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when i plug my headphones the volume of the phone goes up, anyway to solve this shit?

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What if this mask thing was actually a way to train AIs to recognize faces even when they're covered up?

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staff can now when someone is requesting a invite seriously or they will just fuck you?

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Is it a good idea to fit a hydrogel screen protector on a phone that already has a small crack on the bottom of it?

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>It's measuring the Collective Consciousness i.e the probability of everyone in the world sharing the same thought at the same moment
How the fuck? Am I being watched by the schizo world order's archons?

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>the hidden vim premium shortcuts

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>uncle removed keepass_password.txt

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I suddenly want to try meth really bad...

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>be me
>get a bachelor degree in law
>2100 euro starting
>make some affiliate websites in my spare time because I enjoy making websites
>sometimes sell a simple woocommerce or prestashop website for 1500 euro which is a couple days work to create my own theme from scratch
>see a traineeship
>devops traineeship where you learn how to use Agile/Scrum and Azure and get paid 2600 euro a month for it
My degree is really worthless. I literally wasted years on a degree that's worth less than knowing how to upload shit to Azure..

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Dem Khazar tities

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I'm still in CS but this is going to be my last student summer, I'm trying to find some internship for a month or so. I've been looking at vacancies now and then and there is one company that has had a job position open for C/C++ for over a year now, and job posting can only be up for a month so they've been refreshing it and about 3 months ago they've changed the title to "Junior C/C++ programmer" on the ad, with exactly same description.
What the fuck could be going on in there? I live in a medium city and every graduate here knows C. Should I try to apply?

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Where did the daily Brave and DuckDuckGo shill threads go?

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that's so fucking stupid
why the hell anyone watching channel about electronics would watch kid videos?
this is first time I saw these

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>mom found the remote KVM host

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>tfw got myself a deathadder a week ago because the shape felt good
w-what am I in for

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is Moore's law dead?

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>when she a he

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What do you with your free time at work

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>You'll have to be logged in internet 24/7 to exploit all the power of the RTX
I-is this true?

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>Mom found the RMS body pillow

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>electronic call
As opposed to two cups and a string?

Also >>67144509 it looks legit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECall
>the occupants of the car have no control over the remote activation of the microphone, making a car susceptible to eavesdropping.

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Is there any clean way to watch paid TV channels especially sports (e.g sky sports, BT sports, etc...) over the internet for free?

for example I used VPN to watch the world cup using BBC and ITV, is there other clean ways like VPN to watch sports channels over the internet for free?

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