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>Haskell Dev on Arch

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What? First, are your IEMs or player even capable of outputting 40khz at a meaningful volume? Second, what?

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Nah, I should had probably worded that better. The one who did this was the owner of the current Gamergate board, AcidMan AKA Cole Lamberson. In the beginning there was the original /gg/ board run by NikiofDeath. At the time the dud was heavily involved with the GG community since it gave his site life.

Niko did an innocent troll by fooling people he would make a twatter troll a mod. The dud jumped in, took his own board from him (so much for freedom to just create another board huh?) and that was that. He gave the board back but the damage was done.

The next board was /gamergate/ and that was run by Bladee who was involved with an autistic clique of wanna be trolls who called themselves the AyyTeam who failed at trolling harder than Weev. Bladee had an autistic diabetic meltdown one day without warning and gave his board to the trolls. /gamergate/ went down with no survivors.

During this time there were polls on the /v/ board to decide which GG board would represent them. Mark, the owner of the /v/ board rigged the choices so only boards his clique liked would be there. His main man he backed was AcidMan who is possibly the biggest lolcow in imageboard history. The doxing and digging on him on the /cow/ and /baphomet/ boards are things of legend.

Acidman instantly set up a cucked rulebook for the board, instigated cross board raids and fights along with his buddies on the sub Reddit board Kotaku in Action and was generally a horrible liar. He also tried to get people to attack the community Voat which should have been where GG migrated to after Reddit cucked them out, but they didn't have the balls or foresight and AcidMan didn't like the people who posted there so he tried to raid it instead, and failed.

He most famously lied about being swatted which he used to justify doxing posters he didn't like and try to hand their info to the FBI. The dud surprisingly did nothing about an FBI snitch but trolling your own board was off limits.

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Holy shit. Is intel finished?
Sauce on that?

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I mined 80k in like 6 hours at only half my normal speed because all the pools were fucked, then I gave up.


I'm ok with this hypothetical situation.

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