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What's the best image viewer for Windows?

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JPG is shit for vectorized graphics

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Why does IrfanView use such horrible .jpg algorithms? Every picture saved there turns out 10x bigger than if I did it in Photoshop.

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>Using jpg for anything

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Considering I regularly hit my 250gb bandwith cap, saving a few MB every time I open a picture is pretty fucking handy.

Since I open a fuck ton of pictures every month.

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Thread relevant to my interests.

Ive been using pirated ACDsee and Im fucking sick of it phoning home all the time.

Could I just please have a good image viewer that can zoom and pan, crop and resize, basic shit, I dont need photoshop.

The one that comes with Windows is shit... cant fullscreen... wtf is that. This software should have been perfected 20 years ago.

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Don't use Photoshop to save jpgs. Photoshop has its own resampling algorithms that modify the image even if you're saving a 100% copy.

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>250gb cap
>assuming you have comcast

You do realize they never really enforced that and recently got rid of it?

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This faggot has no idea

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100% quality JPG is not lossless anywhere, and never was.

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What else should I use? I found it to give me the best images at the lowest size. Then again I only had IrfanView to compare it against.

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I have rogers being Canadian and they charge you $2 every GB over the cap you go (Luckily capped at $50).

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OK on your recommendation, I installed IrfanView.

Why cant I pan around an image with the mouse? Dont tell me I need to use horizontal/vertical scrollbars on the side. Because thats some ghetto ass shit.

Can I fix that? I dont see an option too... if this is as good as it gets, Ill call this crapware.

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gqview or geeqie if you like compiling stuff from mingw/cygwin

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Internet Explorer 10.
Anything else and you're doing it wrong.

Hurdling ... great sport

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>I installed IrfanView.
>/g/ claims another victim.

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I wouldn't use Irfanview as an image viewer. It's nice for very simple image editing (cropping, resizing etc.) and batch editing, but not for just image viewing. HoneyView is better for that.

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FastStone MaxView.
> dat ability to read ZIP/RAR manga

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>Why cant I pan around an image with the mouse?
Right Click and drag.

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honeyview strongest

Fuck all that retarded bloatware with win95 UIs, most of them are a downgrade from the built in windows viewer.

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I was misremembering the details. This is what I was referring to:

>Photoshop does some undocumented, proprietary magic to make high frequency areas appear a little sharper. (I think they are trying to mitigate loss from JPEG artifacts.) I've known about this for a few years and call it "rainbowing" -- it is a separation between the red and blue color channels that shows up during an error level analysis. (It's a tell-tale sign that an Adobe application, like Photoshop, was used.) Gimp does rainbowing a little; Photoshop does it a lot.

>Now we have multiple JPEG resaves plus something other than JPEG happening between each resave. That "something other than JPEG" from Photoshop is enough to keep the image degradation from terminating after a dozen or more resaves.

>Yes, repeatedly saving a JPEG makes the image worse. But repeatedly saving it with Photoshop makes it much worse.

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Why every image viewer suggested on here looks like shit?

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Because your vision is shit?

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Fuck, another one with the XP design style

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what is the best image viewer if i simply want to jerk off to gifs as well as still images in a slide show?

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Who cares what they look like?

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Normal people? I mean is a fucking image viewer, not fucking excel.

Zune gets the looks, minimal UI but it has no right click functions, edit and you have to run that software just to look at a pic.

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Irfanview is garbage... it can't sort through a folder based on date modified, it grinds to a halt opening large gif image, it doesn't scroll with the mouse wheel, switching between different size images respositions the window... it's just garbage. Don't use it.

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You're supposed to look at the image, not what's around it. And fuck normal people.

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>You're supposed to look at the image, not what's around it
Exactly but the fucking UI most of the time gets in the way. I hate the default on for example, it has that file, print, email shit that I can't get rid of.

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>not using default with .gif fix

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sounds like you used it for all of five minutes and never checked out the options

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You can't get a much more minimal UI than what you get with HoneyView.

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I hate that black as your soul and gradient crap.

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pviewer. It's a great program. It even plays .gif images nicely.

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It's not like that crap at the top and bottom is constantly visible. And why wouldn't you want a dark background for images?

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I hate too much dark backgrounds, firefox has it now and can't stand it.

Is there a way to change the background?

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