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Didn't /g/ crack into a school website back in 2011? Anybody have pics?

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>day off from school
>attendance taken


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>Barack Obama Academy For Academic & Civic Development

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my sides! hahahahah

anyone has the archive?, damm we should do something like this again

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bump and thanks anons

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no, pls leave forever.

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I remember that thread, it wasn't a school website, but a school district website. Some of the idiots who didn't use Tor when connecting to the site and fucking around got arrested.

All I can really remember were people making all of the food prices in the cafe $9001, the thread being deleted and people complaining the next few days that they got banned (for posting evidence of their crimes, idiots).

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someone once uploaded an archive with all of the images, i'll upload it again

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here it is (just too lazy to upload each image in a post)

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every fucking time lol

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Dumping for you

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not the same guy, but thanks!

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>people panicking realizing they didn't use tor


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>defiance of authority/willful disobedience

why are schools becoming like prisons?

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school == prison

I remember my high school had barbwire around the perimeter fences, not even kidding.

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Because (most) teachers couldn't care less about students. They just want some stupid monkey that they can keep in the class without much trouble, and bring their salary at home at the end of the month.

There are some good teachers, but most aren't.

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>bomb threat

Jesus christ, might as well send a emergency notice that 300 kids had been killed at this point, the police are already on their way.

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>be me, 2 years ago
>be senior, dicking around because I pretty much finished school, taking some 3d modeling class because why not
>already know how to do this easy shit, so I complete all the assignments and start modeling a rifle
>teacher walks up
>"Hey! What is that?! You can't make that in here!"
"Uh, why not?"
>"Because it's a gun! Are you crazy!"
"Alright whatever, I'll finish it at my house then."
>plug in my flash drive and put the file on
>see him getting visibly butt frustrated
>writes me up for disobedience

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last one

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That is so le family guy. So top lel.

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To be fair, you should know better than to model guns in school.

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>getting suspended for skipping school

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reverse psychology

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I don't get these bans, I've replied to all sorts of threads that I've seen in bans posted like this (except cp, just report and move on) and I've never been banned like this. Usually my reply is something along the lines of telling OP or someone to fuck off, what kind of post would one have to make to earn a ban like this?

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And why should I not be able to? How is it any different than modeling a banana? It isn't going to pop through the screen and kill everyone.

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new age retardation

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The high school I went to had an "in school suspension" for people that skipped.

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liberal retardation.

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I got banned for replying to an IRC thread once. It wasn't even shitposting, it was "Alright thanks, I'll see you guys there!". The mods do whatever they feel like.


You know how fucking serious teachers are man. I understand it makes no sense, but it's like saying "yeah lol gonna go shoot up the school jk jk april fools!" on twitter.

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>I remember my high school had barbwire around the perimeter fences, not even kidding.
for your safety and the safety of state property, er, your children. move along citizen.

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welcome to merikka

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Wow, that's stupid

the high school I went to showed you the door when you failed more than 2 subjects because attending was optional, like 1 guy failed and that was in the first year, if you skipped during a test you got an F you could never not redo

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>suspended for cutting class
haha oh what, i cut class in highschool all the time and still graduated with a 3.6

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I'm assuming it's a private school?

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Mine had that too.
It was pretty fun honestly.

Bro teachers off-duty come in and supervise each period and you get to talk with them a bit, do some homework and shit and all the assigned work that day from the teachers, in addition to "An essay of what you did and how you will try and not do it again" at the beginning of ISS.

They walked kids in ISS to the cafeteria so they can go buy food or some shit or walk them to their lockers to get their lunchbag or some shit.

You even skip one detention you get put in ISS and still have to attend after school detention

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>They walked kids in ISS to the cafeteria

Yeah, and in my high school that meant eating before everyone else lol, and the lines used to be so long you could easily be waiting for 15 minutes (until you became a senior and just skipped). ISS was fun as hell.

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I remember this thread. I was too much of a pussy to log in though; I was afraid even with a VPN I'd get caught.

Anyways did anything happen to anyone?

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Hehehe I went to a private all boys military school. Forget your textbook in class? You're walking in a square in the quad for 40 minutes saying "I'm the idiot who forgot his book, I'm the idiot who will get cooked"

Cooking meant kicked out in my school. Good times.

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epin, siplmy epic ;)

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...Xavier HS?

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No, but I remember competing against that school during Drill Team and when we had inspection.

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prison > school

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>until you became a senior and just skipped

Holy fuck, when I moved to Britain my highschool was like that. I was in year 11 and every motherfucker in my year skipped the row like fuck yeah.

I was too ashamed.

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Penis inspection?

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In early 2012 we hacked the Dutch school site "De Rooi Pannen" and posted 9/11 pictures and necrophilia..

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>send bomb threats to MIT's printers

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All the names sound black

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>Forget your textbook in class? You're walking in a square in the quad for 40 minutes saying "I'm the idiot who forgot his book, I'm the idiot who will get cooked"
just like in north korea
fucking merrikan animals, pls die

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>$9,575 a year per student
It still amazes me how states can somehow take the money necessary to educate literally every kid.

There is no way there are enough rich people to cover every poor kid either, bull.

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You forgot free sex in the showers.

Unless you go to Penn State, the football coach does that.

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Your post has been nominated as
'The most retarded image of the day!'
to vote for this post, reply with:
sent ;)

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To be fair, it was a military school. JROTC.

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Most of that stuff you checked require permission to use.

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getting raped is fun too

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you mean in schools?
yeah, it happens.

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>no free dental care for persons under the age of 18
christ what kind of godless land do you inhabit?

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A land were people have to be responsible for their own damn health

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fucking americans and gun sensitivity. i remember hearing a story of a kindergartener making a fake gun out of those connectable math blocks (like all kids do) and getting expelled or something ridiculous.

the shit students got away with when I was in high school was insane. sometimes entire classes refused to comply and do work. we just sat and socialized all class, and passed in our assignments when we needed to. it didn't even feel like school. then we have shit like free pancake day, where the aforementioned abused teachers make us xboxhueg pancakes and waffles for free. got so baked those days..

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I hate niggers

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Is this thread archived?

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More. And where is this thread? I also want to see the archives.

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My state pays for dental care if you're under 18, though, as long as your parents are in a certain low-income bracket.

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people actually logged in

they're in federal prison now


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>high school
So this is what /g/ has become.

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>online job application system

seems like something different; i don't think he was from /g/. or at least not from that thread.

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A month or two ago on /b/, some yearbook photographer got fired then gave his web account info to /b/. He had one of those online scrapbook things he can use the web to make yearbooks with. /b/ littered the book with porn and gore and supposedly some of that shit got out to the students. They had to recall the books.

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here are all the pics from the legendary raid.

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So few of those people that logged in were using Firefox with Tor. They were using Chrome, IE and OS X

Now they're in prison for not using free software. I wonder how many years they got.

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Some of them also could have been spoofing.

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I doubt it. If you spoof IE it can break some websites.

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>meme spouting off of 4chan.

as gay as it ever was

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mod should have blanket permabanned the entire thread

raids are the gayest thing 4chan ever did

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I remember when I was in kindergarten and I made guns out of legos and other blocks all the fucking time. I also nailed wood in there to make a wood gun. Fun times.

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Hah I live like 20 minutes away from that high school. I wish I was around on /g/ back then.

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