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Hahahha, trully a classic. You'll bait a newfag or two.

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This meme is retarded

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>hey dude take a photo

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>he said, months before the Pixel 4 (with triple cameras) arrived

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Face ID needs depth to work. There's an IR cam on one side and another IR cam on another. Then the RGB cam next to the IR cam on the right, near the earpiece.
So there are three cameras in the notch overall.

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>I've never been in a situation where I would think "I wish I had more than one camera in the back of my phone".
That's not the point. Nobody has ever thought that. The point of having more lenses is just having better photo quality overall. Zoom in further with less degradation. Zoom out further to fit more stuff within a frame. Better AR experience because of the depth sensing.
The lenses aren't really for you to choose between at will. They just make the experience better overall.

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that dead fagget - whats his name again, eh fuck it - would turn in his grave lol

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why don't they just put one giant camera lens?

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just buy one and eat the camera

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just buy one and hot glue the camera

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>if you are buying compact cameras or cheap dslrs you are doing it wrong
I beg to differ

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I assume that would make the camera bulge even larger.

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The new back charger looks cool though.

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>half the size or smaller
>literally hundreds of other things it had to do besides take pictures
>more expensive and not as good
no shit?

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the camera is a big selling point these days for why people shell out $1000 for another new phone even though they complain about a professional-grade monitor stand that will last much longer

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That's logmeins logo dipshit, hamachi had a different logo you fucking zoomer

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You're fired anon, you should know by now that the new product needs to be both bigger AND smaller than last year's model

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rx100 series is the only half decent one but even then the IQ improvement from a $1k iv over XS or P30 can't really be justified. not to mention you'll have to bring two devices for slightly better IQ.

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t. boomer

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t. retard

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>Cause the photos of these could be the best photos ever taken by a phone, ever.
As long as you're in a perfectly lit studio since Apple is sub garbage tier in low light.

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Fucking retarts, googles will be much worse

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Inferior to film.

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/g/ BTFO

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Just buy one and tape the camera

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The sun is brighter than any studio light anon......

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man fapple needs to stop playing and release an updated version of the SE.

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This social experiment went way too far, at this point they don't know how to come out with the line 'it was just a prank brah' and are trying to sell literally shit© in a desperate attempt to stop it. Too late to abort the apple hysteria

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From an HCI perspective, iOS was pretty much revolutionary. The other phone OSes at the time were all pretty crappy. To say otherwise is analogous to old Unix nerds wondering why people can't figure out how to do all their work on a character-based Unix system cranking out Perl or using sed and awk; and instead choose to use a "toy" operating system with a "gooey."

I mucked with Windows CE, PalmOS, and some of the other mobile OSes during the early 2000s. After using the first iPhone for just 2 or 3 minutes, I knew it was Game Over for everybody else.

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this is kinda cute

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wow that roastie is lucky she didn't get decapitated or cut in half

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Fuck off this is consumer technology

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I'll check this out. Just to make sure it's really this bad, so I wouldn't check it out by accident...

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no joke, i think there should be another camera on the opposite end of the card for 3D photograph and enhanced depth perception for AR

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Just buy one without the camera

>> No.71389797

just buy a camera without the phone

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oh no, please no

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install gentoo

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