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pedophilia will be legal in 10 years anon. Mark my words, they will ally with LGTB movement and with the commies to make CP real.

A new pedo singularity is waiting our society.

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Yep, makes me think you should go back to your containment board, NPC.

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cope harder cuck

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>all over the spectrum
Trump... Trump... sounds familiar. Oh that's that New York Democrat who donated $100,000 to Hillary Clinton back in the day.

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imagine living in a third world dump like Canada lmao

>> No.71369739

Ah yes, fellow zoomer. I too discovered this site in 2016

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>a bunch of retarded peasants who insist on living in the middle of nowhere
Found the sleazy, ivy-tower liberal.

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cunnyseurs rise up

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Have se- oh wait nvm you'll get plenty once someone makes you his bitch in jail lmao

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unironically this

>> No.71370412

Bitch took mah wee youuuu

>> No.71370920

>it's always anecdotes, never some actual hard data
>roy moore was fucking 14 year olds

I guess Dems attempting to "me too" their political opponents equals hard data?

>> No.71370970

imagine living in a refugee and mexican-ridden dump like the states or europe

>> No.71371059

>arsetechnica hires pedos
not surprised one bit

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See about this on (((YouTube))). Fucking lol.

I remember reading this guys Ars Technica articles years ago before GamerGate happened. Shortly after that i stopped visiting the site because it was very obvious they were massive SJW's and were also part of the GG smear campaign.

If anyone closely followed GG, you'll know that this thing isn't remotely rare. Loads of these people end up getting exposed as being pedo's/rapists/sex offenders/degenerates/violent abuses. So i was surprised at all about this news.

BTW i made the pic, but i don't have a twitter account, can someone tweet it @ him...

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Canada has more muslim shitskins than many European countries. You also have the biggest cuck PM on the planet. Even Sweden is put to shame with those levels of cuckery.

>> No.71372036

drpizza was one of the few sane (non macfag) people on arse tech.
his articles weren't shock full of off-topic TDS political bullshit

i think being "sjw" on twitter is primarily due to peer pressure from journo-list, not conviction

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>> No.71372143

it's been said he didn't get along with others in the ars technica forum.

>> No.71372241

"i think being "sjw" on twitter is primarily due to peer pressure from journo-list, not conviction"

Complete shit. It's not like he did a few SJW tweets. He posted fucking hundreds, constantly, for many years. He was *very* dedicated to it.

This is also a guy with "Poly/pan/pervy. He/Him" in his Twitter bio ffs. And while he wasn't a degenerate iSheep brainlet, he's still a degenerate pedo. So he's hardly "sane".

>> No.71372273

Why don't you go to North Korea or China or Venezuela or Cuba or whatever commie shitholes you prefer and find out if those people own guns or not?

>> No.71372311

>all disgusting titcows
I guess the deflection meme is real.

>> No.71372489

Never buy from j-list btw. fuckers said shipping should take 2-4 weeks, msged them for tracking code and they said they havnt shipped it yet.

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Can some pleb here post something funny on his Ars articles relating to his kiddy fiddling? I don't have an account for commenting, but someone here must? Even if you get banned, think of the keks lads...

>> No.71372612

Most people are just graduated college at 22, and at 23-35, are just working their first "real" career jobs.
Waiting 8 or so years until you have a house, savings, and career secured is smart. So is waiting until you're 30, because before then you're learning who you are and what you want.

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>have both the life experience and stable successful career to make a real family
They also the expired eggs to make extra chromosomes.

>> No.71372648

>the people who aren't too busy being debtslaves in their wage cages to fight back are the ones who fight back

>> No.71372725

Doesn't really matter. People over 15 are usually capable of understanding consequences and not that easy to manipulate.
If you raised age of consent to 24 it would cause hilarious situations where a lot of people in their early 20s would have started healthy families(Romeo and Juliet law) but of one of the partners is year too old it suddenly become a crime even though no one is harmed. You can stop people over 15 from fucking and you can't stop people over 20 from wanting to have a baby. Any law forbidding that is pointless.

>> No.71372982

It's funny how you have such a strong cunnyphobia you even find old hags attractive. You are the odd one, teens is one of the most popular categories and pretty much everyone enjoys hebephilia.
All this irrational, untargated rage is not healthy for you. And it's actually dangerous to children since such a witch-hunt after pedos only cause them to be afraid to ask for help and therapy, increase helplessness and fear which might cause them to give up everything and attack a child. You are one of the reasons why this problem is such a big deal in western world.

>> No.71373591

>Having sex with anyone or anything that cannot get pregnant is sexual perversion and degeneracy.

it's called doing whatever the fuck you want to do without the government involving themselves?

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Another day, another "anime is for pedos/ban loli!!!!" shitter caught trying to rape actual kids. Will they ever stop being BTFO?

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>> No.71375105

/pol/ was right, the pedos are the ones who cry out against it the most.

>> No.71375130

Jesus, the person who made that image must have been seething, you can taste the bitterness

>> No.71375268

>using quotes
What the fuck?

>> No.71375408

Spend literally give minutes on /d/ and ask them if they actually want to be eaten alive and raped to death by giant hornets then come back to this question.

>> No.71375464

world is CLOWN xD get it guys because i cant fuck a 10 year old

>> No.71375529

Every time I see Americans or Canadians complaining about loli I remember that the majority of the world's child pornography sites are hosted in North America and that children in child pornography are disproportionately white. It really is the "guys on Twitter screaming about loli caught with a 7 year old chained up in their basement" extended to a national scale.

>> No.71375593

>Mark my words, they will ally with LGTB movement and with the commies to make CP real.
LGBT and commies are fully onboard with the "we must protect the drawings!!!" movement. If you point out there is no evidence that loli is actually harmful they will scream at you and call you a pedo. If you refer them to literature by actual professionals saying their approach to pedophilia is counter-productive they will lose your mind over how you're trying to """normalize""" pedophilia. If you'd actually engaged with the LGBT movement or commies for even a single second you'd know this.

>> No.71375806

>Drawings are real life
lmaoing @ your life

>> No.71375967

Anyone who is anty loli is a brainlet anyway. It's clear this does not increase danger of child molesting. Looking at Japan, data suggest it might actually reduce child abuse. Which makes perfect sense because it allows pedos to get off and not feel ashamed about themselves. On the contrary, in western societies they have to live in shame and helpless self hatred until the day they give up everything and for once let their urges take over. Treat someone like a monster and they will eventually become a monster.

12yo is not even a pedo.
I always find it funny how all these pedo hunters pretend to be a sexually active, mature girl just below age of consent. Instead of going after real pedophiles that pose real danger to young children, they look for spergs thirsty for young and tight pussy.

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>> No.71376158

Even if we accept that the preferences of homosexual pedophiles are readily comparable to the preferences of homosexual teleiophiles that doesn't change the fact that at the moment the LGBT community is rabidly on the side of thought crimes and there is no real sign of that changing any time soon.

>> No.71376193

Of you read this thread carefully it should be clear that people who are actual pedophiles virtue signal as anti Loli.

Literally >>71375062

LGBT is officially against pedos. But that's only what they say for public.

>> No.71376315
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Just because pedos virtue signal over loli does not mean that everyone who virtue signals over loli is pedo. There are way too many LGBT normies knee-jerking because they've been told it's bad for them all to be pedos.

>> No.71377031

Of course you are right.
I'm just saying that it's not unlikely for an actual pedo to hate Loli(at least in public)

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>fallacy of the appeal to nature
This is the more jewish thing I've ever heard

>> No.71377626

kek, being a gay pedo is ok but being a straight pedo is not. They are going to make a civil war between pedophiles.

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