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>> No.71357701

pisses me less than windows

>> No.71357754

The power of the linux command line has won me over from a life of Windows usage

>> No.71357765

autistic but functional

>> No.71358640

>Does exactly what I tell it to do and doesn't do anything I don't tell it to do.


>> No.71358663

installed gentoo

>> No.71358684

It's worked well enough for me that I've been using it full time for about 13 years.

>> No.71358944

man *

>> No.71358982

Using it was a fun learning experience to tinker and toy with but I do not need it.

>> No.71359000

Recompile the driver (again)

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>> No.71359198

Faster than windows but has a bit of a learning curve; would recommend if you don't play /v/idya.

>> No.71359237

Not having to manually turn off windows update and microsoft office services every bootup is nice, I guess.

>> No.71359293

I use arch!

>> No.71359376

Hours of looking through 10 year old forum posts is the price of freedom.

>> No.71359634

YDFS /g/ public MUC-nigger detected

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>> No.71359819

If only all drivers worked

>> No.71359884

Fantastic apps for work, but I wish upgrading graphics drivers was less volatile.

>> No.71359937

This doesn't just werk

>> No.71359956

It doesn't have excel, therefore I can't get a job with this, therefore it's literally unusable.

>> No.71360450

>but I wish upgrading graphics drivers was less volatile.
get an amd gpu

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Fun and interesting

>> No.71360715

what about using your keyboard, screen and literally any hardware retard

>> No.71360745

Turns out WSL does all I needed from linux, still will run it on my servers.

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>> No.71361606

Very average from 2013 to 2015, ok from 2015 to 2019, good since 2019.

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>> No.71361909

Cyka blyat

>> No.71361916

This. fuck xorg

>> No.71363011

Total tits!

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>> No.71363429

a complete waste of my time and energy.

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I loved it, but i didn't lost half of the GPU performance due my CPU being too old for the whole "valve optimizes the fuck out of gaming on linux".

>> No.71363468

Cheap & Shits

>> No.71363785

Fun because I don't have a job.

>> No.71364122

Slow going transition, but a far better experience than I initially had thought.

>> No.71364456

Happy user since 2013.

>> No.71364556

every day i kill wpa_supplicant and every night it comes back

>> No.71365068

sudo systemctl disable wpa_supplicant

>> No.71365076

This is the hardest part honestly. Using windows feels dirty.

>> No.71365412

Fun, addictive and time consuming

>> No.71365457

Completely alien to Windows no matter how much dev's tried no distro came close but hey I gave it a try.

Noob friendly software store offer too little well..software

Also the world runs around Windows well maybe not your server world but the software world which the majority use is for windows

>> No.71365466

very nice, but never "just works" unless your name is ubuntu.

>> No.71365531

Nothing works as intended

>> No.71365600

If you do not act like a smartass and say that "linux is a kernel because words only have one meaning regardless of context" it's just an OS, there isn't that much to talk about.

>> No.71365648

Just reinstall, it's way faster.

>> No.71365697

windows withdrawls when I switched, now GNU/Linux withdrawls when I use anything else

>> No.71365820

You know spending twice as much time on ricing your desktop as you did actually doing things on a real OS doesn't count as "increased productivity", right?

>> No.71368105

This is exactly how I once told a friend of mine that a good text does not only contain sentences of five words. His solution was to just change some points ('full stop' in english? Dunno) to commas.

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