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Did I code this function correctly?

The text won't show on my html

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try writing that un your template/html

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the functions looks fine although I don't see you calling for the function

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I tried, no luck

my book told me about calling my functions but didn't give me examples on how

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that will work, you seem to be a real beginner in programming

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If you are using jquery.

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Try a search engine

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yeah I forgot the document.write on my code.

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indeed I am

I actually found the function call


should I replace functionname with get_added_text();?

I've experimented with the placement but I'm not sure if the call comes after the end of the curly brace or not

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your functions returns a value, nothing else is done with it when called on it's own.

you could change return added_text; with document.write(added_text); if you want your function to write instantly

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I don't think I've called the function yet because I'm still not seeing those results

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just use get_added_text(); anywhere, I recommend to put it underneath your last document.write();

Also renaming your function to write_added_text would make more sense now

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Didn't work but did you mean like this?

p.s. thx for your patience with me

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ow no sorry, I meant above your function where you have all those other document.write calls

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Are you telling me to:

function write_added_text(){

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Call write_added_text(); not get_... as you removed that function already.

I need more coffee this evening

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inside the write_added_text function change document,write... to document.write(added_text), that will do somewhat

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Like this?

The code still shows as above

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this will do

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/g/ hates the new boston but perhaps it might help you.


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thx for this link,

I typed all that in (save for the comments)
and I still get this page. Is the code posted suppose to be hidden in the page or should any of the words be showing?

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>sublime text
You can do better than that, man.

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I love it, it works exactly how I want it to and it looks nice

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Do you really think web "programmers" are mentally capable of anything beyond a shiny Notepad?

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Proffessional web programmers do. Not the one year experience wordpress users.

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I started JS about a week ago, it does a good job of immersing me in the programming experience by not overwhelming me like C++ did. I intend to learn C++ but it will come later

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Just follow the new bostob videos (typo on purpose)

also add a ; after your return line

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thx didn't catch that, still doesn't work but I felt like I had plenty of chances to figure it out by now, I'm going to use those videos and find out what's missing

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http://pastebin.com/wZPuk1BJ made this in the time I had to wait for my drivers to crash as I was figuring out why it happend.

anyhow, perhaps that works

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What do you suggest?

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Stop using document.write

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it's what the book tells me to me write

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What book? Document.write was long ago realized to be a real mistake of the DOM.

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JavaScript a Beginner's Guide Third Edition

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I don't get where everyone's learning about ST2, /g/'s pretty against it whenever it appears but it keeps appearing from somewhere. I'd never heard of it till recently

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Jesus Christ, so many people here claim to know a lot about programming yet none you guys know what's wrong with OP's code. Just putting document.write( get_added_text() ); after the function definition would work!

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>var textpart1
>var textpart2
>var added
>not just returning "this is fun!"

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why does the code show up in html and just the return value?

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Why can't you directly change the value of an html tag?


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Would this be suitable, or am I missing the point of the question?

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>var 1
>var 2

Just use an array nigga, now you can add as much text as you want.

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I think OP is long gone

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didn't mean to greentext that.. still had it selected but didn't see it when posting.

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No worries... I'm not overly familiar with JavaScript, so I've never used document.write().

It seems a little odd to use JavaScript to write out HTML; it doesn't even show up if I do view source in Firefox.

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document.write() is 'injects' HTML, so can be used to dynamically change the page when you click stuff. It's used a lot in the wild, but I think it's not best practice and should only be used if there's not alternative.

Not sure what you mean with your Firefox but it's supported cross browser.

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Ignore them, sublime text is just fine
inb4 vim, they can't formulate an actual reason for why it is better, it isn't, just free.

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Son of a gun, that did it

Thank you so much

not quite, I'm just multitasking in the living room and almost forgot to check the thread

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muh package manager

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Glad to be of help, I hope you get a feeling what the difference is; the brackets make it execute the function while without brackets it's the function itself, which can also be passed around as a parameter. Important difference in Javascript.

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no, you did not.
get a proper book on javascript and use jquery for dom.
or learn c, c++, c# instead.

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To clarify, this is what I see for view source initially. If I press the button, it runs the script, but then the source code no longer shows.

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is that sublime text

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Noted, I'm going to have to get dirty with it some more to understand it better

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do you have any recommendations for js?

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>Ignore them, sublime text is just fine
>inb4 vim, they can't formulate an actual reason for why it is better, it isn't, just free.

Actually, it's usually the opposite.

Any rumors of Sublime Text being even anywhere near Vims awesomeness are greatly exaggerated.

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I guess because Firefox's view source does not show the live-source like Firebug does. Chrome works better I think, I love the developer tools in Chrome. It shows everything live

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Nice, try stuff, google your ass off and don't give up. Also this is a good book >>34529009

Have fun anon

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Eloquent Javascript, its free on the internet

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w3c schools is pretty useful too.

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Go kill yourself in a fire

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Why are we not using jquary faggots?

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>not having arguments
this site is shit

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In that case, I retract my statement. Thanks for the read!

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A lot of stuff on the internet isn't 100% accurate.. you'll have to learn that yourself. I've spotted some minor errors in w3schools but it isn't that bad.

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>W3Schools.com is not affiliated with the W3C in any way. Members of the W3C have asked W3Schools to explicitly disavow any connection in the past, and they have refused to do so.
There's a difference between hosting false information and hosting false information while pretending you're part of something like the W3C.

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but muh w3schools html certification for $100

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Eeew, jQuery.

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Thx brah, much appreciated

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I've never thought they were part of the W3C. In my eyes, w3schools also never claims or even hints that.

They are way off with W3C anyway, they just give users some HTML examples to play with.

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also OP you don't have to edit out your user name

who cares what it is? it's not like you'll get hacked if people see C:\john or something

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Maybe he doesn't want people from his school or college to know he is a filthy 4channer

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thats common practice really..

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yeah there's probably only 1 tom richards in the world

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I like to exercise my right to remain anonymous

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Learning jquery before mastering javascript is like learning how to run before learning how to walk. For stuff like what OP is doing, there's no need to use jquery.

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True this. I had a class where they taught Javascript through first Prototype and the final assignment was in JQuery. Ofcourse only the guys who already knew Javascript passed.

JQuery is useless if you have no clue what's it doing to make your life easier.

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>railroad diagrams
am i supposed to understand that shit?

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you specific problem is?
and keep in mind that you will see many more of those graphs in actual programming like sql

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