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the further we go the less you care about types. in 2030 c++ will be no different than python

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>Happens with all distros, DEs, and WMs
It doesn't.
I've had more problems with Windows than i had problems with Linux, and i could at least pinpoint problems on Linux and not waste time on them due to certain reset functions. It's far more stable than Shitblows in all irony these days. Kill yourself.

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>Mozilla becomes popular based on its own philosophy and talented devs
>Google one day drops in to subsidize them
>Mozilla loses its philosophy and personality and slowly starts losing talented devs over the years, replacing them with "hip artists" and "digital influencers"
>Chromium and Chrome happen
>Mozilla which was infected by Google needs to compensate for its lack of philosophy and personality, decides to do the shortcut by adopting Google's package
>Firefox starts becoming an inferior copy of Chrome
>people keep reminding Mozilla for a few years on the core issue of why Mozilla is seeing a massive drop in userbase
>Mozilla avoids it and instead compensates by trying to become a socio-political organization selling politics rather than a product which made it successful
>people leave for the real thing since they don't want inferior copies and Mozilla isn't listening

How can one organization be such a failure?

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Or we could just look at one of many travel documentaries through India and not only figure out that you idiots don't know how to maintain basic hygiene infrastructure,
you also don't know how to drive and leave overturned vehicles besides and on roads to rust like some war came through.


Also the last time i went through India due to bad luck on my way towards China,
the first thing i noticed in the waiting sector of the airport was the smell of urine and shit,
and you are the only nation on this planet which i experienced this in.

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>women have better handwriting than men, yet men are still the source of the greatest literary and philosophical works in history with women barely having any

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Western white men are faggots and sissies, and faggots and sissies must be treated as such.
I don't see a problem here.

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i have this function
void post(const LogEntryInfo& log)
for(BaseLoggerSink* sink: sinks_)

is it safe call it from multiple threads? sinks_ is just a std::set, im worried that iterating over it from multiple threads could fuck up some iterators or something, content of sinks_ never changes, content of post() is irrelevant

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>You ought to, considering that the western hemisphere is the only one that matters in tech.
>petrol and gas stations and refineries don't count
>the energy and resource exploitation industry don't count
>the location is more important than the wage
I've seen my share of retardation on /g/, a diverse and varied share.
But you are something special, and deserve a special certificate. Your parents must be proud of you every single day, and never forget to emphasize it every 24 hours. Kek.

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>No way for freeloaders to defraud the developers.
Publishers defraud Developers with a percentage of revenue taken that is far far higher than piracy projections could even mange to come close towards.
The anti-piracy tools are mainly forced and implemented on behest of Publishers, as developers themselves are more aware of the marketing potential of piracy and the fact that pirates will buy their games more than average consumers will (which is a proven study), which constitutes a bigger dent in revenue by blocking pirates than it does by barring them.
Get your shit straight you retarded idiot. The vast majority of Steam userbase are pirates first and buyers second, and this has been proven through various surveys. Insult the pirate part, and you may insult the buyer part.

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>having sex intercourse with a kernel

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A Session Manager is like a history tab, which saves all the tabs you had opened before closing a window (or by manually saving the session, or by having an option to have the browser save sessions every set amount of time) into 1 container that lists all the tab headers and addresses. It saves it all at once automatically. In the session manager, you can check or uncheck which tabs and windows to unpack from that session.
Once you load up a session, you can just scroll through the tabs in the browser's tab bar, with all the tabs showing their site icons and title, and quickly find whatever you need (while Chrome lacks that function and just keeps decreasing the size of tabs in a retarded manner). Or you could use a tab-tree addon (the only good one on Chrome requires you to pay to unlock all its functions, the fuck is this shit?).

Why the hell would you use a slower way to do this shit with bookmarks, where you can't even "undelete" shit, and which requires opening and closing a tab window which takes more space than bookmarks?

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You get a computer that has no airflow, that has heating issues, throttles when facing anything serious,
and has inferior hardware compared to what you could build yourself.

Aesthetic value is the only value it has. If you are all about aesthetic value, then i can't convince you to do anything as much as i can't convince a fedorafag to stop wearing a fedora because he thinks it looks classy, or a hipster from being a hipster.
You are wasting the money, not me.

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>mfw consolefags have AMD components that are unironically not overlocked in their devices
>mfw consolefag console components are actually underclocked because of the shitty constrained form factor of the consoles and lack of proper airflow
>mfw consoles don't even have dust filters

Are consoles designed to break as soon as possible so consolefags will have to buy them over and over again?

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>But he literally has a (g,b)f?
Congratulations, you managed something over 100 billion humans in history did, and a good majority of the living population today has a few times over. That sure indicates a positive social activity just like dating a whale does.
Hip hip hooray chap.
>this unwarranted sense of self-accomplishment

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>update torrent client
>that version isn't whitelisted yet so I can't download

Fuck qbittorrent

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>google search
ive tried multiple times and i cant find anything that works as good as google, even engines that are based on google (startpage) gave me retarded results, sometimes not even related do search pharse

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>>She believes that they reinforce traditional stereotypes of women and the view that a relationship need be nothing more than physical.
>Fucking a robot is the same as fucking a woman
>Woman are just robots

Wow talk about being sexist. I thought women hate sexually active men since they 'rape' or whatever. Shouldn't she be happy that said men would just bone a robot instead of a woman?

I don't understand women at all. glad im gay

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>is this your reasoning? really?
No. My reasoning is that the conformity of politics to your feelings shouldn't cloud an objective evaluation of artistic quality which is a completely separate entity, thus making you look like a simple-minded retarded fucking idiot.
I don't give a shit about your politics, nor do i give a shit about Banksys politics.
For all i care Banksy can speak the words of heaven that i was always thinking for all my life and would give me a giant boner over his existence,
and i would still call his art shit because that's what his art fucking is, shit. Low standard. Shit.

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>install cinnamon
>everything just works

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>all criminals are fat neckbeards or anorexic thick rim glasses fags with long hair
>all pirates are pedophiles or worse than pedophiles who also happen to strangle babies
>the good guys all use Apple shit while most of the bad guys use Linux because free software is evil
>SOPA/PIPA/NSA are actually good guys

Hollywood, MPAA and others will have a fun time with this propaganda series. I bet the show will get more money funneled into it [and people managing it), than all of the Avatar, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek movies and series combined.

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