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ITT: We share tips and advice on technology related things.

To easily remove tight cable ties without damaging cables use a pair of pliers, and crush the ratchet mechanism. The tie will fall apart.

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You don't say.

Not technology related per se, but;
When you get an idea, no matter how mundane, write it down. You will start to come up with more ideas and remember your old ones more easily, and if they turn out to be useful, you've got logs of your thoughts.

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Don't try to improve something that works, you'll end up breaking X.

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Or improve it, unless you're stupid or something.

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If you've got a Filco, flip the space bar around. It's much nicer to type on.

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Never rush a purchase you're unsure about. Regardless if you save a couple bucks. It can turn around and bite you in the ass.

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Cheaper does not always mean worse. Too cheap, however, usually does.

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ram info

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diagnostics chart

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Use the lens on a typical cheap laser pointer to zoom in much more with your cellphone camera.

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radiation dosage chart

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alt characters

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file system hierarchy

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Win+L to lock your account. Shit's useful for when your randomly leave your computer, or have other people over.

Thank you for the dump.

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mobo sizes

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pci-e slot sizes

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html code

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Win+1-9 -- opens the quickstart programs pinned next to the start menu

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Always install the IO shield first.

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network protocols

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linux kernal map

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when i was 12 i was fascinated by those for some reason but had no idea how to find a list for them.

so i created a basic html page and manually typed out like over a thousand of them. i used tables too how horrifying.

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>that feel when I installed it last and it's not aligned properly and is blocking off a couple of ports
>that feel when it's probably going to end up damaging the mobo

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You must've had a very boring childhood.

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> html code

I think you mean html script.

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books vs ebooks

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Ctrl - Shift - V to paste unformatted text

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no, thats a basic html markup and how to lay it out

another pci-e size and bandwidth

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common ports

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>that feel when SCRAPING the mobo back and forth trying to get the fucking thing to line up with the shield

joke's on you i'm still boring

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caffeine poster

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electronics symbols

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internet speeds

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since im the only one doing this, im gonna stop until someone can chip in.

storage memory evolution

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Fuck you ad keep posting

This isn't some sort of community

It's your personal image blog.

So keep going.

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instead of bitching, post some tech info.

otherwise, go die in a fire of cum

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i don't have anything worth posting.

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Stay mad and keep posting.

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on that note
don't be afraid to break things
and if it's broken don't be afraid to try fixing it

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fire of cum
I didnt know cum was flamable

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Stay autistic

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No Unicomp? Jesus cunting fuck hell the what?

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mind blown
other win7 shit i might have overlooked?

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It'll be in 1.0.4, along with Leopold boards.

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>using those model m copies
>because /g/ says they are good

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augh that pic implies that "/usr/" stands for "user," when it actually stands for "unix system resource".

any association with the term "user" is pure coincidence

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North Korea has some pretty cheap rates.

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my infographics thread is depleted

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i have no usefull pictures:(

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if you begin with 0 it's just their number in the character map in decimal

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You don't say.

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This seems to be changing tabs in my browser, mef, it's still cool.

Also, shaking a window back and forth will minimize every window but the shooken one in win7

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Ctrl+tab goes to the next tab in Chrome. May work on other browsers.

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Failfox confirmed.

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back then i couldn't into computer and didn't learn to into computer for a while. i thought the only programming language was java because it was the only one i knew about.

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Are you sure you're not pressing Ctrl+1-9? That goes to tabs 1-9 in Firefox (and maybe other browsers).

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every browser actually, and ctrl+shift+tab goes the other way.

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This also works in steam if you have a few chats open and tabbed.

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Ctrl + Page Down changes the tab left
Ctrl + Page Up changes the tab right

At least it does in Furryfox.

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also works in visual studio but more like alt+tab which is enough to make it useless to me (if everything did it like alt+tab sure but they dont if i ctrl+tab i expect to ctrl+shift+tab to get back)

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Use ctrl+insert and shift+insert to copy and paste, respectively. It works almost universally, and in all OSs, unlike ctrl+c and ctrl+v which don't work in things like the command line

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Holy shit.

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Any caffeine graphs with tea in it?

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>ctrl+insert and shift+insert to copy and paste, respectively


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no. its all i got

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dont remember what this is but it looks techy in the image preview

also, hitting the super key ("windows key" generally) + pause/break on windows brings up the system specs. Generally one of the first things I do when getting on a public computer, so I can see how many tabs I can plan on having open etc.

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>no Shift + F2

Firefox now has a command line

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pressing escape on a gif will pause it

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I don't suppose anyone has an updated version of that chart, do they? I've had that version for about a year now, and I'd love to have one with all of the newest components on it

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I would really love this thread to be more about personal pieces of advice rather than an image dump. We've already seen most of it and only a few are useful to us, but posts like >>27297533 and >>27296687 provide intricate and useful pieces of advice.

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Yttrium was on about creating one, ask him about it next time you see him.

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screenshot file.png 0 true
boom. full page screen capture in your downloads folder[/code]

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I appreciate it, that would be so fucking helpful

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how do you play it again?

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C-x would be ctrl+x?

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I just realized I have something to contribute

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That is actually useful in general, for more than just video.


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Does anyone have a guide or at least some tips for how to customize Foobar2000?

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Anyone have any keylogging guides? Like which ones are best to use, easiest to use, most functional etc?

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I'm not getting it. Is this in stable?
Yes - unless you have a strange keyboard. Emacs was started in the early 70's, so it has this old notation.

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Does anyone know how to make the bar at the top smaller in firefox for linux?

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>Is this in stable?
not yet.

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Fuck you

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I hate you

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Tried it on nightly. It worked great. Tyvm.

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Ctrl+W closes tab
Ctrl+T new tab

Alt+1 first tab
Alt+0 last tab

Alt+tab jumps windows forward
Alt+shift-tab jumps windows backwards

try Win+tab

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make the 4chan reply box bigger for long posts

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