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Today was the most obfuscated/difficult puzzle so far. The other days required no reading comprehension or abstract problem solving.
It's still only day 5, no shit he wasnt going to do a DFS/BFS or RE puzzle today.

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well... this happened
Tumblr is explicitly banning hate speech, posts that celebrate school shootings, and revenge porn


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>It involves typing with your thumbs, which I just don't approve of. Fuck, I don't know about you, but I don't have time to read nothing that a motherfucker typed with their thumbs.
>Fun Fact: Nothing typed by someone's thumbs has ever been important. It's all just Nigger Technology anyway.

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>mfw I pay less than 20 dollars a year for Google Play Music and I get to upload and stream my own mp3s from whenever the fuck I want, no ads, no bullshit

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That's not the anon you've meant to reply to.

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>first world country
>makes houses out of cardboard

Americunts are actually proud of this.

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>tfw you did buy AMD stock when it was 6.6 two months ago.
AMD will actually pay for whatever the fuck upgrade I buy from them and actually for my next trip.

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I spent 5K and expected to ride the hype train as far as I could to make a quick buck. So far I'm almost 7k profit and the train isn't slowing down any time soon.

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>2000+16 year of our lord
>not using something like pi-hole on your home network to avoid wasting bandwidth on ads
>wew lad

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>i got bad news bro
I know, some faggot with no taste is in command now.

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