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its just like the shoah!

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These were the guys who quickly "fixed" a "mistake" with their statistics when AMD started getting market share, anything coming from there can safely be discarded and marked as invalid.

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>I'll take anything over Intel at his point.
Then take AMD.
>Their judaism of keeping core counts low for 10 years on purpose because they had a market monopoly is completely unacceptable.
Fixed by AMD in 2017
>Even AMD couldn't make a dent in their numbers.
AMD has made a dent. But amd will never be able to outsell intel (except during shortages, like right now) because of the mindshare, intel-optimization and monopoly practices. Just like AMD will never outsell nvidia in graphics.

>Now hopefully ARM can BTFO both of them.
ARM isn't even close to x86 in performance above ~15w tdp. We're not gonna get something that rivals a 2700 or whatever for $250 with ARM anytime soon. Especially since non-apple ARM still has abysmal single thread. If AMD can barely get 50%, then ARM is not breaking the wintel gaming/enthusiast market.

What we will get however, is apple ARM computers with pretty good performance especially thanks to dedicated hardware like video encoders. They'll be the most locked down shit ever though.

By not supporting AMD, who are responsible for keeping Nvidia and Intel in check you're just perpetuating intels stagnation until we get locked down ARM machines from Apple and the android OEMs.

>what is iOS
That aside, they surely mean GNU+linux, which will be locked out.

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market share probably

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