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>Not the Atom
I shiggydiggy
The K702 lack bass but considering your taste they might be fine for you. Also, what amp?

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>trying to compile anything on windows

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>Calls someone a mongrel
>Is so non-white he can't even afford a car

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>need a group of 4chan people or just intellectual people that aren't stupid faggots
>summer /g/

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I have all of those plus what the other guy mentioned, minus:

>uncrackable account-tied software lock to prevent theft

Which just sounds like a virus. Terrible! Oh, but I also use a custom ROM I compile and modify myself, but that's just because I'm not a tech-illiterate. My phone still gets OEM updates four years counting.

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>Threads like this really fucking hate that I work in this environment.

Women, everyone.

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