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reminder that you were systematically humiliated this thread and nothing can stop the snowballing effect that i am doing a lot to create


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Not a citation, schizo. Some soccor moms temporarily delaying 5G cells via some legal loophole won't stop the inevitable march of technological progress. People like you protested 2G, 3G and 4G rollout, all of which came ubiquitous. No matter how hard you cry on this forum and spam your jpegs you cannot stop it

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>mentally ill brainlet thinks he's actually making a difference
awww cute

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never before has there been such a huge backlash to your trannywaves on social media. so much backlash the jew york times and fake news media are blaming it on russian hackers

the telecoms industry has months left max and i am accelerating its demise willingly.

you are helping with your disregard of the science.

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>gets scientifically btfo by a mentally ill person

>> No.71361329

>gets scientifically btfo

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i'd want to forget this thread too if i was a telecoms tranny

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>the telecoms industry has months left max
Imagine actually believing this jej
Leave your schizo echo chamber for once in a while, 5G has already rolled out in many places and is being enjoyed by customers while schizos like you seethe impotently on your crank health forums

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And people like you were debunking people who were worried about shit everyone knew was safe and healthy 50 years ago, like cigarettes and lobotomies. Both of you are insane cultists each on your own fringe.

>> No.71361364

Read faggots

>> No.71361373

Calling others trannies and shills is not "scientifically BTFOing" anyone
>people like you were debunking people who were worried about shit everyone knew was safe and healthy 50 years ago, like cigarettes and lobotomies
[Citation needed]

>> No.71361385

>many places
in a few cities and already there are dozens of health complaints. the tech is getting rolled back and the class actions are coming

i'd want to forget this thread too if i was a telecoms tranny

>> No.71361407

>[Citation needed]
Come on, don't be a faggot.

>> No.71361409

>in a few cities and already
[citation needed]
>dozens of health complaints
Just like there was for 2G 3G and 4G, look where that got you jej
>the tech is getting rolled back and the class actions are coming
lol nope

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7.1 million views and look at the comments

type 5G into youtube and it's all videos about the dangers with the science, all with enormous viewcounts and 97+% like ratios

this never happened for 3G or 4G


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oh no no 5G trannies

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Very based and extremely redpilled. If I was female I would let you impregnate me as much as you want and bare you many strong children.

>> No.71361490

>i submit i submit!!!
a tranny learns its place in the pecking order

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I have no idea if 5G is dangerous but I wholly approve the 5G is dangerous shilling. That video aptly explains why this is a fucking privacy nightmare in the works. Just put a stop to it any way possible. Dig physical cables for everyone and make sure you have some control over the connection nodes in your house. Personally I think the 5G health shilling is a way to distract from how this is a fucking dystopian surveillance development, which no one is talking about.

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the health effects are real but you are also very right about the privacy concerns

>> No.71361552

Well, at least the health concerns are harder to argue. You find studies for this and studies for that and there's govt and industry shills and tinfoilers who blame the reptiloids and all sorts of disinfo and cia niggardry. It's a fucking mess.

With the privacy concerns it's easy to see that, yeah, this is going to be fucking awful and terrible. There's really no arguing it. I guess that's why they don't want to argue about that, but focus all debate into the nebulous health debate instead.

>> No.71361587

you do have a point with how the industry trannies go to extreme lengths to obfuscate the science

just check this link to see how captured the MSM is by telecoms, with regards to the 30 million dollar study that produced clear evidence that phone signals cause significant health effects at levels way below thermal:


>> No.71361674

>No guys this blatant shill site with an agenda is the real source of trustworthy information

>> No.71361678

case in point

>> No.71361696

What exactly are they shilling for though?

>> No.71361732

it's all a big conspiracy against the innocent telecoms-military-industrial complex

>> No.71361791

Now that's the good question. If I had to guess, just based on a skimming of the site, they're probably angling for grant money. I can tell you as a political scientist I've not once seen a website that looks like that which is trying to do anything other than dupe individuals for an agenda. Notice how in all of the 'about' sections they're clearly talking about a single issue, despite the organization using a name clearly intended to imply some kind of general, multi-topic area of involvement? That's usually a telltale sign of shilling. Click around a bit, they're trying to fearmonger on everything tangentially related to EM stuff they can find. They're talking about how VR is totally Google cooking the brains of children. It just so happens they've found a platform that resonates with people here.

>> No.71361819

>specious hedge-betting

>> No.71361834

If you want to believe the first official-looking site you see that confirms your biases, feel free. Just stop shitting up /g/ with it.

>> No.71361859

>"lol its biased bro trust me"
>offers no argument or refutation of any article
>literally links wikipedia
the state of (You)

>> No.71361863

Sure, that might be it. I do feel there's high political pressure and money behind a lot of shit today, so it's reasonable to be skeptical of the mainstream as well. God knows society and science has been terribly wrong before. But that said I admit I have no idea about any of this.

>> No.71362192

Because 3G and 4G were before every 30IQ subhuman and boomer had a phone. The internet used to be a nice neighborhood.

>> No.71362226

Yes and flat earth videos get similar numbers, there are 7bn people on the planet, what's your point?

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only us high IQ atheist redditors know that microwaves are great to bathe living organisms in despite background microwave radiation being 0.000000001 uw/cm2 and also being unpolarized therefore much less toxic

>> No.71362300

>also being unpolarized therefore much less toxic

>> No.71362314


>> No.71362347

>Light or other electromagnetic radiation from many sources, such as the sun, flames, and incandescent lamps, consists of short wave trains with an equal mixture of polarizations;
AKA you're getting all the polarization and therefore all the harm

>> No.71362362

fucking captcha
Proof polarization causes harm?

>> No.71362387


The polarization is massively different than in nnEMF (non-native electromagnetic fields)

>> No.71362402

>nnEMF (non-native electromagnetic fields)
Take a physics course before you go spouting acronyms you don't understand

>> No.71362416

Your link explains polarization in the CMB, not how polarization is harmful.

>> No.71362453

"nnEMF" is not in any physics textbook shithead


polarization is harmful because it affects ion oscillation in our cells


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>> No.71362470

>"nnEMF" is not in any physics textbook shithead
No shit retard

>> No.71362506

it is in biophysics textbooks though which is for adults not tranny autist permanent adolescents such as yourself

>> No.71362511

Post one then

>> No.71362524

i prefer to keep trash out of my field if you'll mind the pun

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>Citations are youtube, conspiracy sites, "nuh uh" and calling people trannies

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>citations are CNN, wikipedia and calling people schizo tinfoilers

>> No.71362582

>UR JOO!11!!!1!
Wow fagtron you sure showed me with those hot opinions

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