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I finally have decided to make the switch to Linux.
Despite not being recommended to beginners, I'd like to start with Arch since it is in my general philosophy that if you start with something hard you learn faster.
Nevertheless I would like to know how bumpy the road will be.
Will system problems be frequent during everyday use? Also will they be generally straightforward to identify and fix by reading the wiki, or will I have a lot of headaches trying to figure out what the fuck is going on?
It ain't much, but at least I am familiar with most basic Unix commands.

If I tinkered with it everyday how long do you think it would take me to finally get everything sorted out?

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I saw someone saying that there were common security issues with AUR packages, is this just memeing or a serious issue? until I heard that I had basically come to the conclusion arch was optimal, but now I'm dubious, so is there any truth behind that claim or not?

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I currently run fedora. I used arch in the past but moved on because I broke it after swapping disks, something something I just installed fedora.
When I read the page changelog I see it's uncommon to need manual intervention in upgrades.
Don't they do stuff like breaking compatibility between libraries and programs? If that's not the case it could be a nice desktop OS.
The installation is actually a good thing about arch because you pacstrap or install what you want before booting. But that aside the bad things about arch would be the stability

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I use Arch because I'm lazy.

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Be thankful I run Arch.

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*breaks your NVIDIA drivers and X11*
The absolute state

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Can't install arch because cli-based installers can't detect my network card, for some reason. the fuck do i do?

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>come home from work, just want to play some games (PCI passthrough W10 VM)
>update kernel
>jokingly tell myself "lemme reboot right away to make sure it still works"
>won't boot anymore, lovely instant kernel panic after grub
>have to use a live environment to mount my parititions and downgrade the kernel to get it to boot again

If any of the other distros were actually good, I would have dropped this meme a long time ago.

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Whats the point of Arch? what advantage does it have over Debian or Gentoo? I just don't see the appeal....

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The sharp points and serrated edges hint at what kind of OS you're dealing with.

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After many years of using Debian I want to switch to Arch for the easier packaging system. In Debian I was able to remove non-free from the repo list and keep all that proprietary bullshit away from harming my freedom. Can the same or something similar be done in Arch?

I had a look at Parabola but they seems to be lacking behind Arch and their wiki is shit because it's offline.

I also considered installing Gentoo but I don't think my six year old laptop is up to the task of compiling monster projects like Chromium or Firefox from source every other week.

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Last night I finally installed Arch in a VirtualBox VM. And DESU I don't see what the big deal is. You can customize it sure, but I can also perform the same level of customization doing a minimal Ubuntu install, then choosing my own initial DE (i.e. i3), and so on.

The only *real* difference between Ubuntu and Arch seems to be the package manager. And AUR did not impress me. Every AUR package I installed was met with red text in the terminal saying Warning this package is unverified.

Why is Arch so much better than Ubuntu again? Because I'm not seeing it.

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>will use revenge installer if you convince me
>moderately experienced, 2 years of linux now

I'm really fed up with RPM and even though openSUSE incorporates it's own package manager the distro is so fucking bloated (fucking 4gb iso)

Debian based distros are fine but nearly always have non up to date packages

Slackware, Gentoo, Void, ect. packages all randomly break (more often than other distros at least) for seemingly no fucking reason (in my personal experience)

I have questions about Arch
1. Will I have to edit some random text file to install an application? (*cough* slackware *cough*)
2. I know "instability" on Arch is mostly a meme at this point but seriously, how often does stuff REALLY break (be honest)
3. Do programs dependent on multiple dependencies break often? (I know it'll EVENTUALLY happen at some point)

Send help (posted from debian)

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Why haven't you gone full bleeding edge, /g/? LTS is just delaying the inevitable.

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How to install debian if it doesn't even detects my wifi driver? Arch way more user friendly.

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I'm using Debian Sid.
Give me ONE (1) reason to move to Arch.

PROTIP: You can't.

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Why the fuck would anyone use this shit when it does nothing special and everything it does another distro does better? Is there just something I'm missing here? It is quite literally a meme OS, there is nothing of value in Arch. Use a real distribution and get a job.

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Why is configuration for this so difficult? I have 475 packages and still hardly anything works; I have to manually enable my network connection every startup, I have to manually start xfce, firefox smooth scrolling looks like shit, changing the size of the post box on 4chan tears like crazy, none of my external drives work when I plug them in even though they show up in fdisk and have worked even on Debian, the previous shittiest distro I tried, the font rendering is shit, and Japanese characters all show up as 桃

I honestly don't even know where to start first, or how to check and see if I fucked something up. Are you supposed to just keep reinstalling over and over again until you can do it quickly so when something fucks up or isn't working right it will be a quick fix to just reinstall completely?

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Fell for the loonix meme, installed arch.

Well that was shit, will never use linux. Windows is better.

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I am used to yaourt
but want to give pacaur a chance

is there anything I should know before switching to it?

I think these helpers only use typical pacman commands and procedures, you know pacman -si
so its not like I am abandoning some yaourts own database right?

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Is there any point in using Arch Linux if I'm not autismal about ricing? I stole a few people's dotfiles to make my i3 look better, some scripts too, but I'm pretty meh about writing even more scripts to make the goddamn system usable. I couldn't care less about making custom icons in GIMP or whatever. I'm not feeling the Arch way.

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I wish to support free software.

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