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Wow, talk about being delusional.
Ain't no AMD shit gonna have DDR5 in less than a year. now you're just talking out of your ass.
>fifth chip
See picture related. and I'll help your understand since your autism is not doing you any favours.
if Ryzen 3rd generation is releasing in a week 7/7/19 then at most they will release the 4th generation in the second half of 2020 with is the year they're ending support for AM4, so you'll never ever be able to put a 5th generation chip in your shitty Biostar motherboard.
By the way the fact that you're already thinking of upgrading say so much about the performance of your shitty CPU, talk about coping so hard
WOOOOOW no way!!!! we're know that faggot you're not showing some new revelation
Lol, Intel i5-8400 Pissed all over 2700X last year what the fuck are you on about?

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No, Zen 3 is 2020. So expect DDR5 on the uarch after Zen

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10nm never ever

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>zen 2 design is complete

so, this is how intel dies. not with a bang, but with a zen...

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>RyZen 2? As in Zen 2?

Ryzen 2 as in Zen+, which is slated for this April.

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Should I buy Zen+ this year or wait for Zen 2?

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