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well where else am i supposed to fucking live

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Fuck, i bet they're the ones who complain about /pol/ all the time.

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>a phone is his main computer

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seriously what kind of bottomfeeding scum cant afford even the $400 one?

>pic related ,literally you

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Stock as a rock in a sock.

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>download build 10122 overnight
>check in the morning
>everything just werks, except shitty touchpad drivers
>reinstall good drivers
>cannot boot into w10
>start and search don't work, no option to reinstall 10122

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I'm having trouble trying to recover data off my old Win XP desktop with a corrupted OS. I tried using a live cd of "Hiren's Boot CD" to do this, but my computer won't boot into the live OS for some reason. It's like there is no CD inserted at all. I made sure to set my boot priorities in the BIOS and use a blank DVD, so I'm not sure why it isn't working. Is it because I used DVD-R isn't of DVD-RW and burned the .iso using my friend's Mac (my new laptop doesn't have a disc drive)? Any ideas?

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>mfw listening to the captcha

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