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herd u talkin shit like i wouldnt find out

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To whoever mentioned the LG V35 for $300 the other day, thank you. The S4 was on its last stand and it served me well, but I welcome the new goddess. Don't think I'm going to upgrade for the foreseeable future.

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This is actually pretty inspiring stuff 2bh

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>mfw eventual make -j16

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>Couldn't think of anything I wanted to spend my FL tokens on as I got everything I wanted in the global FL
>All of a sudden remember I like Ludovico Einaudi and haven't checked out similar artists to him
>Off to lastFM and similar artists
>Fabrizio Paterlini
>Roberto Cacciapaglia
>check them out on youtube
>Ears proceed to orgasm in pleasure
>use all FL tokens on their albums
>Every one I've listened to I've loved so far
>mfw not wasted my FL tokens and found some new artists to listen in the process

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Next time you look into your daughters eyes, remember that in a few years, she will be whoring herself out expressing her individuality while sucking dicks.
She will get pregnant before 18 and when that day comes, you will remember that one anon on gee that called it from the start.

Also your wife will divorce you.

Happy bday cuck, your better days are long gone now.

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>tfw an anon calls you qt

y-you too

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>tfw finally managed to get an invite to What.CD from another private tracker

>Now a member of all the private trackers I ever wanted to be on

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>tfw boyfriend

does anyone else know this feel?

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What, you're mad that his videos and music now load at lightning speed? Still thinking the human eyes can't see past 150 IOPS?

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I know its hilarious, soon when he makes the switch from OS X to mint he will shit up the desktop threads aswell.

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>have internet with cap
>cap is less than 0.1% of line capacity
>go a few TB over the cap every month
>nothing happens but automated emails trying to sell me a higher tier of service and TV

There's a few WEP networks in range of my directional antenna. I've been passively capturing IVs for when the time comes. I'm scared.

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>Gravity Rush Soundtrack
Good taste.

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sayaka a slut

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>user icon and name

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Hey /g/, a friend of mine tried to install Windows on his Acer V5-531-877B4G32Mass, and he changed the BIOS mode to Legacy.
He created a password but that was with numbers and letters, and now he can't access the BIOS because it keep asking for a password, and gives him a code. What can we do?
Pic unrelated.

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This guy here.

I tried SDL2 again (last time I tried it was the RC)
Everything worked this time.

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Thank you, I will learn this!

Do you know any resource for recommender system?

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Thank you, guys! Lotsa love!

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dongle disquette it is

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