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Get Raja to sign this.

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It's amazing desu. Watching Intel shills take every chance they can get to defend their purchase of a 350 USD 8 thread, or god forbid, a 250 USD 4 core, is pretty entertaining
That being said, the real interest in Ryzen lies in Ryzen+.
Ryzen has started just behind Intels current offerings in vidya games and other single core shit which unlike Intels old arch, we could see some serious gains in newer iterations. 15% increase may actually mean 15% unlike with Intel where it means 1% and increase the clocks.

Intel is POOED until their new arch which, for all intents and purposes, could turn into another Netburst.
The next 3 years are crucial for Intel but there's almost nothing they can do except increased clocks and die shrinks with increasingly lower yields.

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but that's bread.

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Is there any reason to choose nvidia over AMD beside proprietary Linux drivers?

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You did buy an AMD cpu right?

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