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Hey /g/, is there a better desktop environment than Xfce?

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Mate and LXDE are decent

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Probably all of them.
Xfce interferes with fontconfig, so it's unusable IMO.

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Is there a magic bullet?

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Also WM are a better way to go usually

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>inb4 bloat

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>better than XFCE
Pick one

Not sure about Mate, I've used it and I think it's decent

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>inb4 bloat
KDE devs decided to do the right thing and are working on making components less inter-dependent. Only remaining issues for me are startup time and that if you want to hack you need to know C++.

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What do you mean by "better"??
I personally really like Unity, but it does lag on slower machines. So, for a 1-stop-shop, XFCE runs on everything. For a faster computer with a cleaner look, Unity

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there is no better DE than KDE if your pc is less than 10 years old

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>almost 2014
>not knowing C++

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I love everything about xfce except xfwm because it cause a lot of tearing.

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Xfce is always so refreshing.

Stays out of the way.

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>KDE Fanboy
Please leave

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I personally prefer LXDE, Mate, and Cinnamon.

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XFCE is the best DE, but DEs are pretty overrated.
dwm, dmenu and urxvt are all you really need. i3 or xmonad are also acceptable.

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KDE runs fine on my netbook 1.6 GHz dual core. I've seen PC's 10+ year old that outperform my netbook.

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Did you hear about

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Linux desktop environments suck except Mate and Xfce, I think WM are better and more lightweight than trying to run a full DE anyway. KDE and Gnome 3 are complete trash now so the only real option is to run a WM IMO

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Yes. I'll start using it when it's unicode support is comparable to urxvt.
>muh katakana

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elementaryOS's Pantheon confirmed for best DE.

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Yes. I'll start using it when its unicode support is comparable to urxvt.
>muh katakana

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My nigga.

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I used to use xfce, but now I use Cinnamon and I find it more convenient / nicer looking.

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I dislike this language, but will learn it to work with other people. But it takes a few years to learn it, not 3 weeks.
Weird, because NEPOMUK rendered my netbook unusable.

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What is disable nepomuk

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a) turn off nepomuk
b) upgrade to KDE 4.10, which rewrote nepomuk to not thrash disk all the goddamn time

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Honestly, most suckless programs are pretty shitty, mainly since instead of developing them, they circlejerk on their mailing lists like the simpering little faggots that they are. I've been thinking of making a generalized dmenu solution so I can avoid their cancer altogether.

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Write it in Perl to make them cry harder. I mean shit, it's just text processing, perl's great for that.

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I'm actually growing quite fond of KDE. But, I love Cinnamon too.

XFCE isn't bad though.

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Try termite.
Can you say you're using a certain "DE", when you're using 90% of it?
I dislike NEPOMUK actually and installed it just to try out, but that's good to hear.

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whats a good choice for babby's first WM?

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The main advantage of dmenu is that it's a GUI widget, though, the point is that you can pipe shit in, select something and do something with the selection. I'm not big on graphical programming, so....might be a challenge.

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Am I even suppose to want that bloated shit?

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It's funny, the great migrations away from KDE 4.0 and GNOME 3.0 have left us with more awesome desktop environments than we started with.

Back in 2005-8 you had GNOME 2, KDE 3, and a lot of shitty alternatives.

GNOME split into Unity, GNOME Shell, Cinnamon, and MATE.
Xfce flourished from the new attention and caught up most of their deficiencies compared to GNOME 2.x / MATE.
KDE spawned Razor-Qt, which is now merging with LXDE's Qt port, and LXDE's Gtk2 port is now the legacy codebase.

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Perl has several graphical libraries, including SDL and Tk. If you can do it in something like Cairo that isn't X dependent, you'll be future-proofing it against the switch to Wayland.

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KDE looks a lot better than that now. But I like speed, and find xfce to be much faster even though it may not look "flashy".

I prefer functionality over aesthetics

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So much this

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Your face when it uses less memory than Unity, Gnome 3, cinnamon and mate

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Right now?
KWIN or Mutter. Those two will live in the Wayland area (at which point you might want to hop to Weston, which potentially is the new compiz). You can also go with compiz, though note it won't last much more.

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FLWM is really fucking fast but is written in C++.
awesome is, well, awesome.
dwm is fucking fantastic.

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Enlightenment is going to live in the Wayland universe too, as of E18.

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My mate desktop right now is using 233 MB of ram. Your telling me that KDE doesn't use that?


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thanks guys

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I didn't know there's a WM called Enlightenment. Is it maybe Mutter's fork?

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they really should make it default instead of slow transmission

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KWin's compositing is done in a sane way so that when hardware compositing is enabled, CPU usage goes DOWN. MATE's window manager (Marco IIRC) doesn't have that so it's a pile of smelly cocks at compositing.

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in his defense, he said decent not better than

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I know, I know, but as good as Perl is at text and system tasks....it sucks pretty badly at everything else. Performance is also an issue, since the main advantage of dmenu is that it rips through a huge list of items instantly.
Probably gonna make it in Common Lisp and configure it like Emacs: users define various tasks in ~/.some_file in CL code with defcommand or something, which is called with dmenu_replacement command_name.

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Gnome 3

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Please don't use any SBCL-specific hacks, as it's not ported to ARM yet, and it sounds like the kind of thing I'd like to run on an ARM system. Write to the standard, or at least make sure it works in GNU CLisp.

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>hardware compositing is enabled
Can't imagine how retarded you have to be to not use GL/GLES for this.

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Dunno, ask the Marco devs.

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>Gnome 3
Not even once.

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I strongly doubt I'll need any implementation-specific features or options.

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There are no good desktop environments for linux.

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MATE, speed and convenience. KDE is for faggots.

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>letting a "DE" decide which applications you run
why not handpick them yourself?

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it's the answer to the question "what if kde were modular?"

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Surprisingly, QT applications are significantly smoother than GTK application on the Raspberry Pi.

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show me a screenshot of enlightenment that doesn't make me puke

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For KDE, lightdm or mdm as default display manager?

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I'm not gonna waste time trying to come up with a screenshot that caters to your particular taste brah, either use it or don't. I'm not here to convince you, only to tell you you're wrong

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There is, it's called MATE. Clearlooks all day e'rry day.

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Mate is my favorite, Xfce is my second favorite.

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Wow, I'm surprised to see so much love for Mate here nowadays. Something change recently?

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For those who like a windows 95/98 style DE

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I like SLIM personally.

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Erm, you can make any DE look like any other DE.
What are you talking about?

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Only possible with KDE

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And Xfce and LXDE are different how? Mate at least does it right. And Gnome 2 is not the same as 95/98.

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>awesome is, well, awesome.
>dwm is fucking fantastic.
it's a shame that you have to spend hours configuring it and installing a lot of other programs to make simple things as automounting a usb pen that every DE does for you out of the box.

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>implying he didn't rice it

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dwm doesn't require any configuration. it's a single binary.

awesome, however, does require a bit of config to tune it to the way you, the user, like.

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still it's almost useless, it just tiles windows. AND NOTHING more. A DE should do a lot more, not force the user to fuck around. That's why the majority of people uses a DE and not just a WM.

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It's just my personal opinion that dwm+dmenu is good enough. Saves a lot of memory on my shitty computer.

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I don't even give a fuck.

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I couldn't agree more.

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MATE is tons better than Win9x.

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the only one on par with it is kde, but I prefer xfce myself.

so, no.

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>I've been thinking of making a generalized dmenu solution so I can avoid their cancer altogether.
If you do please make it not start up a copy of bash for each program run from it.

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Common Lisp can directly spawn external programs pretty easily, so I don't see why that would be a problem.

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I'm currently using i3. Once LXDE is done being ported to Qt I'll give that another shot.

Add yourself to the video group and use startx.

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it's all preferences, you guys are discussing about nothing, you are just wasting your time.

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What happened to people wanting to use twm for older machines?

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KDE is the DE i prefer, although i use windows because i'm not a power user so linux doesn't offer me anything.

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OP here. I made this thread some hours ago and I thought it got buried. I'll try KDE and MATE.

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my nigga


Main project or that Klyde initiative or whatever they're calling it?

Razor-Qt is coming along as well. I could see a lot of people taking Razor and using KWin as its WM once the packaging/dependencies are lean enough.

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Razor-Qt is dead, bro. It's merging with LXDE's Qt5 port.

>> No.35605743

Razor-Qt is merging with LXDE-Qt and will no longer be maintained in its current form.

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Linus Torvalds uses XFCE.

That said, tiling WM's are the way of the future.
There isn't a DE out there that will ever be faster, more light, ormore responsive than Fluxbox, openbox, Awesome, or any other simple WM.

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Like twm?

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dropped GNOME 3 for XFCE

dropped XFCE for KDE

dropped KDE for GNOME 3 once he got the extensions/features he wanted.

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tiling wm's are great if you're a programmer, and everything said about their performance and speed is true.

they're fucking abysmal if you're trying to use multiple windows simultaneously like a student, soccer mom, or sysadmin would though.

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Dropped all of the above for a Google Chromebook.

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This is new information for me.
I'll admit, I haven't kept myself in the loop.
That's true, and back to OP's point, the only DE that I would say offers the same performance as XFCE to my knowledge, is LXDE.
But, XFCE is prettier, so I'm gonna side with OP on this discussion.

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>tiling WM's
> Fluxbox, openbox

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Both have tiling rules, that can be easily turned on and off.

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That's like calling windows 3.11's wm a tiling wm.

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Windows prior to 3.0 tiled by default because of Apple bullshit patent claims on overlapping windows. Windows retained tiling capability up through at least 98.

>> No.35607235

Well, it tiles, doesn't it?

>> No.35607237

I don't see the problem. If it can tile, than you can call it a tiling WM.

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If you are going to include every window manager whose primary use isn't tiling the distinction becomes meaningless.

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No, the distinction is "does it tile or not?" If yes, it's a tiling WM.

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No. You are wrong.
By your definition i3 and awesome would be stacking window managers because they can stack floating windows. This is used mainly for popups but the main use of i3 and awesome is tiling and hence they are tiling windows managers.
As I said, if every wm can be everything the distinction is meaningless.
In any case, neither fluxbox nor openbox tile windows they use an external program to do it, so no they are not tiling window managers.

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That's a fair argument.
I just threw out some examples WM's that I liked, and had used a tiling format with.

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What's that theme and icons?

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Gnome sucks now. Maybe the fallback is good but I haven't tried it yet.

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