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Japan should restore it's military and acquire nuclear weapons. Kick american out off Asia.
Asia for Asian.

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Why is there no dating platform for the free software community?

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>block ads
>advertisers move to "native advertising" or "original content" AKA shilling
You just can't win.

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>an ghetto steering wheel

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What's the best way to get into hacking shit, starting with very little technical knowledge? I suppose learning programming and scripting should be the first steps?

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Is anyone into AI/cv ?
I just setup the environmnent to work with cv and run simple face recognition script. Planning something funny for my free time.
Do other anons have cool experiences or projects to share on this matter ?

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Will be getting my chink 1080p connector for my T420 from china soon, will report back with results. Hoping it doesn't suffer from flicker.

Also, I have a couple of questions:
1. If I install Coreboot on my t420 will I be vulnerable to Spectre/Meltdown.
2. If so, will Coreboot ever be patched so I am no longer vulnerable?

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Will this t420 screen mod fuck my laptop up with flickering issue or take it to new heights? looks dodgy desu senpai


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ok /csg/ I bought two meme headphones.

Rock Zircons - excellent, IMO better sound than xiaomi hybrids. Much better than iphone earphones.

KZ ZS5 - Terrible all in all. Do not fit my ear. Ugly as fuck. The sound is decent though, but not as good as my normal looking Rock Zircons.

You tricked me, this was meant to be a 'popular meme', why? What is redeemable about them?

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I literally never go out of my apartment (this has been going on for many years now) and Google Maps allows me to see the neighborhood I grew up (and still live) in and not feel like I'm Josef Fritzl's daughter.

Sometimes I go around with Street View and pretend I'm going for a walk or riding a bike.

10/10 would use again every day.

(Goddamn, rereading this it sounds so sad).

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>>not using portage

gtfo my /g/ op

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Anybody here speak iptables?

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I'm doing the same thing right now, OP.

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Should I go back to Windows 7 or stay with the botnet?

I would make the move onto Linux but I would be missing a lot of shit.

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Your childhood is dead, son. You can't defib it back to life. It's gone...man... ;~;
You'll never enjoy all those PS2 games like you used to.

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install funtoo
then install freebsd
then install plan9
then linux from scratch
then you are in eternal nirvana

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>Year: 2048.
>Wake up for mandatory work compliance at 6:30 AM.
>Prepare breakfast from government issued ration packet.
>Turn on government issued computer, only option available.
>UEFI 3.0 prompts for Social Security Number & Retinal Scan.
>Welcome to Windows 10 (rolling release).
>Over 50% of screen real estate taken up by ads.
>Open NSA certified Microsoft Edge browser.
>Popup prompt: "This session is brought to you by Comcast International Corporation at a rate of $10 per 1GB. Do you accept the charges?"
>Visit facebook.com out of habit, get redirected to facebook.gov.
>Automatically logged in through UEFI credentials.
>Mandatory 2 minute advertisement, at the end a text field appears, must enter what the ad was about.
>Scroll page, people just sharing news articles and pictures of their children.
>Post "Anyone want to meet up and see Star Wars: Episode XII?", current location automatically shared, along with phone number.
>Log out, must watch advertisement.
>2GB of usage reached.
>Get dressed, drive 1996 Ford Taurus to work for 190 minutes.
>Traffic is clogged, sidewalks have been removed to make room for more cars.
>Arrive at work, sit down at desk, turn on PC.
>Monitor shitposts on 4chan for anti government, anti status quo sentiments.
>Report users to local authorities for disciplinary courses.
>Not the future I asked for.

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>the internet was a niche, mysterious place back then with so much wonder and potential. everything was new and we were all experiencing it together. best of all, it was only people with a specific interest in computers that were on it. its become an ugly, jaded, malformed beast since then. everyone is on it now, and inevitably theyve brought everything that sucks about people with them. its no longer a place to escape from the world, it IS the world.

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