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F3 OPN chips on the floor at CES with 3.6ghz base clock/3.9ghz turbo.
F4 OPN chips are 4ghz turbo.

Stop shitposting, child.

Thats flat out a lie.

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Everything not marked as a for sale part is an engineering sample.
The OPN end with F4, those are the newest steppings. The Ryzen test systems at CES were 3.6ghz base clocke and 3.9ghz turbo, and those were F3.
The top end F4 brought it up to 4ghz turbo, still 3.6ghz base.

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They have stuff going on every day 5th through the 8th, they're just not streaming it for plebs at home.

They have Ryzen chips on the floor running demos. Newer stepping chips, now with 3.6ghz base clocks and 3.9ghz turbo. Still 95w.

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