make notes on a pdf, highlighting and writing in the margins with a keyboard?

>> No.37031468

>Not knowing how stocks work.

>> No.37031475

Well, I give you the music sheet

>Or make notes on a pdf, highlighting and writing in the margins with a keyboard?
I would probably do it with vim

>> No.37031479

No bill gates?

>> No.37031485

>I have no idea how stocks work
I'm not even reading the rest it's probably equally retarded. MS has doubled their stock amount and halved its value about 5 8 times now, which is common practice, their market cap is almost identical to google. Kill yourself.

>> No.37031490

Chrome OS is currently a failure.

>> No.37031502

No it's not correct. It's their annual meeting. This year's had Steve's goodbye as a small part of it.

>> No.37031539

RT has vastly outsold chromeos in about 1/3rd the time

>> No.37031549


Does using the term "points" make you happy?

>> No.37031557

holy fuck i was at that game (since i'm in the pic)
fuck i miss the sonics

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>> No.37031591

>And how are you going to type on a music sheet?

Ever heard of Finale? Once you get used to it, it's a pretty efficient way to write music with a keyboard.

>> No.37031608


Think again:


"While PC sales fell about 11 percent in Q2 2013, Google Chromebook sales continue to grow and now represent roughly 20 to 25 percent of the U.S. market for laptops priced under $300, NDP Group estimates."

>> No.37031632

Which doesn't even remotely contradict what was said
>hurt dey are da minority of sales in a less popular price range in a single marlet

>> No.37031659

>"While PC sales fell about 11 percent in Q2 2013, Microsoft Surface sales continue to grow and now represent roughly 80 to 95 percent of the U.S. market for Windows RT devices, NDP Group estimates."
Dayum, what a success.

>> No.37031681

Ballmer was the guy who know the guy they bought DOS off? He got the ball rolling.

>> No.37031708


idk some people get butthurt when using dollars instead of points.

I understand that Microsoft is a stable stock and has been between the $20 and $40 mark, which is good when it comes to stock. Usually when a stock sky rockets so fast, it has a hard fall. Which is Apple's case right now and will continue. I believe Apple will continue to sink, we can see it with the new iPhones being released. But we can't deny the fact that Apple has brought a lot to the marketplace, while Microsoft has been following in Apple's footsteps in recent years. Which is the point I'm trying to prove. You can make fun of the fact that I brought up stocks, but it does some-what prove a point.

Google however has had a some-what steady stock and they're continually coming out with new innovations such as the Android phone and Chrome OS, which has raised their stock even further. I mean, look at Google. They have the most popular phone OS, they're the most popular search engine, they own YouTube, everyone uses gmail, and lets not forget that Google does deliver a 1 gigabit Internet Service. By far I believe Google has made more innovations in technology over Apple, but in a different way.

No matter how you look at it, Microsoft is no longer the leader in innovations when it comes to technology and Ballmer had a lot to do with it. Deal with it.

>> No.37031712


Last time I checked Microsoft Surface is a tablet kid, Chrome OS is an OS for the Chromebook.

>> No.37031715


Microsoft released a POSIX operating system alongside Windows? Even if just for fun/to troll rms?

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im soaking in your delicious tears you fat piece of shit

way to kill windows with metro aids along with nokia, you cant even into tablets, xbone was a complete flop and you even bought the fucking domain like a bunch of niggers, hopefully your jew scheme to milk more money out of office with office 365 will bleed you dry

only thing keeping you afloat is halo and office, hopefully the next CEO will turn the company around but i dont see that happening

>> No.37031809


Nope, and many of them actually have a great built-in keyboard too!

But pen input is great for things like lecture notes, where you have diagrams and spatial significance.


They had SFU/SUA/Interix as an add-on for NT, 2000 and XP and built in to Server 2008 and the higher-spec editions of Windows 7.

It wasn't as popular as Cygwin though, and the initial experience is pretty unfriendly -- the default shell doesn't even support tab completion!

It was actually every bit as much a first-class citizen as Win32 though; both were NT subsystems, along with an OS/2 subsystem they ditched in Windows 2000.

>> No.37031874

Holy fuck I had to stop reading that, The verge shilled him so hard,. There goes my respect for them

>> No.37031923

>implying you are not 12

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>> No.37032988

Last time I checked, it was a made up comparison to show that you are retarded, kiddo.

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