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Hey /g/ so here's my problem. I've got a hp G60 laptop that's served me well for probably four years now. i cracked the screen once raped the fan so that it's loud as fuck, and finally destroyed the speakers. Admittedly i treated it like shit, but i figure it's time for a new laptop. what would you guys recommend in every pricerange?
>tldr op needs a new laptop
>best 400$, best 500$, best 600$ etc.

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Don't get a laptop.

Desktop > Laptop

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thats what you call a sexy built blonde girl but she does need to be covered in baby oil

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Sounds like you need a sturdier laptop.
Pic related, I've had this thing for years and I'm still just breaking it in.

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If you don't find the girl in OP's pic hot, you're a fucking faggot or a fat apologist who has internalized a taste for fat women as a defense mechanism because you yourself are undesirable or fat.

Fucking retards, god damn I hate you guys so much

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who said she was anything but hot?

i only said shes missing baby oil

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i travel too much and really just want something fast.
how much them bishes running these days?

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in the 500-600 ballpark, I'd recommend looking at the i5 ultrabooks. they're all coming down in price and will likely continue to do so this quarter and next.


dem abs.

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Disgusting stomach.

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who cares. post moar of her.

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enjoy your lap griddle

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What a faggot lmao

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confirmed for faggot

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he's right.

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You know, some people with jobs have both a desktop and a laptop, the desktop for when you're at home and the laptop for when you're not. Hell, I'm only a student and I could not live without my laptop.

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She not that hot, I dated better

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so yay or nay on the ultrabook?

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sorry, only one of her i have

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save some more and get a decent machine. they tend to start at $800.

also can we see some fit teen ass?

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so you dated emma watson?

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Yay. Ultrabooks are fine, and only the neckbeards are complaining about heat.


9/10, would take to smoothie factory for lunch

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price is no concern of mine, however i need a laptop, i already have a desktop at home.

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I just don't understand how some girls can hover at 10% body fat and still have enormous natural tits.

Not sure if real though.

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Gosh, I wish my women weren't feminine in the least. I am not a homosexual.

>Best <$500

Used thinkpad T series, about T61 because nvidyer.

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oh melanie

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fine thanks sell true computer users who want power down the river

you gonna support a law banning the self building of computer next you fascist asshole?

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what he fuck?

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but "woman" refers specifically to biological sex /semantics

Is "transgendered male" just too hard to say or something?

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well transgendered male makes no sense at all

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just for you

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my dick just exploded


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>male (biological sex = male, no changing that)
>transgendered - has selected a gender inconsistent with the one they were born with

It's actually 100% accurate. It's what this trans I dated once preferred, and it stuck.

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i vomited a little.

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FAGGOT let me guess you like women who look like this

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/a/ doesn't have a problem with musclegirls. Just 3D musclegirls

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My dick.

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must run in the family, your mom puked every time my dick hit the back of her mouth.

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500$ for retardedly portable machine.

most with an i5, 4-6GB RAM, and a 500GB hdd.

stop crying because HURR THINKPED

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this looks shopped

but i want to believe

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His dick.

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i jsut want one with enough power to actually be of some kind of use to me and not a total piece of shit

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Exactly, no cartoon shit ITT. Go away.

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I don't even go on /a/ and I'm not the guy you originally told to go to /a/.

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I can't fap to this.

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/a/ here, stop relaying your faggots to us, we already have enough of those.

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so wait, a woman can dislike non muscular guys and think that fat guys are disgusting and it be okay.. but as soon as a guy dislikes muscular women hes sexist? naturally women arent supposed to look like>>27893441

the other girls are left up to preference. do i want my gf to be ripped? no. would i bang every woman in this thread? yes.

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all i wanted was some suggestions, researching the ultrabook now, that thinkpad x1 somebody recommended looks dope, those eurocom mosters seem like mini desktops.

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>implying you don't want her as your gf.

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That's too bad.

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t61 with WUXGA screen

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more your style?

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i dont.

first blonde girls are pig ugly
secondly she doenst have the feminine looks htat i prefer in a female. she has bulgy muscle instead of smooth supple curves. she looks rough as opposed to soft and elegant. doesnt look like a woman neck down to be honest. i dont want to be banging a dudes body i want nice round titties not lumps of fat on pecks.
thirdly, she could probably beat me up and would be ashamed to be around her in public.

would not waifu/ 10

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checking it out now.

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absolutely terrible
go away

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who do i wrap bandage?

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Yes, qt girl

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>fit thread on /g/
I'm oddly okay with this.

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Much paler.

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The only woman I need.

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Her belly button is a bit to her left. This annoy me. A LOT.

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I want a strong woman who can protect me.

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omg beautiful

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femal predator's got your back

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>misaligned belly button

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more of this girl pls i have my lightsaber in hand ready 2fap-a-lot

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I meant the woman, not the photograph.

Also, paler.

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>ugly bulging belly button
would not bang

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her names zuzana from bodyrock fitness, thousands of pics of her online.

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While we're talking about shit breaking, i'm pretty sure my rosewill PSU blew up this morning and I was thinking of getting a seasonic one to replace it because I don't want to wait the two weeks it'll take to RMA it. Thoughts?

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her delicious ass had devoured those jeans, goddamn

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